HTC Mini, a small companion to your big smartphone

HTC Mini, a small companion to your big smartphone

Folks, meet the HTC Mini, an NFC-equipped, Bluetooth-enabled semi-dumbphone that works as a companion to your not-so-mini smartphone.

To clear things up, the HTC Mini is not a standalone product but rather an accessory phone bundled with the HTC Butterfly when you purchase it in China. What it does is it syncs to the HTC Butterfly via NFC and Bluetooth which enables it to receive SMS, notifications, even calls in behalf of the 5-incher. If you’re familiar with the Sony Android SmartWatch, the concept is similar except you can do more with the Mini.

HTC Mini


I’m sure you’ve also noticed that the Mini’s design looks like glorified TV remote. Well, that’s because it also functions as one when the HTC Butterfly is connected to the TV via HDMI. The Mini is also a remote camera trigger for the Butterfly’s camera, and a “phone finder” to help you find your misplaced 5-incher.

In summary, the HTC Mini exists to eliminate the disadvantages of having a large smartphone. A pretty good concept, but it kinda makes you wonder why you bought a gorgeous and expensive 5-inch smartphone in the first place.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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19 Responses

  1. Kenny Perez says:

    Do not put this under your sofa – must be mistaken with a TV remote.

  2. Gadgets says:

    Brillant idea HTC! but, i think no one can misplaced a 5inches phone. (lol). this is much better
    than the sony watch, though its a amazing product (for me)
    for “addicts” in texting and in calling.. this will be a good choice.. hope not a battery power sucker..

  3. yan says:

    i think you’re more likely to misplace this than your butterfly

  4. boobyboo says:

    this is a piece of cr*p. why will you need one of these if you can always have a bluetooth headset and a smart watch?! it’s like you’re owning a 72-inch TV but then hide it in your closet and look at your 7-inch tablet to watch a movie.

    • chacha says:

      maybe you can use this in a “less safer” sidewalk so you wont have to let out your expensive phone when replying

    • Akala_mo_matalino_ka says:

      Gaya ng pangalan mo, bobo ka nga. Libre lang ito galing sa htc para hindi ka na bumili ng bluetooth headset at smartwatch kung wala ka pa. At hindi naman nila sinabing wag mo gamitin yung butterfly at palitan mo nito. Gagamitin mo lang sya pag convenient, example: may hinihintay kang important call at kailangan mong lumayo sa phone mo dahil charging pa sya.

    • garz says:

      The HTC Butterfly would attract too much attention on public vehicles, especially thieves, you know. So this doubles as your decoy phone.

  5. Ray says:

    Kamukha sya ng cordless phone namin sa bahay lol

  6. lawrence says:

    medyo walang sense ng kunti. yes may practical use, pero a phone to control a phone… hmm.. mas may sense to kung paired with tablet which is harder to operate in terms of mobile function.

    pero its free so y not.. tingin ko mas ok parin yung smartwatch, though walang call functionality,=. kay a lang like any other smartphone accessory, consuming to sa battery, given na ang android malakas sa power.

  7. Luc says:

    This is good! At least htc is offering new to the table. Nag iinovate and improve the way we do things. Taming tama to pag sumasakay Kayu ng lrt or mrt. And the good thing is libre siya.

  8. Jiron says:

    Maganda kung ayaw mo ilabas ang phone mo sa delikado na lugar. Kaysa manakaw yung smartphone, kung ito yung ma-snatch, hindi masakit sa bulsa. Hindi masyado mainit sa mata kasi “dumbphone”.

  9. dan says:

    I’m sure nagababasa din ng yugatech ang mga magnanakaw, if makita nila ito ang gamit mo mas lalo kang hoholdapin in my opinion, “aha naka HTC MINI ka pala! Ilabas mo ung Butterfly mo jan kung ayaw mo humiwalay kaluluwa mo sa katawan mo…

    • di says:

      ang sosyal ng magnanakaw, alam ang pangalan ng mga phones hahahaha

    • ChrisP says:

      who knows baka nga nagbabasa ng mga tech reviews ang mga snatcher. So pag naka-smartwatch, “ilabas mo yang Xperia Z mo!” sasabihin.

  10. lawrence says:

    Nice concept. I hope they could come out with a retail unit which you can pair and use with any tablet with call/SMS function.

  11. jips says:

    wow.. I can use this in public places without the fear of it being snatched. it’s like using n3310 on a jeepney and no one even bothers to snatch it from you.. a very nice concept

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