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HTC One X+ benchmark results

While the newly launched HTC One X+ did not get any cosmetic upgrades, the internal hardware got pretty much all of the new stuff. A generous 64GB storage and the new 1.7GHz quad-core processor from NVidia took the spotlight. So we head out to benchmark a demo unit at the event yesterday.

We ran Quadrant Standard on the One X+ and was surprised to see a score of 6,384, the highest we’ve seen on any smartphone we’ve tested. The old HTC One X got a Quadrant score of 4,595. That’s almost 39% increase in performance.

As for Antutu Benchmark, the One X+ got a score of 11,945. The old unit scored 11,367 so the One X+ didn’t really improved much from that end.

As for NenaMark 2, the One X+ got a top score of 57.1fps which is also among the highest we’ve seen so far. The old One X scored 47.7fps before so that puts the One X+ to about 20% improved frame rate.

With the benchmark results we took above, the HTC One X+ is hitting the same, and sometimes better, results compared to the Galaxy S3.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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23 Responses

  1. parkaerin says:

    Wew! That’s an increase in per4mance.,

  2. xspach says:

    how much kaya initial price nito pag lumabas na sa market?

  3. kumagpoko says:

    How about HTC 8X benchmark please?


  4. aki says:

    LG Optimus “G”

    scored 7,700 in Quadrant, & 12,000 in AnTuTu.
    perfect score in Nenamark 60.0fps

    LG Optimus ” G” is the champion!

  5. rischniat says:

    sir anu camera mo?, ganda super linaw

  6. ikaw says:

    may tanong po ako is this better than galaxy s3?

  7. Jovz says:

    How about vs the Galaxy Note II?

  8. dude says:

    kailan kaya ilalabas sa market HTC One X+? hirap pumili between optimus g and one x+. htc has better cam than lg. lg software is cooler than htc kahit JB os ng htc. biling bili na ako.

  9. SharK says:

    Bought this phone (White version) a few weeks ago for 27k with HTC warranty in a mall. I am not a fan of any OS nor a specific phone manufacturer and I just go with what I feel.

    I was comparing it with S3 before buying. HOX+ feels more premium bacause of its body. This is one of the phone that you will never put inside a case. Something this sexy should not be hid. In terms of looks, I like the “home” button as being part of the screen rather than having a separate physical one as to the S3. This makes cleaning the devise easier and you I don’t have to worry about alcohol/water/dust/dirt/sweat building around the home key.

    2ndly… speed, performance, camera, interface is similar to other android devises (Quad cores, to be a bit more specific) and gaming is quite good.

    3rd… With my daily usage (2 hours worth of calls, lots of sms and occassional 1-2 hours of gaming, 1-2 hours of browsing), I am so used with androids and Windows phone running out of juice at day’s end. Nothing impressive on this unit, but it will definitely make it through the end of the day

    If you are looking for a sturdy, sexy and fast phone, this would be a good choice.

    -64GB of internal memory
    -Sexy and solid phone design
    -Clear display under the sun
    -Fast and fluid interface
    -Average battery life (Will last for 2 days with just sms and internet browsing)
    -Comes stock with Jellybean
    -Beats audio sounds excellent when plugged in my car’s audio system
    -Camera burst shot is excellent
    -Strong network signal. It can detect faint WiFi and network signals where my other phones fail

    -Phone gets warm after 1 hour of gaming
    -Elimination of the “search” button
    -Micro USB port is located at the side. I prefer it at the bottom of the phone. Makes it hard to use while plugged. Gaming while plugged is comfortable though.

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