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HTC Touch Dual Review

I had mixed feelings after trying out the HTC Touch Dual phone several weeks ago. I am not very familiar stylus-navigated phones so it took more than the usual time to familiarize myself with this unit.

The specs include — 3G/HSDPA, a 2.6 inch 240×320 pixel screen, 2 MP camera with another front-facing camera for video calls, 128MB RAM/128MB ROM with microSD expansion slot plus a TFT Touchscreen. It lacks the Wifi capability though.

HTC Touch

The phone is powered by a Qualcomm MSM 7200, 400 MHz processor running Windows Mobile 6 and is compatible with all of the usual HTC accessories. This model is targeted towards business people so the productivity suite that came with the mobile OS is more than adequate. The one-click internet sharing functionality allows you to hook up the phone to your laptop/PC via USB cable and enable the Internet Sharing function to get online. No more PC Suite to install or anything.

HTC Touch Dual

The TouchFlo interface may take you some time to get used to but the handwriting recognition feature addition. The built-in virtual QWERTY keyboard allows you to input SMS (or notes) using the stylus or the normal keypad. Weird thing is that I find myself using the stylus rather than the keypad more often — it’s faster but I have to use both hands. My review unit comes with the standard 16-key but I learned there’s another version with a 20-key pseudo-query keyboard.

Mobile Phones

The unit is a little thick in girth as expected from a slider-phone and looks like a heavyweight sumo-wrestler but it doesn’t really  weigh that much at 120g (just 6g heavier than the N77 and N82, 8g heavier than the N78 and 15g heavier than my Samsung i600).

The biggest drawback I discovered about this model is the price — at Php36,000 (with free 1GB microSD), this could be one of the most expensive mobile phones out there. HTC also owns the Dopod line as a subsidiary (of High Tech Computer Corporation from Taiwan).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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19 Responses

  1. Yoe says:

    no wifi ughhh big minus point for me…I’m not really shocked about the price since HTC is very known for their over priced phones…I just hope they lower the price of the Touch Pro if they want to compete with the other mobile companies

  2. nel says:

    HTC Touch Dual ? not cool

  3. cosmin says:

    I have an dual touch htc but the language with i work is espaniol but i want in english but can’t put in in that language, how can do it???

  4. nice post i haave RSS’d you, please update more often


  5. pasaway says:

    htc warranty sucks bigtime! think twice before you buy htc.

  6. Siren says:

    I’m contemplating on getting an HTC, any warnings why it’s not a good investment?

  7. hart says:

    hi! actually my friend gave me a touch dual HTC pone..but the thing is, it was bought in Taiwan and it is all in chinese interface!!! is there any way to change it? english is much better though,erh..

  8. Jaywalker_68 says:

    htc?hehehe…my co-worker bought htc touch about two weeks ago,she trade her old nokia phone to get a discount and you what guys,her htc phone always hangs up, now she wants to return it to the store where she bought it.

  9. Ikke HTC says:

    Det er jo kjent at HTC telefoner har kort holdbarhet, og den såkalte HTC garantien er ikke verdt noen ting. Uansett hva som er feil med telefonen du har kjøpt, vil du oppleve at HTC ved en reklamasjon skylder på deg. Reklamasjonsrutinene til HTC er systematisk lagt opp for å slite ut forbruker. Jeg fikk et avvisende svar etter tre måneder, fra en epost det ikke kunne responderes til. Da jeg tok kontakt med HTC på telefon, kom jeg aldri til annet enn telefonsvarere. Etterhvert ble jeg oppringt fra et skjult nummer av en HTC-ansatt som ikke ville fortelle navnet sitt.

    HTC minner mer om en mafia enn en mobiltelefonprodusent.

  10. marlowemarlowe says:

    say what? :)

  11. For all you HTC fans… You may want to check out the latest HTC concept store located in Cyberzone North Edsa Annex.

    Attended the launch last Friday… cool stuff.



  12. jessica thien says:

    how to set up the GRPS on HTC mobile in globe…. i had hard time on finding how.. pls do feel free to mail me how

  13. Joe says:

    Im using HTC touch diamond!!! so far satify nman ako!!!wala akong masabi sa bilis ng wifi connectivity,,, at ang daming free downdable programs sa internet,,,

    (for me) HTC mobiles are cool!!! i rather buy HTC product than Nokia, LG, or Sony Ericson

  14. mark matthew says:

    HTC is cool but i had the old HTC touch dual it is lack of wifi capability but i used to love it some of my classmates use to be amazed ob blackberry phone but what they did not know is that blackberry is cheap.. HTC rock.. and i’m planning to but htc HD2.. love it..

  15. alelyn says:

    i have HTC touch pro 2 phone….its worth when my boyfriend bought it was $600… very beautiful, wifi ready and i love the way it looks…try it…before its too late

  16. dhezsa RN says:

    am planning to sell my htc dual touch fone since i already hav nokia e90 communicator….anyone interested please reach me at 09303144302

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  18. HTC touch pro 2 phone roxx thanx for the info

  19. markus says:

    I used to have the HTC Touch Dual and it was great, no complaints. now I’ve got the HTC Touch2 T3320 and I love it, but I still miss my old phone sometimes.

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