Huawei announces Kirin 970 with dedicated processing unit for AI

Huawei announces Kirin 970 with dedicated processing unit for AI

Huawei has just announced a new mobile chip called the Kirin 970, and it touts to be the first in the world to sport a neutral processing unit (NPU) for artificial intelligence programs.

The new chip is said to be built using a 10nm advanced process with 5.5 million transistors contained in an area of just one square centimeter. Nonetheless, the Kirin 970 is powered by an 8-core CPU and a 12-core GPU (Malli-G72), which Huawei touts 25x greater performance and 50x greater efficiency than a quad-core Cortex-A73 CPU cluster.


It’s no secret that Huawei is spending a lot of efforts into research and development for AI in mobile devices, and Bruce Lee, global VP of handsets business, told ZDNet that this is just proof of the advanced technologies the company makes to stay ahead into the competition. “We hope to use AI in our phones to have more learning capabilities … together with big data, we will be able to understand consumer habits and better incorporate voice and image capabilities into the phone.”

Huawei will be using the new Kirin chip in its future devices, which are yet to be announced.

Source: ZDNet

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    It is *NEURAL* Processing Unit, not NEUTRAL

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