Huawei Nexus '6P' to be the first Nexus with 128GB storage?

Huawei Nexus ‘6P’ to be the first Nexus with 128GB storage?

There’s been countless rumors for the two upcoming handsets from Google. With the smaller version reported to be called Nexus 5X, the bigger Nexus 6P will allegedly sport a 128GB of internal storage.

google nexus 6p


According to multiple sources of Android Police, the Nexus phone that will be manufactured by Huawei will have a 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB of available storage iterations — discontinuing the 16GB variant. Having a larger storage option is always a good thing rather than settling for an easy-to-exhaust space.

If this pushes through, it will be the first Nexus device to sport such internal storage. This move might also mean that the new Huawei Nexus device might no longer have a microSD slot for expansion. Google has recently sent out an event invite on the 29th so it could be soon that we will be seeing these two Nexus devices. Stay tuned.


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