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Huawei Nova 2i now has Face Unlock


One of the local market’s hottest selling smartphone is about to receive a major software upgrade. Huawei announced today that the Nova 2i will be receiving a Face Unlock feature during its next update. The Nova 2i is a crowd favourite among our readers and a winner of various categories in YugaTech’s 2017 Choice Awards.

Huawei Nova 2I Face Unlock • Huawei Nova 2I Now Has Face Unlock

Huawei is putting in more work for the Nova 2i’s facial recognition as it comes with two options rather than just a straight up face unlock. Users can choose between Direct Unlock or Slide to Unlock when using the new facial recognition feature. Direct unlock, as the name implies, is your straight up standard facial unlock feature.

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Slide to Unlock, on the other hand, will give users the advantage of viewing the phone’s intelligent notification display or smart lock screen notifications. The phone will also identify the user’s Face ID, if it’s not the owners then it will hide the information present on the screen.

Huawei Nova2I Philippines • Huawei Nova 2I Now Has Face Unlock

Realme Philippines

The company is claiming three dimensions of protection — Storage SecurityAlgorithm Security, and Unlock prevention when your eyes are closed. Basically, all information about the user’s face is stored in the Kirin Chipset’s TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) and that the software collects more than 1000 points to recognize a users face. The software also ensures that the phone cannot be unlocked by someone in case the user is sleeping.

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The update is rolling out now. To check, head on over to your device’s Settings look for System Update then click on the triple dot menu on the upper right corner and select Download latest full package.

You can also check out our written review of the Nova 2i here and our video review below.

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Roy Edward
Roy Edward
4 years ago

Huawei announced today that the Nova 2i will be receiving a Face Unlock feature? Today? I got the update last January 31.

Kamen Rider Build
Kamen Rider Build
4 years ago

Huawei has a very long disclaimer before using the facial recognition. Hahaha! WIll stick to using fingerprint instead :)

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