I'm ready to quit my iPhone 3G

I’m ready to quit my iPhone 3G

I’ve been on prepaid since I got a mobile phone ten years ago. The only time I was convince to get into a postpaid plan was when I got an iPhone 3G subscription plan from Globe. And for the last 12 months, I thought it was well worth it.

Not until this month when I got my last bill. I’m subscribed on the basic iPhone Plan 1599 and ever since I had it, I never once exceeded my monthly allocation. I don’t text a lot or make calls (and I have 2 other active prepaid numbers) and despite being a heavy mobile internet user, I still am not able to consume all the 40 hours a month allocation (mainly because I got wifi at home and have both SmartBro and Globe Tattoo accounts).

iphone 3g

So it was a huge surprise to learn that last month, my bill went beyond Php6,000 (there’s another Php3,700 spill-over internet charges for this month). During that time, I actually monitor my account getting charged about Php400 every day. So I reported it, made screenshots, documented and asked some clarifications. I got a lot of possible answers:

  • Push Email was set to ON and the iPhone could be connecting to 3G all the time. In the last 12 months of having GMail and Yahoo on my iPhone, I never set it to ON and it’s OFF until now. Fetch is also set to OFF/Manual.
  • iPhone Apps that connect to the net in the background. Been regularly downloading new apps (including Yahoo Messenger, TruPhone and Skype). I thought no iPhone Apps can run in the background? Apple specifically disabled this feature as it hogs resources, battery life and slows down performance. I don’t think there’s an app that runs on the background. To be sure, I restarted/rebooted the iPhone several times during the day.
  • iPhone OS 3.0 reset some settings/configurations. However, I did the upgrade in June so I should have experienced this problem much earlier.

The timing is also suspicious as at least 2 other friends on an iPhone plan have racked up Php17,000 and Php20,000 on their bills this same month. I’ve already filed a dispute/report and so have my other friends.


This isn’t the first time this type of incident has happened. I’ve actually helped a couple of people (both on iPhone and Nokia phones) resolve their sky-high 3G internet charges before.

The quick-fix — disable the APN. That way, the iPhone won’t be able to connect even if it tried to.

It’s irritating though that I need to edit my APN every time I want to connect online. It ruins the experience. Now, I’m always afraid to use my iPhone to connect online. If that’s the case, the iPhone looks crippled — might as well ditch it. Apple needs to look into this.

My only gripe si that I only have a Php2,500 credit limit. I assume that when I reach that amount/charge before end of the month, my account gets suspended, which it should be. So, I wonder why my fees go way beyond Php2,500.

My solution?

  • Switch to Globe Prepaid. But that doesn’t solve the problem that my credits/load could get drained overnight.
  • Jailbreak the iPhone and use my other existing Smart Prepaid SIM.
  • Sell the iPhone 3G and get an openline HTC Magic or Nokia E72 for my Globe subscription.

But before that, I need to settle my unpaid and long-overdue bills first. :D

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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139 Responses

  1. nanayMo says:

    That’s sad. On prepaid one has to simply not load the phone anymore in case your credits ran out mysteriously. You may only lose some 300 pesos or so, than be unaware that your phone has been racking up those charges even while you’re asleep.

    I hope your provider could settle this issue.

  2. ctoy says:

    i have an officemate who has the same issue with his postpaid bill. and he’s also using an iPhone. so basically it’s a problem with the iphone or with subscriber? haha

  3. jabo_shakur says:

    same here! 17,000 for a month!

  4. renatski says:

    iphone is more an internet browser, i suggest that u subscribe to unlimited internet plan from sun, remove the sim from the modem and stick it to your iphone- there you have it, unlimited internet anytime anywhere minus the worry. For 799 php a month its a very good deal, u can set push email to On and you wouldnt have to worry about charges ever again plus you’ll be literally online 24/7.
    Downside- you cant use your phone to make phonecalls and text messaging.

  5. BrianB says:

    Grabe nga kaya maski singko nirereklamo ko talaga ang postpaid. Grabe talaga ito.

    Someone has to file a class action. You said you know friends with the same problem. It may be well worth it Abe, especially since you’re tech savvy and have a name in the tech world. Gather some people, get a sympathetic attorney who won’t charge you a house to get him on retainer–there may be a couple–and sue them. You said you have documentary (screenshot) proofs, too.

  6. Ouch. And I thought the erroneous billing on the iPhone was unique to AT&T in the US.

  7. katexter says:

    Try jailbreaking and install PrivaCy in Cydia, which can block apps from connecting unnecessarily. More instructions here:

  8. Jhay says:

    It’s corporate greed I tell you. Greed!

  9. kumagpoko says:

    yuga cover mo nmn mga bagong ipod..karerelease lng knina..hehe..

  10. Modulo816 says:

    I had the same experience before with my jailbroken 1st gen while browsing on Smart. The phone froze and after several reset attempts I got the phone running again but by then I missed to manually remove the APN. The apps were happy to download all they can and sent my bill to the roof. Stayed with WiFi after that.

  11. neis says:


    i got a 200K+ (Yes with a K!) bill a few months ago – it took a while to get this settled due to their pesky internet system. what i hate about this is it was found out before i was actually billed and it took them a month or so to get the dispute fix

  12. Ralph says:

    i’m also planning to sell my iphone 3G my unpaid bills went to whooping Php 20,000

  13. Ardz says:

    This problem is unique to the iPhone only. This never happens to other phone brands I know.

  14. Essays.ph says:

    30,000 a month for our iPhone subscription plan.

  15. Edgar says:

    That’s a lot of bill. No pun intended, and am sorry that you’ve been through this. So this is called a Smartphone? “Shrewdphone” would be more like it. We’ve heard of this thing exploding in people’s faces, but it could also send them to the poorhouse?

    Now that’s one thing to really loathe this device.

  16. Juneau says:

    OMG i tought i was the only one having this issue. My bill got 9k! and im only on a plan 500! but now i turned off my APN and delete all settings. and my push notifications was turned off from the start.

  17. Hanakiri says:

    yikes. plan ko pa naman to avail one sa globe dahil postpaid user ako. ayoko na ng iphone. ipod touch na lang siguro. sana ma-ugrade na like the nano na me camera na ngaun. i’d prefer a faster processor though kahit wala ng cam.

    tapos puro samsung na lang ang celfones ko. maingat naman ako sa gamit kaya kahit cheap di madaling masira.

  18. yuga says:

    @ardz – I have a friend who has a Nokia E51 that bumped into the same problem before.

  19. yuga says:

    @brianb – one of my friend who had the same problem is a lawyer and he told me he’s preparing a lawsuit or something.

  20. glenn says:

    Ang problema ay nasa Globe. Kahit naman anong plan ka, you will exceed their limits kasi dadayain ka ng Globe. I have an iPhone (here in Canada) and I monitor my usage closely as well and so far, hindi pa naman ako lumalampas at hindi naman ako nagkakaroon ng outrageous bill. Totoo na laging naka-on ang internet ng iPhone at yun talaga ang feature ng phone and I think Apple doesn’t need to fix this feature kasi yun ang selling point ng iPhone, not it being just another touch phone.

    I suggest you file a suit against Globe for the bill that you shouldn’t be receiving kung within the limits ka naman.

    It’s sad how people are blaming Apple for something that they do not control – cellular billing. They made the phone, not the plan. The cellular companies dictate how they bill their customers, not Apple. These cellular companies know exactly what the phone does and it is their responsibility to inform their customers of how the phone works and what charges may incur with using the phone.

  21. Jo says:

    Just wanna share the same sentinements with you guys.

    My bill for this month summed up to 13k, 11k for the internet usage. I thought of ditching my iPhone but later realized that I can’t live without it. Hehehehe

    As what Sir Abe did, I manually deleted APN in the phone.

  22. manong says:

    ganun ba ang postpaid ng globe? sa smart post paid merong credit limit (my plan 500 has a 1,300 credit limit) so once you go above, putol agad ang line mo. at least pag may problem sa phone na hindi mo alam, hindi ka nman aabot sa 20k billing.

  23. gardynia says:

    i never did like the iphone…pa – elitista ,there are better phones out there…

  24. Paul says:

    There are plenty of reasons to ditch the iPhone as you are supporting a device and system that is working against our interests.

    1) Massive violations of consumer rights and excess of corporate greed and control: http://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/5-reasons-to-avoid-iphone-3g

    2) Censorship and unfair app blocking: http://daringfireball.net/2009/08/ninjawords, http://www.informationweek.com/news/personal_tech/iphone/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=219100331, http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/05/05/AR2009050500707.html, a thousand more.

    3) Apple’s system gives other corporate abusers the right to do whatever they want to you: http://iphone.click2creation.com/2009/04/mobile-carriers-seek-to-block-skype-on-iphone-blackberry/, http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/07/27/apple-is-growing-rotten-to-the-core-and-its-likely-atts-fault/, etc

    4) iTunes is evil, do I even need links for this? We all know it and know how to use a search engine. Anti-competitive, anti-privacy, anti-anything good for you as a consumer.

    I know we are all selfish people, just looking for the fanciest gadget but we must also think of the larger context and the future of technology. Its ok for 16 year old girls to have daddy buy them the trendy iPhone to match their purse, but as grown adults, shouldn’t we be thinking and making smart adult choices, not as if we were spoiled teenage girls?

    The worst is why don’t you do a poll here, Yuga? How many people own an iPhone and are making less than PHP200,000 a month? Maybe putting it and their overcharged postpaid bill caused by twitter pooling on a credit card?

    I know we all secretly want to be Americans, but there is a reason America and Americans are going broke and loosing all their freedoms to their corporate masters. Maybe we can choose a better path for ourselves than following the “American way”?

    After all, we can now see where that takes them right? Iphone in hand, big screen LCD in every bedroom and a mountain of debt that their children will be paying off, dying of poisonous food courtesy of big corn with no medical care because of a preexisting condition and their children’s health at the mercy of the corporate master that employs them, and yet no freedom to install even a small dictionary like ninjawords on their phone.

    An iPhone, really?

  25. Paul says:

    There are plenty of reasons to ditch the iPhone as you are supporting a device and system that is working against our interests.

    1) Massive violations of consumer rights and excess of corporate greed and control:

    2) Censorship and unfair app blocking: , , , a thousand more.

    3) Apple’s system gives other corporate abusers the right to do whatever they want to you: , , etc

    4) iTunes is evil, do I even need links for this? We all know it and know how to use a search engine. Anti-competitive, anti-privacy, anti-anything good for you as a consumer.

    I know we are all selfish people, just looking for the fanciest gadget but we must also think of the larger context and the future of technology. Its ok for 16 year old girls to have daddy buy them the trendy iPhone to match their purse, but as grown adults, shouldn’t we be thinking and making smart adult choices, not as if we were spoiled teenage girls?

    The worst is why don’t you do a poll here, Yuga? How many people own an iPhone and are making less than PHP200,000 a month? Maybe putting it and their overcharged postpaid bill caused by twitter pooling on a credit card?

    I know we all secretly want to be Americans, but there is a reason America and Americans are going broke and loosing all their freedoms to their corporate masters. Maybe we can choose a better path for ourselves than following the “American way”?

    After all, we can now see where that takes them right? Iphone in hand, big screen LCD in every bedroom and a mountain of debt that their children will be paying off, dying of poisonous food courtesy of big corn with no medical care because of a preexisting condition and their children’s health at the mercy of the corporate master that employs them, and yet no freedom to install even a small dictionary like ninjawords on their phone.

    An iPhone, really?

  26. Igno Rante says:

    mismong si sir abe sumusuko sa iphone! rakenrol! kawawang iphone. down with globe postpaid! haha!

  27. thinkGuy says:

    user and gadgets not compatible.
    high tech gadgets with a low tech mind user.

    better subscribe to unlimited plans.
    and off all the internet settings and auto.

    Smartphone like Apple iPhone 3G should be use only for smart people!


  28. myke says:

    don’t blame globe they’re not at fault here
    iphone is the culprit.

    I think you can only blame globe on their bill-monitoring part, they should have detected this irregularity.

    But if I remember it correctly my globe handyphone’s outgoing communication (call/sms) gets barred whenever I hit my credit limit. So why this didn’t kick in?

  29. myke says:


    so you’re saying yuga is not smart???

    the problem was the update it enabled lots of services that were previously disabled or unavailable on the old firmware

    I think for whatever reason they were just misinformed. I also didn’t read all the write-ups about 3.0


  30. jans m says:

    Kung yung simpleng setting ng Nokia or any user-friendly na cellphone eh hirap na hirap ng gamitin ang subscriber what more kung gumamit siya ng iphone. Some people kasi nag-aambisyon na mag-iphone para lang masabing naka-iphone siya keber na di naman pala marunong gumamit (and take note di naman pala marunong mag-internet wtf ano pa ang silbi ng iphone, pang-call and text lang?!?). tama nga yung sinabi ni thinkGuy na “Smartphone like Apple iPhone 3G should be use only for smart people!” haha natatawa lang ako…

  31. l2o1v1e says:

    Sir Yuga,

    You might have had your Push E-mail and Fetch set to off but if you have your “Notifications” and “Location Services” on, I think they do run in the background especially if your have messengers and location-based applications running. There are also apps (especially games and tools) that run ads that connects to the internet on the background. That’s why I seldom let kids play with my phone.

    Hopefully I won’t experience that same nasty bump on my bills after having been a happy iPhone-user/Globe subcriber for months/years.

    Good luck on your filing of dispute sir.

  32. francis says:

    try editing the mms and apn settings in network settings.

    just add a letter to the globe address and edge and gprs stops logging on the net!

    tried that one and it worked for me. of course I also had to ask globe to recall my really high internet charges

    hope this helps!


  33. Jillian Mendez says:

    sir Yuga, sad to hear that you are terminating your iphone 3G plan with Globe. will you try switching to their iphone 3Gs plan? i applied for plan 399,cash out a bit for the 8 Gb and subscribed to Duo. so far i haven’t had any problems on my Globe iphone 3Gs bill. i had a problem on their billing way back 2007 but after following up, they made a serious action on it.right now i am enjoying their service.so far so good for me…

  34. thinkGuy says:

    @myke, your the one saying it to yuga.

    even if the profession is a lawyer tapos super tanga pala gumamit ng smartphone eh ganun parin super tanga.

    baka nagpapakitang gilas ng iPhone nya sa mga classmate nya nung elementary kaya tumaas ang bill tapos sisihin ang globe. juice ko.

    know your phone first and be smart.

  35. l2o1v1e says:

    And there were changes to a lot of applications after the firmware update. Mail, messengers, social-networking site and other apps may have enabled web-based notifications along the way.

  36. ADRL says:

    I found out about this iPhone issue after my 1st month bill. Having a Globe Post paid Plan Php 285.xx (really old SIM plan, my bill shot to Php 5,000+++

    I learned about disabling the internet access by just removing the “ph” so it does not become a hassle everytime I want to go online when outside a Wifi area.

    But since I use my iPhone in Wifi Areas most of the time, it’s been okay.

  37. Bayan says:

    Really can’t say whether I’m being charged for unintended use, or whether apps that I downloaded are running in background and connecting to the net, but one thing I’m sure of is that the Mail app occasionally downloads mail without my prompting, even if I’ve disabled “Fetch New Data” and set individual mail download options to “Manual.” Happened again today, but right before I updated to OS 3.1…let’s see if they’ve resolved this with the OS update.
    This notwithstanding, for now, I’m still happy with my 3GS.
    Regardless, I’d have to agree with the state of Globe’s services. From the tele-CSRs to those in the Globe service centers, they really have no idea what they’re talking about. I mean, problems like this could be a bit more tolerable if you had someone competent to whom you can complain and discuss the matter intelligently.

  38. rsa1 says:

    daming galit sa iPhone, kung ayaw nyo sa iPhone wag kayo bumili, wag nyo gamitin. Bumili kayo ng gusto nyong cellphone at itabi nyo sa pagtulog, di yung sisiraan nyo pa. pinoy nga naman oh.

  39. thinkGuy says:

    @rsa1 tama ka

  40. Rondon says:

    Ang wierd naman na P799/month internet sim pwede ikabit at may net ka na sa phone, pero grabe pag data plan ng mga telcos. And this is not just Globe it’s happening in the US too (Leo Laporte of TWiT got overcharged by AT&T).

  41. joeyboy says:


    ninong, lapit na pasko! regalo mo nalang sakin yan! hehehe!

    pde din, bid namin spidey. lol!

  42. goosebumps says:

    I once had this problem with my Omnia. What I did was to disable to 3G and switched to GSM (edge). So everytime i want to connect to internet, i just change my connection.

  43. ammm…

    di ko alam kung karma yan sa mga iphone users na mayayabang… oooppss… no punt ment. mabuti pa yung much reliable 3310 :P

    sometimes simple living will not lead you to too much confusion :)

  44. sting6ph says:

    Go for iPod Touch…I read that they have dropped the price to $199…it should be no more than 10K here.

  45. Anonym says:

    Customer Service from Globe called me that my bill in my iPhone Plan 3999 is 150,000++pesos. She asked me if she would disconnect my line or continue using it. I’d never paid that bill.

    I inserted my Globe iPhone Plan SIM in my Globe Tattoo and use it about 6 hours of internet. I download some stuff. I didnt know that iPhone Plan is fixed in KB charging not 10per 30mins.

    After 2 days customer service called me and inform that my bill is 150,000++.

    I dont know my credit limit but i think its around 5,000 to 10,000 because im in Plan 3999.

    Credit limit doesnt work in Globe.

  46. uy suerte pa pala ako 7K pa lang ang outstanding bill ko…hehehe

  47. Daemon says:

    Globe browsing is free.. FBT is still working im using it on my OPENLINE Globe tatooo…. Why pay if its free.

  48. geneyus says:

    I was an early subscriber of Globe Visibility with the unlimited data plan. When I got my iPhone 3G, I put in my Visibility sim into it with everything turned on, push email, 3g, etc. Only problem is, the regular telephony charges are at prepaid rates. No free voice minutes or text. I’m using another Gplus account with an old, but well-loved feature phone… which is threatening to conk out anytime. I WAS planing to convert the Gplus account to an iPhone plan when it did conk out, switch the sim, then put my Visibility sim back into the dongle. Now, I’m not so sure, based on all your accounts. Having the unlimited Visibility really gives justice to the iPhone experience, so its sad to see so many people here so p1$$3d. IMHO, its Globe’s fault for not streamlining the iPhone plans to give the subscriber a more cost-effective solution, without sacrificing the experience.

  49. Myth says:

    The REST OF THE COMMENTS had become ridiculous!!!

    First of all, IGNORANCE for using your iPhone and your plan is not an excuse! If you’re really concerned about your budget and your usage, you should’ve taken necessary steps (like know what you’re getting into first and watch out for your unbilled charges) before using your phone and your plan! Know your phone and know your plan!!!

    Second, blaming others on your stupidity is absurd!!! Blame iPhone, blame Globe, blah blah… right! You have no one else to blame but yourself because of your stupidity for using your phone and your plan unwittingly like there’s no tomorrow.

    Why do you think there are still people who enjoy using their iPhone on their plan? Because they know HOW to use them and HOW it works!

    Guess some poeple here are right, iPhone is not for dumb people!!!

  50. myke says:


    did I? :D

  51. jill says:

    C’mon folks, let’s put and end to all these name calling. If we’re really as smart as we think we are, objectivity is much needed here. An electronic device is just what it is – a device. It doesn’t confer anything substantial to people save that they can well afford to purchase it.

    Which is good, and we don’t begrudge them for that.

    But no one should be called stupid, either.


  52. nanayMo says:

    a few thousand pesos haven’t make any body smarter. sweeping remarks on people as dumb or stupid is really shallow. don’t quantify a person’s worth to the limit of her/his wallet, nor her/his preferences on whatever contraption. it’s as if this iphone thing costs millions, or could you make one any smarter than s/he actually is!

    grow up, people!

  53. Myth says:

    Duh! We’re not saying we’re smarter than anybody else here nor are we so overly fixated with this phone that we flamboyantly express how expensive this phone is (there are other phones that are as expensive). Yung iba kasi pag may iPhone ka, tingin sa iyo mayabang na kahit di mo naman fina-flaunt sa kanila at ginagamit mo lang naman ito for its purpose.

    All I’m saying is that you have to be responsible for your actions. If you were ignorant at first on using this phone and acquired charges, then quit blaming the moon and the stars for what you did. Download ka pala ng download ng kung anu-ano e naka-MB-based pala ang data plan mo, sinong sisihin mo? Laro ka pala ng laro ng games na nagcoconnect sa internet tapos pag dating ng bill mo magrereklamo ka na ang laki ng internet charges mo. Learn how to use things first and learn how it works before using it extensively. And if you were unfortunate to be ignorant at first, then I hope you’ve learned your lesson and not do it again.

  54. Myth says:

    FYI guys, Ive been using this iPhone on a G-Flex plan for almost a year. Recently, I subscribed to their mobile data add-up plan so that I can further use my phone to connect to the internet whenever I’m away from pc access or any wi-fi zone. For almost a year, I have managed to maintain my bill within its range. Yes I play ad-free games on it. I browse sites such as this on it. I use e-mail whenever necessary (I just turn off my account whenever I don’t need to use it, I can always turn it back on with just a few touch). If I’m doubtful that an app connects to the internet on the background then I connect to the internet via wi-fi first. I turn off any fetching, push notification and location gathering services all the time unless it’s needed. AND aside from checking the Cellular Network Data counter on the settings menu, I regularly check my unbilled charges (also a good way to check if a currently installed application might be using data connection on the background). It may seem to be a hassle at first but after a few days of checking and everything’s going fine, and if I’m not changing any settings or adding up any applications, then I don’t bother doing all those things anymore especially when I’m busy.

    Now if you’re really sure that there’s no other reason for a sudden rise on your bill and dismissing any form of neglect on your part (learning how all these things work), then it’s time for you to complain and file a dispute/report like what Abe did. Everything is susceptible to glitch.

  55. nanayMo says:


    Your recent post is an improvement. Did I miss the usual vocabulary? You know, all the identity issues. Sudden shift of personality?

    Oh, I missed the “duh” – the sweeping remark that we are a stupid lot. Pity, pity!

  56. madzman23 says:

    use redsn0w…

    iPhone Postpaid subscription is really not worth it.

  57. Myth says:

    To tell you the truth my first post wasn’t exactly addressed to you. Maybe I just used the wrong choice of words when I said “the rest of the comments” because I was looking at one post reading downwards. For that I apologize. But you know what they say regarding stones and heaven…

    Anyway, I forgot to point out too that some apps have also updated after firmware update 3.0 that might be the culprit. Say you have yahoo messenger installed. If you’ve updated this app to it’s current version, it now supports push which utilizes data connection on the background. This is just one example of the many additional features when you update your apps (which may result in additional expenses on your part).

    Hope everything goes well with Abe and Globe.

  58. nanayMo says:

    As a point of truth also, I took some liberties on the “duh” word. It’s just not nice to imply nor call people “stupid” or “dumb”. Stretching the truth further, I advised my students against it, and it hasn’t ever been heard in my sessions.

    For all it’s worth, my apologies too.

  59. driftracer85 says:

    The bills seem to be unreasonable. I’m just wondering how the bills can reach up to 150K.

    I computed:

    A month would have 30/31 days. Let’s assume 30 days for this example. There are 24 hours in a day.

    30 days x 24 hours = 720 hours in a month. Mobile internet costs P10/30 mins. There is 1440 30-min blocks in a month of 30 days.

    So, assuming that you have your iPhone online 24/7, the maximum internet charge would be P14,400. That assumes that you are using your iPhone 24/7, without sleeping, eating, and doing other stuff.

  60. driftracer85 says:

    My solution here to this is to jailbreak the iPhone and use Smart Gold, Smart Buddy, or red mobile. I’ve never had billing issues with my internet services with Smart. Of course, Smart’s internet service is way way ahead of the others. Smart’s HSPA (3.5G) service makes use of the 850 MHZ bandwidth (the only network in the PH that uses 850), which is stronger than the regular 1800/1900/2100 UMTS bandwidth.

    For those having issues with Smart Bro, lock your bandwidth to 850 MHZ. You’ll see the difference.

  61. rsa1 says:


    it’s possible. imagine watching a 10min length movie in youtube in a kb rate (not the per minute rate).

    say 1kb = 0.05 cents
    10min movie = 50mb

    that’s equal to P2,500/movie!!

  62. thinkGuy says:

    @rsa1 yes your right and the user is a dumb!


    still “Smartphone like Apple iPhone 3G is for smart people.”

  63. Hans says:

    I use a Nokia N96, Globe send me a message saying my post paid account was due. over 13k pesos.

    I called them they said that I had switched my internet surfing months ago to per kb vs. time based.

    I said I never made that change and never got a notification.

    They would only give me a 2,500 peso refund though my internet charges were a lot more, they said this was the biggest amount they could refund my account.

    I refuse to pay and now I now have a phone that only receives calls and texts. Kinda peaceful if you ask me ;)

    Thank god for WiFI on my phone and Chikka on my desktop.

    Now does anyone know of a wifi mobile app for chikka that works?

  64. Robert says:

    Jailbreak your phone, install SBsettings and then add FakeAPN addon. Quick and easy toggling of APN off/on.

  65. ZJ Morales says:


    Sayang naman yung iPhone mo, sa bagay, Oo nga naman sayang sa Credits. Tita ko nga bumiyahe sa Japan, pa dating niya dito sa Pinas 30k agad habol sa kanya, kasi daw nag on Roaming mag isa yung phone. :D Nireport namin sa Globe yung 30k, kung may record sila na ginamit yung roaming.. I know I’m going off-topic. But has anybody here experienced this yet?

  66. Anonym says:


    iPhone Plan is fix in per Kilobyte Charging not P10 per 30mins.

  67. Anonym says:

    I asked Globe CSR at Globe Business Center noong kinuha ko iPhone Plan ko na pwede ba gamitin sa Globe Tattoo ang SIM Card ng iPhone Plan ko.

    Then im so confident to insert my iPhone Plan SIM Card in my Globe Tattoo. Learning after two days that my bill reach 150,000++. A CSR who called me to inform my bill told me that the iPhone Plan is fix in per kilobyte charging. You can’t use 10pesos per 30mins.

    For everyone, i know to use my iPhone and i know how it works. It just the CSR from Globe Business Center told me that i can use my iPhone Plan SIM Card in Globe Tattoo. Thats why my bill reach like that.

    Hindi porket umabot ang bill ko ng 150,000++ hindi na ako marunong gumamit ng iPhone. At wala akong sinisisi sa nangyari.

    Also, i asked them what if lumagpas na ako sa credit limit ko?
    The CSR answer me that all outgoing call and SMS will be barred.
    Pero sobrang lagpas na ako sa credit limit ko saka pa nila ako inform.

  68. tonex says:

    I thought you were going to bash Globe. Why so mellow, Yuga?

  69. Myth says:


    You have browsed and downloaded from the internet using your SIM card from your iPhone plan. The CSR was indeed right in telling you that you can use your sim on your Globe Tattoo kit. But that is not the reason why your bill reached 150,000. It is because you used your plan excessively without knowing what you’re getting into.

    If you knew your plan then you would’ve known that your mobile surfing rates would be fixed per kb charging on accessing the internet as a default (unless the CSR told you exactly that your plan is on time-based browsing). And let’s say you thought you could shift to time-based browsing. Did you first try to check your status on what type of charging your browsing is based on before you go on a downloading spree? And did you even try to text TIME to 1111 and wait for a reply from the system that you have successfully changed your account to time-based charging? Furthermore, it seems that the system doesn’t automatically updates charges on each account instantaneously especially on data, especially on per kb charging, as I have often seen a delay on the reflection of my data usage everytime I check my unbilled charges (even on time-based browsing which should have been faster to update because it works in timed intervals and you get charged at the start of each use/increment. So, together with probable hiccups on the system (they do have downtimes), the balance might have came too late (by 24 to 48 hours) under your account that would prompt CSR’s to warn you off of your excessive use.

    What I am actually getting at is do you normally do this? I mean you just bought a phone with a new plan and then access the network relentlessly for 2 days without asking first what goes with your plan and how much you would be charged for a certain service under your plan? I know that time-based browsing is more popular but wouldn’t you normally ask how much “free internet access” you have under your plan and what type of charging would exactly happen afterwards (in excess) before using it for that purpose?

  70. Globe Help Us says:

    Actually, problem din yan ng GF ko ngayon (a top ranking lawyer). E61i lang ang phone nya. She never exceeded her plan (1200 only), pero twice na syang na-overcharge ng Globe by the thousands. Once last year which she paid to avoid hassle, and again this year. She’s disputing a total of 6K+ of calls she did not make. Interestingly, the overbilling happened during those times she rarely used her phone. Kahit nung lagi sya nasa abroad, di sya lumalagpas sa plan nya.

    To be honest, I have high regard for Ayala as a company so I believe, this is just an oversight.

    I called the Globe hotline and talked to a CSR who said they’ll follow up and make a report. It’s been over a month and we’re still waiting. During the call, I never really wanted to waste my time with a CSR since alam ko naman na wala silang authority to negotiate pero I never got the chance to talk to someone in position.

    Walang outgoing ang line nya ngayon. She wants to switch to smart but I’m still waiting for the action of Globe. They told us to pay and wait for the resolution later. My lady, being a lawyer, doesn’t wanna budge with the disadvantageous proposition. She prefers to talk to the corp lawyer of Globe after they send some sort of demand letter to her office.

    I hope somebody from Globe can help. Good luck to them. GF is leaving for the US soon so sana maayos na before she leaves.

  71. ebo says:

    Aray! Php 7-10K ang charges for a single unit? It would be a good idea to go for unlimited data plans when using an Iphone. I have 2 (3g/3gs) Iphones on AT&T and I pay only USD110/month (roughly Php5k) for both phones with unlimited data/text. I thought mas cheaper ang billing sa Pinas.

  72. geneyus says:

    Although jailbreaking & watching your settings, turning off this when at standby, & turning it on when browsing are acceptable solutions, I’d prefer that Globe come out with an acceptable dataplan that we need not do these things. The reason being, with a jailbroken phone, everytime Apple comes out with a new iPhone OS update, you have wait until they crack it, then you have to go out of our way to rejailbreak your phone with the accompanying anxiety that you can actually lose all your data, or even brick your iPhone. Thus, I’d rather be a good boy and be a Steve Jobs disciple… that’s ideal for someone as lazy as I am!! ;-)

    I mean, having all of the iPhone’s features turned on, with a MobileMe account, and using almost purely Mac computers (iMac at home, Macbook for work) is absolutely the best thing! Imagine, virtually all of your important data is synced on all 3 devices (email, address book/contacts, bookmarks, calendar, & notes). Add to the fact that iPhone OS 3.x allows seamless Internet sharing of your 3G through USB or Bluetooth tethering. The lack of an unlimited, or near unlimited data plan, is just unbearable!

    H3ll, the most expensive dataplan (Php 4,999) is still 100 hours & not unlimited. I was strolling in Eastwood Mall & I found the Globe outlet there empty, so I went in & messed around with their support people. I currently have a GTalkplus with Duo activated in a feature phone & an unlimited Visibility on the iPhone. This costs a minimum of around 4.5k a month. I noticed on my last GTalkplus bill, that my non-Duo voice calls went down to 15 min, and note that the plan’s free voice calls are up to 350min. If I downgrade my GTalkplus to the cheapest, GText 500 with 20 min free & Php500/month, this plus my duo & visibility will come out at Php2,900 per month, with this I get unlimited landline calls, 500 free text, unlimited Internet. The only drawback is the 20 min free (which you can easily manage by texting, “Do you have a landline where I can call you?”), and the need to have 2 devices.

    Note that this is cheaper than the most expensive iPhone plan, but with unlimited data transmission.

  73. marchie says:

    hi guys, im having problem with my iphone . everytime i try to open my safari it says could not activate cellular data network: you are not subscribe to a cellular data service. HELP me guys ….. tnx

  74. Andrew G says:

    i have an iPhone 3GS here with the $30 unlimited data plan on AT&T, and we still dont have our darn MMS, how much is an unlimited data plan on Globe?

    btw, anyone know how much is the Unlimited Blackberry data plans on Smart and Globe? Thanks!


  75. Sammii says:

    God, that’s depressing. And I was so ready to get the iPhone via Globe’s plan. :/ Open-line Omnia it is, then.

  76. Jiro Yan says:


    Go to Setting -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network

    and edit your APN to:

    if you are Prepaid: http.globe.com.ph
    if you are Postpaid: internet.globe.com.ph

    Make sure to text TIME to 1111

  77. tech says:


    di ko alam kung karma yan sa mga iphone users na mayayabang… oooppss… no punt ment. mabuti pa yung much reliable 3310

    sometimes simple living will not lead you to too much confusion”

    tama, bumalik na din tayo sa panggatong as way ng pagluluto. Tapos mag abacus instead mag calculator. What the hell, lets ditch text messenging and email and go back to the traditional snail mail.

  78. nitecrawler says:

    We have the same problem when we upgraded our Iphone to 3.0 last june..in 2 days, my bill rose to 7k..I immediately called Globe CSR to complain visited their business center as well to report a battery problem after upgrading.. 3 months later still no resolution..so i called globe yesterday..and they told me that somebody from globe tried calling us but nobody answered.. so i asked my wife if she received a call from globe.. she told me that the called was made but she told the Globe CSR to call back later because I was not around and that my wife is in a meeting at that time..so she adviced the Globe CSR to call the next day instead but since it is holiday the next day..my wife told them to call instead the next business day..days pass and no calls…then the CSR yesterday told me that the complaint was closed because we are unreachable and we have to pay up..i said no way will i pay for something that I did not purposely use..and said that if that would be their stand.. then they would lose a 10 years continuous subscriber and all of the handyphone subscription in our company..btw..their reasoning that we are unreachable is bull.. I always call Globe CSR everytime our bill is due and follow up on our request for charge reversal..

  79. nitecrawler says:

    “She told me that the call was made” .. not the called was made.. thanks

  80. Paul says:

    Mawiwindang kayo here:

    My plan is GFlex 500 (under a Corporate Account with Globe) pero umabot sa 10k ang bill ko before nila temporarily dinisconnect yung line ko. My credit limit is supposedly 1k only.

    I think I’d have to give credits to SMART when I used to have a postpaid account with them. Kasi sila, consistent sila na nireredirect yung line ko kapag nag-exceed ako sa credit limit nila. With Globe, many times na nangyari na lumobo ang bill ko bago nila i-redirect yung line ko. sigh…

    Anyway, I still wanted to keep my Globe postpaid account kasi sa SMART, hindi mo magamit ang line mo for other promos like yung per second charging sa calls or whatever promos they have. Ang kinaiinis ko pa sa SMART, ang dami-daming keywords na kailangang i-send bago ka maka-avail ng mga promos.

    Grabe talaga ang mga telcos sa atin. Tama si Jhay. It is corporate greed! Kapag naging malawak na ang signal coverage ng SUN, good luck sa ibang telcos. Im sure sobrang magpapanic ang mga yan ng bonggang-bongga.

  81. Harmony says:

    Naexperience ko dn yan b4..N0ng 1st bill ng postpaid ko..D naman kcng taas ng bill ng sau but the fact that i was charged w/o my knowledge eh d tlga ok. The next following months nagng cautious n ako pero may pak0nti k0nti pa dn na lumulusot and then i learned from my friend on wap na may mga gumagamt ng postpaid # para mkaintrnet.. Postpaid # ng ibang subscriber hnahack nla para libre nternet nla. 22o man o hndi nkakatak0t pa dn dahl postpaid subscriber ako so gnwa ko pnadeactiv8 ko internet c0nnecti0n ng plan ko taz prepaid sim na lng gnagamt ko pagiinternet. So far ok naman. I just renewed may plan subscription 5mos ago.

  82. Ardz says:

    There are always different sides to a story but the root cause of this is still the iPhone. The iPhone is intended to be connected 24/7, thus the unlimited data plan of AT&T. Even when roaming, it keeps on connecting. Remember the AT&T subscribers who received their bills in a box?

    If you want to have unlimited everything, switch to Sun Cellular. They just started offering unlimited data, voice and text all in one sim with a free phone for Php999.

    I am a subscriber of all three major telcos with Globe and Sun as postpaid and Smart as prepaid. I have no major complaints as of the moment but I know these telcos still need a lot of improvements.

  83. anonymous says:

    Wait! Globe has a CREDIT LIMIT guys, right? once it reaches the limit, automatically disabled na dapat yung outgoing calls, text and 3G net browsing. so bakit yung iba dito umabot more than P20,000 for a month’s bill???

  84. noemi says:

    you know my case Abe. Got billed 11,000 but insisted on paying 1,000 as that was the highest I’ve ever paid for internet use. Well they gave in to my demands. It was my history of usage that saved me.

  85. vern says:

    Except for the inaccurate stats on the iPhone, I don’t see how this is the iPhone’s fault. Again, it’s the iPhone getting flak for the shortcomings of the provider.

  86. billy says:

    Jailbreak the phone, get SBSettings (to open Sbsettings, just slide your thumb on the top part of the LCD, where the time is), download FakeAPN (from Ispazio in cydia). It is basically a toggle that will enable/disable your APN by introducing a “fake” line to the APN field.

    If FakeAPN is on, your APN will look like:


    if fakeAPN is off, your APN will look like:

    beats going to settings everytime. :)

  87. neis says:

    @my 200k+ bill

    LOOK I AM ON AN UNLIMITED DATA PLAN – CORPORATE TO BOOT! so it’s obviously globe’s fault – for some bizarre reason they can’t even explain, my unlimited suddenly switch to KB charging! – i put it on my iphone BEFORE so i won’t worry about internet excess charges since its unlimited but goodness this still happens… :(

    so don’t tell me i’m not smart, because it’s a stupid glitch on their system that was detected well before my bill was given to me, and it took them MONTHS to fixed it

    and the CSRs are plain stupid on explaining don’t use this for the meantime while it is investigated – if i have waited it will take months before i can use it and i’m paying a 2k bill a month for it!

    thankfully the Account Manager was useful, i can continuously use it (cause i need it for work) and just pay what I’m supposed to pay for. I pity the account manager having to absorbed my rage while his helpless but to followup and escalate to their mgmt about the issue.

    if i have any issues with globe – i direct it to our AM, at least I get better non-idiotic responses than CSRs who’s standard replies aren’t any of use.

    just sharing my story

  88. neis says:

    @credit limit

    its not automatic – i have a 200K+ bill for months having a 4k credit limit and i can still use it.

    usually they will call you if you exceeded the limit, which happen on my case, i was suddenly called why i exceeded it, and there goes the months long drama till they get it totally wipe out of my bills

  89. neis says:

    on iphone,

    i have two postpaid accounts, an unlimited visbility and a regular flex account. experiencing both accounts on it, you need the unlimited visibility to fully maximize iphone as its made for 24/7 as said above.

    globe has a previous combo (visibility+flex) but they discontinued it (was my account before i split it up due to separate ones) – this could have been a more better approach for iphone plans.

  90. Paul says:

    @ neis: i also have the unlimited data plan from visibility for 2k a month. that reminds me to make a double check if my account is still under the unlimited plan. waaaahh! scary!!!!!!

  91. Corporal Killjoy says:

    Globe will deny to death that it was their fault. I suggest you openline and jailbreak the iPhone and put a prepaid sim.

  92. Techisland says:

    I use my 3GS with my globe visibility Sim instead. I find using the 3GS more as a replacement for my netbook than my phone.

    I still use my main Globe sim on my HTC Touch Pro.

  93. Oucchh.. that’s not good.. Apple has to do something about this.. If it can happen to those who are tech savvy what more to ordinary people who just get and buy those iphone.

  94. I have an iPhone 3G and these are the things I learned while using the unit for almost a year now:
    [*]Turn off Push Email. Everytime a notification packet is sent to your unit, that is counted by their billing system. I think they’re rounding it off to 30 minutes — meaning, if a notification packet is sent to your unit which lasts for only a few seconds, it’s going to be charged as a full 30 minute access.
    [*]Rename the APN to something other than “http.globe.com.ph” (e.g. httpx.globe.com.ph)

  95. Tang in a m0o says:

    Kayayabang ng iba dito. Nagka iphone lang, lakas ng loob manlait ng kapwa. Mga gunggong kayo.

    Yuga, itapon mo na yang laruan mong yan. Walang kwenta.

  96. jazzme says:

    iphone? walang radio, 3gs iisa ang camera, pag nasira ang battery kaylangang ibalik sa apple company para palitan ng genuine bat, malaki pang hawakan, walang expnason slot,bluetooth pang tawag lang di pwede ang stereo bluetooth na pang music…3.mega something pixel lang ang camera at most of all…..laki utang sa globe….

    bili nalang kayo ng lg arena..may fm radio, fm transmitter,bluetooth stereo support, gps, 5mega pixel cam, tv out.16million colors screen.touch screen.
    may slow mo ang video nya
    video editing capable
    dolby mobile
    scratch proof screen
    can play divx movies
    stainless still face plate, alloy casing
    8 gig internal mem that can be a use as mobile drive
    up to 32 gig external drive that can be use as mobile drive as well
    front and back camera
    3g na 3d cube pa.
    ito….magipon ka ng 24 gran…tapos bilhin mo tong sa akin
    atleast open line to
    he he he
    at least wala kayong alalahanin sa globe na utang.

  97. I have the same problem, they sent me a text reminder that my current bill was around 6,000+. I complained to globe and they said it’s because of my iphone settings, and they gave me a set up guide so it wont happen again.

  98. msbadog says:

    I think the problem is really with GLOBE TELECOMS. I used to have a postpaid number nung panahon na hindi pa uso ang mga iphone ha at you can only get postpaid when you pay the membership fee pero sobrang dami ng problems na na encounter ko. palagi nalang malaki ang bill ko (plan 350 pa nun)i regularly monitor my texts,my calls, but after 2 years ayaw ko na talaga.(kelangan iconsume ang 2 years or i have to pay 50K for disconnection notice) all my friends subscribed to smart at never sila nagkaroon ng overbilling problem.my kuya who is in the states has iphone at wala siyang problem regarding the billing so i think it’s with GLOBE talaga. dapat iboycot na natin ang walang kuentang globe na iyan. buti ang sun at smart. i’m now subscribed to sun postpaid but wala naman ako problems regarding sa bill although di naman iphone ang gamit ko.yun na nga lang pag wala ng “sun” mahirap na ang signal hehehe. but still GLOBE sucks.! rude pa ang mga customer service representative e kung hindi naman sa mga consumers na katulad natin wala silang susuelduhin!.

  99. wala lang says:

    I have this lower end HTC Touch and i noticed one time that its connecting to the internet automatically. I noticed this after I put Windows Live in my phone (among others) and it seems to be connecting automatically whenever I receive emails. Luckily I also have this gprs monitor on my home screen that monitors my kb usage per day that’s why i was able to do something in my settings (i don’t remember actually what – i’m no tech savy – trial and error lang – but it stopped) before I incurred a huge bill from globe. So it’s all this “netphone” (not only iphone) and how you use it…

  100. Charlotte says:

    got the same problem with you . . . im using iphone and my bill rocked up to 5,000+ . . . Globe really suck!!!

  101. Joyce says:

    Wow. So many similar complaints. Looks like getting an iPhone’s a bad idea. I better consider something else.

  102. Oysters says:

    DITCH GLOBE!!! They suck at everything.

  103. chezka says:

    Fairly good options you have there. Jailbreak it and use a sim from a different network. It really is not iPHONE that sucks and I know you are aware of that. It’s just GLOBE getting greedier than ever. After all, your iPHONE is only as good as the local network you are using it with.

    Sun postpaid works pretty well with a jailbroken iphone. No skyrocketing bill. If you love iphone features so much I say ditch GLOBE, not the phone.

    Apple won’t be too happy to hear that Globe has discouraged alot of people from owning their wonder phone. :)

  104. porcelain ninja says:

    The great things I learned from yuga:

    1. Go prepaid if you are a very light user. Will cut my globe postpaid and switch to prepaid.
    2. subscribe to Superduo if most of your contacts are Globe/TM
    3. Get prepaid lines for back up incase signal falters – I have a Sun and Smart aside from my main Globe.
    4. Don’t even think of getting the iphone if you like surfing the net on your mobile!

  105. roland says:

    hi guys,
    same here happen to me… i’m a globe postpaid subscriber because of the iphone 3g..
    my last bill was shocking since my internet usage was 11,025 minutes that cost.. 3,200+

    a long story.. but i manage to request an extract of my internet usage per connection… It turned out that the system of globe seems not to turn off.. its weird that with the file they gave to me.. it says that i’m connected to their system at 2AM without connecting for 20 hours…
    i also discovered overlapping connections which is a GOOD POINT at my side since how that thing happen..
    one connection is still counting while there is another IP address that will connect into background and they will let you pay for it..
    i got a P2000 rebate for my next bill…
    actually, i want to make a formal complaint to NEC in regards to this matter but i dont know how..

  106. roland says:

    hi guys,
    same here happen to me… i’m a globe postpaid subscriber because of the iphone 3g..
    my last bill was shocking since my internet usage was 11,025 minutes that cost.. 3,200+

    a long story.. but i manage to request an extract of my internet usage per connection… It turned out that the system of globe seems not to turn off.. its weird that with the file they gave to me.. it says that i’m connected to their system at 2AM without disconnecting for 20 hours…
    i also discovered overlapping connections which is a GOOD POINT at my side since how that thing happen..
    one connection is still counting while there is another IP address that will connect into background and they will let you pay for it..
    i got a P2000 rebate for my next bill…
    actually, i want to make a formal complaint to NEC in regards to this matter but i dont know how..

  107. roland says:

    you may request globe customer service to temporarily deactivate your GPRS…

  108. roland says:

    btw, i’m on time browsing rate since day 1 of my iphone…

  109. Juan says:

    Yup, got that same problem only with Smart. I spoke to top management personally and they will be coming up with a solution in two weeks time ;) Don’t ditch it just yet!

  110. same here.. my bill went to 13.5k.. and i dont want to pay it since they dont cooperate.. will they sue me if i wont pay the bill and let the account cancelled? hehehe

  111. Sunofa says:

    Sir yuga, i have a quesstion…
    How did you transfer all your contacts from your iphone to a new phone?
    Kasi yung mga contacts ko with custom fields hindi nasasama sa lipat…
    So ang lumalabas sa phone ko is name lang walang number…

    How did you transfer your contacts?

  112. geneyus says:

    2 words: Super Surf.

  113. Richard Fernandez says:

    Same with me. I went to GLOBE shangri-la branch last February. I needed the so-called IPhone expert from Globe to deactivate what ever the freaking settings that make the iphone connect to the internet in the background without me knowing. The person made the necessary adjustment on the APN, he said that I can either delete the entry there or add some character to invalidate the entry. But to my surprise, I got my GLOBE bill today ( May 17, 2010 ), I was charged 749.28 for 2520 minutes of internet access !!!!! I called up globe, and asked them why I was still charged internet access. And they asked me if I had deactivated all ( take note, ALL ) the settings there is to be deactivated !!!! I went “HUH ?!!”, I told the lady that one of their ” IPHONE EXPERT ” over at shangri-la did the necessary setting, and it was only the APN that he deactivated. So I ask her what are the freaking settings that I need to deactivate. She said, the APN, location, and notification !!!. And she told me that I have another choice, and that it was what most of GLOBE’s iphone users did !!! have your internet and GPRS disconnected by them.. So that your iphone will not be able to connect to the internet anymore !!! What the hell was that !!!, what is the freaking reason for me to have the iphone if I can surf the net when I needed to ?!

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to either jailbreak my iphone and have to control over the phone… or buy an android phone where I have the control :P

    One other problem is my contacts !!! how can I transfer them to a new phone ? Am not that techie.

  114. francescapala says:

    got the very same problem. I have a Globe Plan, and used it in my iphone 3G. Connected into a wifi from somewhere, then i stopped using the wifi.. turns out when you’re in 3G it automatically turns on the internet through your sim card.

    My dad called Globe Telecom and swear that he’ll never pay the bill. =) Then he cancelled the account and said it is not our fault why iphone automatically sets on the internet. Globe should be clear about that one fact before they let users use their iphone. :)

  115. Ray.c says:

    you know what, it sounds like you don’t know how to set your fone. there is nothing wrong with that phone and globe, buddy, you should start to learn

  116. JHaYmes says:

    I have a globe plan G-Flex 2500 to be exact and I don’t exceed the credit limit you know why?

    Because I jailbreak my iPhone I pawned my phone.

    On A jailbreak iPhone you can shutdown you edge connection this is by default on and the only thing you can get rid of this is to delete your APN but where’s the fun in that.

    So if your planning to buy an iPhone globe better to jailbreak it at after the first billing. So you can control your bills.

  117. roland says:


    good for you…. you still don’t experience globes overcharging internet connection.

    i also jailbreak my iphone since its day 1. With my first year in globe.. nothing seems wrong. My internect connection is only P40 since i’m only checking emails and looking thru maps if i’m lost.

    Until one time i’m checking my outstanding charges and i’m surprise that its already 3000 with 2800 all in internet charges. After that, i removed my APN to avoid internet connection via 3g. Everyday i checked my usage and internet charges is still going up.

    Luckily, i have a friend who can extract my globe internet connections with IP address, date, time usage…

    From the extract, i noticed that there are instances that connections overlaps.

    IP connects 10:00 AM disconnect 10:30AM
    IP connects 10:15 AM disconnect 11:00 AM

    see… hows that possible.. how come your phone connects to two different IPs and they charge you with that.

    I complain this with globe customer service and i get a 2000 rebate because i have evidence =)

  118. Sonofa says:


    can i also do that? or should you have a friend inside?
    cause when i swear i would never pay the internet chargers and pay only the other charges (calls, texts, etc.) globe blocked my number

    now i’m using sun!

  119. JHaYmes says:


    That cool you can do that maybe I will try that process too. Well I experienced the overcharging of Globe. But I’m smarter than them haha I jailbreak my phone then turn off the 3g and edge. Because they also charge you even if your not using a 3g connection.

  120. roland says:

    @sonofa – actually, before contacting my friend i tried to call their customer service to request for the extract. I even go to their center just to follow-up. To no avail, i can’t get any feedback. After almost 2 months, ask help to my friend. After 1 day, he forwarded the file to me =)
    But from what the lady told me at their center, soon… this will be reflected to our bill. internet connection details. I wonder how long it will take…

    @Jhaymes – are u referring to SBSsetting in cydia? actually when i discovered that app, i already disconnected my data plan =(. Good to know that globe offers unlimited data plan now. iphone is not an iphone without an internet connection on the go. But iphone 4 now has the option to turn off cellular data =)

  121. Jerome says:

    @abe, What are the settings that need to be turned off if lets say youre going to put in a prepaid simcard?

  122. Manuel says:

    Well, the question is did Globe fix this problem? Other countries telco’s like singtel (SG) have bill caps on data usage that even if u exceeded the 12GB free, you wont be charged beyond $30.

    I believe this is more of serv provider and infrastracture rather than the phone model itself.

  123. Zach Yonzon says:

    Something funny is going on. I’m a tech-savvy person who writes tech for a living. I know how to turn my Internet usage off. I have compiled photos of this on my Facebook account and I can even make a video to prove that I CANNOT use Globe’s data services even if I wanted to.


    Globe is doing something unfair and quite possibly illegal to its consumers. If you have a Globe story about unfair charges, kindly PM me on Facebook or send me e-mail at zach AT yonzon.com. I’m compiling data for an article and possibly a formal complaint to be lodged against the company.

  124. Ree says:

    Zack they didn’t fix the issue,

    what globe did is introduce a new service called superfurf which for 1200 pesos monthly allows you to surf unlimited.


    this is a free item on plan 3799.

    If you’re on a different plan, you will have to avail it manually.

  125. melvin says:

    This is not happening only on Iphone users. Me and my friends are using Samsung phones and we are encountering the same problem, EXCESSIVE CHARGING!It is very clear that this is a form of scam. This must be brought up to the public and to NTC.

  126. Judd says:

    I’ve been an iPhone user for two years without a problem. I always change my apn and switching off 3G and internet data after each use. Though very inconvenient it’s still ok cuz globe is not overcharging me then with internet usages. How come they’re overcharging me now? To think that I even upgraded my plan from 1599 to 1799?! Grrr..

  127. july says:

    i’m using samsung galaxy mini on plan 999. nung una, may problema sa supersurf registration nila- nung dinedeactivate ko thru txt kasi malapit na matapos ung 30 days, ang reply sakin e invalid keyword. i called up customer service, they said they’ll deactivate it manually sa kanilang pc. but still, i got a txt message saying registered ulit ako since.i did not deactivate it. i called cust srv again and they said i.disregard lang coz deactivated na talaga.
    The most surprising part is i got a txt mssge ryt now bout my unbilled charges- it is whooping 34,436.00!! imagine that? after my supersurf, i deacvtivated packet data para di na talaga makagamit ng net. well, i turned it on for a while to check my mail and some google article viewing, but 34k??? it is too much. anyway, unbilled pa naman pero nakakatakot talaga ung amount.hope maayos to

  128. cam says:

    I was charged 30k+ din at hindi ako natutuwa, hindi ko naman kasi ginagamit yung mobile net palagi, tapos sobrang bagal pa ng internet, imposible talaga umabot ng 30k ang bill ko, hindi naman nagloload yung page pag inexit ko yung browser ko, tapos hindi ko naman magamit yung applications sa phone ko (kasi sobrang BAGAL nga ng net sakin), tsaka pumapasok ako, natutulog naman ako no, there’s something fishy talaga! hahaha,

  129. Jb1979 says:

    Same problem here, even on prepaid, load gets sucked out. Ive turned everything off and I had to manually change the APN each time i want to disconnect. too much of a hassle but I think the main problem here is the credit limit.

    From what I know, I think the credit limit of a subscriber is based on kung ano lang ang kayang bayaran ng customer. So parang tanga naman na sila ang nag sabi na ang kaya mo lang bayaran is P2500 and gave you that credit limit, tapos hahayaan nila umabot ng 30k yung bill mo diba? nakakinis ang Globe

  130. Veronika says:

    The globe spending limit is not working at all especially to valued customers.. Ive had my lines with them for almost 4years the plan is 1k amonth for the 1st 2 years i keep paying good amounts since i have a fiance abroad i end up paying aroung 5-7k a month and i usually pay ontime.. I keep calling them during this period kc lagi delayed ang bills bayad na bao ko pa nareiew charges.. I have alot of complains kc i end up paing alot in amonth ok lang nmn kaso most of the chargs that supposed to inc s plan e nacharge on top in my 1k plan around 200-400 lng un nkoconsume ko the rest were paid on top.. So wla n ko magawa s dami ko ng nabayad ng 2 years na un..i inquire about loyalty offer cos i dont have plans of switching svc butthey said alot of stupid stuff on availing the promo.. So i ended up chaning my plan to a much lower plan.. when i swicth to this after almost a year when some hacked my info and he got it all from globe kc nhack nya ang website nla lhat bank acct, passport, sss etc..i complained with globe that their website and cust info is not secured.. Nothing happened to my complain but everytime i will call them i would ask what did the prev rep notated on my acct and i will startbtelling my stories again. After sometime i found out that my 3k limit is not working at all in the nxt mo i asked why i have a past due + current bal amounting to 21k and i konitor my usage even if i exceeded line should be restricted butit did not do anyhing.. I called again to ask why my limit is not working..reps said tha bcos i have a good payment history system automatically set my phone to maximize my usage without even sending me notice of interruptions..until i temp cut my line which is good for 30 days only.. I tried to cope up with my payment bcos thenlast 6mos of my almost 4yrs stay with them hey keep billing me for intl calls charged per seconds which took up more than 1k to almost 3k for that last 6 mos.. So i keep calling them for the dispute and they will provide the adjustments based on my calculations on the detailed page of the bill.. I ended up complaining for the smae issue for 6 mos where i still have to request for them to resend a copy of my bill bcos they are not sending it nor emailing git to me.. I ended up cutting my line where my billreah alittle almost 50k..i got a letter from them dated nov2011 but i got it dec2011..i called the hotline spoke with ome of he reps handling accts like mine and we agreed for a payment term of 1year and ill be sending an email to him so they can lay out the payment plan i also said that im aware of my obligations and im no running away fro mitnit just so happened that i resigned frowork and still looking for a new one.. The rep said its ok and we can nstill work on it as long asi send him the email.. More than 2mos past i never got an response hough i complied with our agreement so as not to have m y acct trans to 3rd party collectors as i want to deal only wih globe.. Just last week 3 person called me from 3rd party collecions agency 1 st one admitted fault on the process of m acct being transeferred to them though i complied with globes proposal siad will check on the globe remedial rep i spoke with..the next day anoher call came from hem from a diff rep jis one its a very rude rep and i explained my position and the transactioi made with he prev rep..said will send me an email tha i need o respond to and make a promisory letter or somehing like that and curse me before she hangup on the phone.. The next day after hat a new rep called me same thing and i siad again my concern i discovered that globe said o them im still in a contract with thethough i never signed any renewal i told her againn my status and what really happened..i siad to her that hough i wat as much as i canto out a payment i cant as whatever i have now will be use to find work and whei start working..but again i said im not running away from obligations..i just cant make a promise of the exact date as to when i. Can send a specific amt since i dont have a definite work yet.. Said something about legal thing.. And i said, firts my acct should not be transfered to you if globe already agreed to what we discussed taking note that i complied with their own company policy. I did ge in touch and was willing to work on paying it but you cant force me FOR NOW cosmi dont have extra money alotted for it.. The rep said thats shes demanding for payment and that it will be sent for some legal actions and calls keep bugging us at home..i dont think that i should be penalized in the first place for globes faulty service, credit limit that is not working and they at first took advantage of good payors now were put in a position like were buried under debts..they should be giving consideration since the npaid bal will not be change anyways it will still be the same amt that will be paid as soon as i get back to work..i just dont understand why this company is not doing their work properl and not adhering to their own company policy!!

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