iPhone 7 tops our Antutu Benchmark Performance Chart

iPhone 7 tops our Antutu Benchmark Performance Chart

Since we started compiling a database of Antutu benchmark scores of smartphones last year, we’ve had a pretty good mix of devices topping the charts. Apple and Samsung smartphones are regularly on the upper bracket.

This year, Apple’s A10 Fusion chip took the top spot by a very wide lead with the iPhone 7 getting a score of 178,992 points in Antutu.


Aside from the fact that the A10 Fusion is a very powerful chip, the iPhone 7’s score benefited from the lower screen resolution (1334×750 pixels) which allowed the chip to perform better. This is evident with the difference in scores of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus (which has a higher full HD resolution) of about 10,000 points.

As for the Android devices, the OnePlus 3 running on a Snapdragon 820 leads the pack with a score 144,104 points.

For the complete list of the scores of all the smartphones we’ve tested, please check here.

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