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LeBron James’ Samsung phone fails, rants on Twitter

On a not-so-techy note, LeBron James tweets his frustrations regarding his Samsung phone after it deleted all his data. Keeping in mind that King James is one of Samsung’s biggest endorsers, the term “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” doesn’t apply well here.


It was reported by Fox News that Samsung last year spent $12 billion in marketing alone. Included in this fund is James as he has been paid (most likely a lot) to promote the company’s devices since the arrival of the Galaxy Note II. He also starred in Samsung’s commercials.

He must’ve realized his connection to Samsung right after the frustration sunk in as he quickly deleted his tweet just minutes after posting it. But with 12 million followers, it’s bound to simply be screencap’d and that’s exactly what happened.

After less than an hour, he once again tweeted, “Close call. Wheew! Got all my info back. Gamer! Lol”

Although no data has been permanently lost and he didn’t really specify how he got his files back, what we can learn from this is that no one is really safe from unexpected wipeouts like these. That’s why it’s very important to back up all the content of your phone every so often. If you’re running low on hard disk space, there are various cloud services today that offer free storage.


Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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32 Responses

  1. benchmark says:

    I doubt his files were restored. Perhaps just a damage control. And by the way, he didn’t specify he is using a samsung phone that time….maybe he is using a myphone or a cherry mobile…perhaps an iphone 5c! we don’t know….hehehehe

    • andrei says:

      waiting for “others” to reply

    • Rvssel says:

      iPhone doesn’t erase “everything” all by itself, basing from my experience for 2 years (and counting); unless you press Erase all contents on the Settings, as well as through iTunes on different method. Most of the time, the contacts were lost due to different instances but somehow iPhone doesn’t ERASE everything all by itself.

      I’ve used Android phones as well, but it didn’t happen to me, though. Or maybe I’m not using Samsung latest phones, but HTC and Sony phones only.

      But anyway, good to know it’s okay now!

    • iLoled says:

      Ssshhh, baka magalit si abuzalzal…

    • wew says:

      @Rvssel d mo nakuha ung punto,nabura na lng ng biglaan,pede ring mangyare sa iPhone un pero d ko alm kung panu.sa samsung d rin naman nangyayare un usually pero sa kanya nangyare un.

    • abuneknek says:

      pag gumamit si lebron james ng myphone o cherry mobile as his personal phone, pasagasaan ko sa kotse lahat ng apple gadgets ko at puro cm/mp na lang bibilhin ko

    • Elton says:

      He is using echofon and twitter for android. So it’s impossible that it is an iPhone 5c

  2. eric jay says:

    maybe he was advised or reminded by someone of what will be the repercussions of that post thats why he deleted it. and we never knew if it was a samsung phone. but with a premise that hes an endorser maybe it has basis. anyway there are always two sides of a story.

  3. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    one more reason to maintain a Nandroid backup

  4. Noiseky says:

    Maybe he used MyPhone. He just forgot that it’s only one word.

  5. kramnai says:

    Sync your contacts to google contacts :)

  6. confession says:

    i saw my boss, ma steal 2 rolls of toilet paper everyday before we go home.

    funny thing is he owns a motherfucking condo and rich as fuck.

    in my mind i named him the german tissue bandit.

    • Hehehe... says:

      Maybe he don’t want to spend his cash na pamunas lang ng *ano* niya after niyang mag potty.

  7. Doc Martens says:

    Pano ka naman nakakasiguro na Samsung ung phone na ginagamit nya? Wag kagad mag assume kung wala ka namang proof, dear author. Kris Aquino is a Philippine local brand endorser but still uses an iPhone.

    • Did my research before writing this article and LeBron indeed uses his company-sponsored Galaxy Note 3. Also, why would anyone compare Kris Aquino with LeBron James? Your argument is invalid, dear reader.

    • assquatch says:

      Scum of the earth dumbass. atleast research on your whimsical non sense before blabering it on the web.
      kill yourself.

    • archie says:

      doc marten, sensible people hope you don’t breed.

    • journalism says:

      “Did my research before writing this article and LeBron indeed uses his company-sponsored Galaxy Note 3. Also, why would anyone compare Kris Aquino with LeBron James? Your argument is invalid, dear reader.”

      Dear ‘Senior Editor’, ‘Research’? ORLY? Did your research yield anything about some celebrities using multiple phone lines? If not, I’ll have you know they don’t all only use only one phone. One for personal use and another for their professional use. Do you have a source that he indeed only uses ONE phone?

      Also the comparison is about an endorser using a sponsor’s brand while also using another device only from a different brand. The argument is VALID.

      Hindi naman yung lebel ng sikatan, edad, sex, o katuahan yung pinaguusapan. Yung paggamit ng ibang brand kahit endorser ka na ng isa pang brand. The argument is invalid ka dyan. LOLZ

    • Doc Martens says:

      Dear Author,

      Unless Mr. Lebron James otherwise specified that he was indeed talking about a Samsung phone, we can all just speculate. Or baka naman your so called “sources” were with him when he sent the tweet?

      Kris Aquino is a mobile phone endorser, just like LeBron James. And should I also mention that Ms. Aquino (which I’m assuming you ARE NOT AWARE OF) is a very prominent name in the Philippine Entertainment Industry with probably the most number of print and commercial endorsements combined compared to most Filipino Celebrities. She’s also the sister of the current Philippine President and the daughter of a former president and a Philippine Hero, just in case again, you are not aware of. Now, does that make my argument valid, dear sir?

      Lastly, have you ever thought of this: Maybe, just maybe, the real reason why Mr. James deleted the said tweet is because he was indeed referring to an iPhone, or a MyPhone for all I care, and he: 1. Out of nowhere remembered that he’s endorsing Samsung not an iPhone or a MyPhone and 2. It’ll be (maybe) a breach of contract if people finds out that he’s using a smartphone by a competitor of his endorsement? Again, things this article can’t prove unless your “sources” have their eyes and ears on LeBron James.

    • mark says:

      correction on my previous post.. kahit kailanman hindi matatawag na hero si noynoy aquino or yung namatay nyang papa..

  8. Wahahaha says:

    Haha samsung bulok

  9. Rvssel says:

    I know and I get the point! Don’t worry, keep calm dear! ;)

  10. nego says:

    Same thing happened to my officemate’s GS2, na wipe-out lahat ng phone data. Parang nag restore factory settings lang bad trip tuloy kasi mas mataas na LV ko sa kanya sa Smurf’s haha. Dunno pero parang hassle mag back-up restore sa Android kung hindi rooted, I’m a previous iOS user and found it na mas madali mag sync – back-up – restore sa iTunes, kompleto pa. Good thing there’s nandroid sa rooted devices. Just saying :)

  11. Elton says:

    Try this on your samsung device. Turned it off then press the volume down key and lock/power button until you see the freen android icon then select wipe data reset. Select yes then reboot. Amazing!

  12. mark says:

    @Doc Maten who you called hero? the president? are you out of your mind?or lets just say your one of his yellowzombies? bigyan mo nga ako nang rason bakit naging hero ang presidente nating abnoy?

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