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Lenovo to ship future phones with stock Android OS

Lenovo has ditched skinning the Vibe Pure UI in its devices and will simply ship with a stock version of Google’s Android mobile operating system, according to reports.

The company sees the software change as a response to the growing public clamor of better software to complement with the hardware, as well as better efficiency when it comes to updating to the latest versions. “There’s no more Vibe UI going forward and we are moving to complete stock Android for all our future Lenovo phones. This is a huge transition for our business perspective,” Lenovo India Head of Marketing Anuj Sharma told Gadgets360.

Nonetheless, Lenovo will still offer enhancements to the device as part of its core features such as Dolby’s Atmos technology, and other similar experiences found on now Lenovo-backed Motorola brand.

The new Android experience for Lenovo phones will roll out starting with the release of the upcoming K8 Note loaded with Nougat and is heading to India’s Amazon e-commerce portal on August 9th.

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