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Modu: World’s Lightest Phone has arrived

At only under 43 grams, the modu phone is the world’s lightest cellphone and it’s now available in the Philippines thru Globe Telecom.

Listed in the Guinness Book of Records, this fully functional phone is just 5 grams shy of the iPod Nano’s weight.


Aside from a music player, it’s also a mass storage device (with 2GB internal memory). If you looked at the keypad, it doesn’t seem to be the regular alphanumeric one we’re familiar with. I’m curious how the navigation works.

modu phone

Globe will exclusively carry the distribution of the modu phone in the Philippines. No word as to how much these little things will cost.

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42 Responses

  1. hmmm bigger than the zoolander phone hehe

  2. modu phone looks like a media player.. and not a phone..

  3. Yeahi have to agree with Gadget Wonderland. It looks more like a media player. Just curious how you would text via this thing?

  4. iSG says:

    lighter than LG’s watch phone? wow. But the specs?

  5. marvin Paul catalan says:

    alam ko etong phone na to may kasamang JACKET ung JACKET na un for the phone itself may iba ibang jacket na available para sa phone na to, check niyo http://www.modu.com aun makita niyo dun i like the concept of this phone kasi every jacket ibaiba ung pdeng magawa.. basta search niyo na lng hehehe…

  6. marvin Paul catalan says:

    sorry for the wrong site… it’s http://www.modumobile.com pala bsta maganda din yang phone na yan auko lng mga design nung jacket…

  7. Hi Yuga,

    Let me shed some light on this.

    Modu is a modular phone. The primary body is light however you are suppose to add “add-ons” to it which give it additional and different functions. I’m not sure which of these add-ons will be available locally however I’m sure at least a few will be made available as the phone will be useless otherwise.

    Check this website out for more information – http://www.modumobile.com/


  8. Ardz says:

    I’d rather get the LG wristwatch touchscreen phone. It’s much smaller than the modu but the screen may actually be larger than this.

  9. Hm…interesting concept. So this is kind of like the Motorola phone that had a touchpad for keys. You can change key function on the fly depending on what you are doing.

  10. nanayMo says:

    Cute little thing, and Globe will market these pansies. Remember the Sendo? For those born before this, search it. Those were times when cell phones were big clunky things, and this Sendo (of English technology) came forth. It was small by current standards, and heads really turned whenever I flashed it. I bought one from Globe. They were quite pricey too by prevailing standards. To make a long story short, it didn’t last long. However, Globe were such nice people and they tried repairs – sending the contraption to whoever were qualified for the task. Nothing much could be done on the poor thing. But I was not sore, they were such professionals and I just let the thing go and bought another brand.

    Unrelated to your post maybe, but oblige this reader. Moral? There aren’t any, save that technology does that to you. And oh, I like these Globe people.

  11. Pink says:

    Weird looking but I guess worth a try ü

  12. edz says:


    It says World Lightest Phone not Smallest

  13. Raven says:

    Ac0rding t0 gsmarena, it c0mes with s0 called jacket. 3 c0mes in retail package and others are s0ld separately.

  14. Calvin says:

    scary, it can get picked off your pocket without you knowing it.

  15. LeoLutero says:

    This entry doubled my saliva production. Globe? That’s good. I wonder how much this will cost. I hope its a cheap-o so I could get one for myself. Modu’s a new company so this might be cheap.

    Please check out my blog at warpedopinion.tk. I don’t bring tech news, just wacky journalism!

  16. kiko says:

    astig aman itong phone na to…
    wow magkano aman kaya..hehehhe…
    nagmomorph depende sa jacket..huh!!!

  17. Phoneman says:

    the guys at this website seems to take it seriously and have some info on the modu: http://www.moduonline.com

  18. Yup it’s light but i’m retty sure it’s a challenge to text on those things… maybe for the business traveller, yes. but not your frequent texter.

  19. Hi Yuga,

    would you mind to ask what’s the price range of this phone? I wonder if it is now available to the Philippine market. Thank you.

  20. myke says:

    hmmm seems like the designer is fond of power extreme when s/he was a kid

  21. myke says:

    based on some random google searches it’s priced at $280 modu phone + 2 jackets

  22. sight says:

    I think they should market this to the OFWs. A promo partnered with Globe’s roaming service. Cool tandeem – roaming phone, relatively small, and a media player.

  23. Ben Tambling says:

    For those of you who baby talk with their comments… Grow up man!!! anyway… for the product catalog, click here: http://www.modumobile.com/#/catalog/ This is a cool gadget and would really look good for matons and kikay, “metrosexuals” alike. peace

  24. Ben Tambling says:

    For those of you who baby talk with their comments… Grow up man!!! anyway… for the product catalog, click here: http://www.modumobile.com/#/catalog/ This is a cool gadget and would really match matons and kikay, “metrosexuals” wardrobe any day of the week. given that you have 7 jackets. pressed powders’ not included hehehe. peace

  25. Kinny says:

    It costs Php8,000 for pre paid and Extension Plan 250. Php7,500 for Plan 500, Php7,000 for plan 800 and free if you subscribe to the higher plans starting at Php1,200.

    Comes with 1 free express jacket.

    Prepaids get free immortaltxt for one year every Tuesday and Thursday.

  26. Maricel says:

    Really? At P8,000, that isn’t so bad at all. But I’ll have to wait a bit to hear reviews from those who already has the phone.

  27. Rosanna says:

    Only perfect if you are a super basic user who looks for style over features. Just to call, text, listen to music and carry around files not greater than 2gb.
    Perfect for girls who like tiny handbags or boys who carry everything in their pockets.

    If you need bluetooth, camera, wifi, 3g? Not for you.

  28. RoMann says:

    I went earlier sa Globe, its only Php7,000 if you are only interested with the unit and not with the line. I like this phone because of one of the jacket, the sport jacket, kasi I could really, really use that pag sa gym or jogging, sadly, hindi pa ino-offer yung jacket na yun. Haaay…

  29. cloud says:

    can it be unlocked?? i want to use my sun sim..

  30. john says:

    where can i buy modu phone in philippines?? can u give you tell me the exact store?

  31. john says:

    where can i buy modu phone in cebu, philippines?? can you tell me the exact store in the cebu.??

  32. Sara says:

    Can it be unlocked?

  33. andromeda says:

    umm.. I’m not sure what is the real price of this. This is what it said on the website of Globe:

    “Modu at Modu Prepaid Phone Kit: Php 4,990”

    “Each Modu prepaid kit comes with one (1) Free Express Jacket. Modu Express and Mini Jackets are also sold separately at Php 1,150 only.”

    But I’m still not sure if it is 8,000, 7,000 or 4,990!!!

  34. g says:

    Do not get it! Every one that calls me says that they hear their echo.

  35. jeje says:

    where is the service center of modu in Quezon city or nearby?? my phone is not functioning well…….

  36. jeje says:

    would you please give the exact location??? elsewhere in manila… i nid to use my phone badly

  37. i have phone mocu pearl. !! please give me an exact location here in manila !! because i wanted to now him. !!

  38. arvin montilla says:

    jeje !! please inform me if you know the exact location here in manila or anywhere.. !! this is my no.!! 09161243692 !! please !! txt me . !! thnx. !

  39. boss

    meron pa bang modu phone na binebenta dito saten? ang alam ko po sa globe dati. pero 2009 pa yun im desperate to have this phone


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