Nokia Lumia EOS finally seen, the 41MP Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia EOS finally seen, the 41MP Windows Phone

It’s been rumored for so long now & we have no confirmations of its existence yet – but photos of the supposed Nokia EOS just made it to the internet. The EOS is reportedly packing a sensor similar to the 41MP Nokia PureView 808 (or even better), all housed into a slim Lumia design package and made to run Windows Phone.


We’ve been hearing the buzz from months ago, and we even thought that they would launch it last May; apparently, the announcement was for the Nokia Lumia 925.


the back of the phone; compared to the Lumia 920

The phone hosts a huge protruding camera & a clip for wireless charging on the back, and on the right side you’ll find the power button, the volume rocker and the two-stage camera key. Down below is the place for the micro USB and the speakers, and on top are the secondary microphone, the audio jack and the SIM card slot. Up front is a display of unknown size and resolution, and the rest simply screams Lumia 920 all over – from the bezels and all the design cues.



The phone will come in black & yellow; other colors and details are yet to be announced. Most likely however, Nokia will have a US launch first with a worldwide launch coming in a few more months.


thinness comparison with the Lumia 920

What have you got to say about it? Is this the phone that will pull Nokia back from the ashes? Feel free to leave a comment down below.

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12 Responses

  1. abuzalzal says:

    Sino naman ang gagamit ng full resolution neto? Facebook addicts? lol…very impractical at gagapang ang computer mo sa post processing dahil sa laki ng files…I’ve heard na wala pa daw SD slot, yiiikkkkeeeessss..more nightmare

    I couldn’t see the benefit of this one for heavy cropping or billboard – sized printing either…sa liit ng sensor na yan, cramming overload…as much as I want to call it a technological feat, sadly, it is not…nothing but a mere gimmick to lure people into buying it.

    • bliss says:

      do you even know how pureview works? at least the one in 808…it combines the data of 41mp to produce a 5 mp photos…

    • wew says:

      Sir bliss tama po ^_^

    • EEU says:

      LOL.. Alam mo ba yung Pureview and the technology behind it? How does it work? Basa ka muna kasi kung gimmick lang ang camera niyan hindi magiging Best Imaging Innovation for 2012 ang Nokia 808 (pareho daw ang camera niyan dito so I’m assuming at par sila).

      Basa ka muna ng “Pixel Oversampling” search mo. At please define “GIMMICK”. Sa tingin ko kasi mas appropriate yung salitang gimmick dun sa phone na may Dual Shot, Sound and Shot at kung ano ano pang shot. Isama mo na yung air view at kung ano ano pang gimmick na features..HAHAHA

    • L says:

      bagay sayo name mo some research please

    • rocketlog says:

      Hahaha. Before badmouthing something, try and understand it first. Oversampling is a great technology.

      The 1st 41MP camera phone was an awesome piece that was just pulled down by the fact that Symbian was already on its way out.

      Based on what I’ve read, the Lumia EOS might come with half the number of pixels (Just 20.something-MP instead of 41). Still a good number, but I’m really still hoping for the 41MP. Oversampling from 20MP might be a little bit underwhelming.

    • Jander says:

      Magbasa ka muna bago mo ibuka ang bunganga mo. Kung hindi din lang Nokia user dont ever utter a word about Nokia cameras because you are ill informed. Siguro ang talino mo at alam mo na agad ang resulta ng pagkaroon ng Nokia EOS hahahahaha busalsal to

    • Yusuf says:

      What a peasant. Lmao ever head of those photographers who doesn’t want to bring their heavy DSLRs everywhere?

  2. Philip says:

    Wow. I will buy this. Was aiming for 808 but didnt like symbian much. Good thing its now available in win 8!

  3. Look says:

    Basa-basa muna pag may time.. Know how pureview works LOL

  4. lolwut says:

    Put vanilla android on this shit and then we’ll talk

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