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OPPO F3 Plus vs Vivo V5 Plus Selfie Comparison

OPPO and Vivo recently launched a smartphone that caters to the selfie-centric users with a dual camera setup. Both the F3 Plus and V5 Plus specialize in imaging and while each phone has dual front-facing cameras, their approach is not exactly the same.

The F3 Plus focuses on depth of field with its wide-angle setup while the V5 Plus specializes in delivering selfies with creamy Field of View so it’s really apples to oranges. At the end, you still decide which approach you prefer and you may think of this as a quick look-see.

Watch the video for the side-by-side selfies taken from both handsets:

The main selfie camera of the F3 Plus has a 16MP sensor with an f/2.0 aperture. It also has a wide-angle sensor with a lower 8MP shooter to squeeze in more people in a selfie. In-camera features include a standard beautification process with a sliding bar for choosing between Fair to Rosy skin tone and a 7-step anti-blemish feature that blurs the unappealing details of the face. It also has a blur function which produces images with a bokeh style.

Meanwhile, the dual camera tandem of the V5 Plus consists of a 20MP and 8MP shooters. The larger sensor does the heavy-lifting, while the 8MP sensor helps achieve that creamy bokeh effect. Beautification is also present here with three separate tabs to adjust buffing, skin tone, and whitening. On top of that, this Vivo handset has Enhanced Beautification mode and HDR for selfies.

The OPPO F3 Plus is currently priced at Php23,990 while the Vivo V5 Plus is at Php19,990. Seeing those sample images, which selfie handset would you choose between the two? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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13 Responses

  1. Avatar for Alykhan Alykhan says:

    Vivo is the best smart phone for me.. Oppo is just an over filtered camera.. So i’ll go for vivo.. Vivo forever..

  2. Avatar for Stephen Tran Stephen Tran says:

    I think it will be very tough for other companies now who launch their smartphone on the basis of camera. As for competition, the only other smartphone that comes with a dual-selfie camera setup is the Lenovo Vibe S1. The fact is that the company has fixed a good price in the market for V5 plus. Oppo is also known for its camera quality so now lets see what will be the next step from Oppo

  3. Avatar for jhen jhen says:

    shane bermundo ang lupet ng english mo hahaha……il go for vivo :)

  4. Avatar for rhod rhod says:

    If You know Real Photography You’ll go for Vivo v5 +, but if you’re just an ordinary camera user go for Oppo F3 PLus

  5. Avatar for Shane bermundo Shane bermundo says:

    Iwant oppo for my sefie because my phone is have a damage pls

  6. Avatar for Junjun Junjun says:

    Although oppo and vivo were in the same umbrella nd i am vivo v5 plus user i can say that vivo handles my selfie and other image needs very well so thumbsup for vivo v5 plus

  7. Avatar for Angela Angela says:

    Camera = Vivo V5+
    SoC/Display/Battery = OPPO F3+

  8. Avatar for Surraiya Shaikh Surraiya Shaikh says:

    Vivo best phone

  9. Avatar for Anil Anil says:

    Vivo v5+ im using this handsat amezing camera quality batter parfomance good handset at this price

  10. Avatar for Zeeshan Zeeshan says:

    Vivo V5+

  11. Avatar for Romer Ceron Romer Ceron says:


  12. Avatar for Shubham Shubham says:

    Oppof3 plus

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