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Samsung Galaxy A70 First Shots

We recently gave you our first impression of Samsung’s new Galaxy A smartphone with triple-rear cameras, the Galaxy A70. This time, we took it for a stroll around Bangkok, Thailand, to take some photos and see how well the cameras perform.

We’re separating the shots into three galleries: Day-time, Night-time, and Selfie. All shots were taken in Auto mode.





What do you guys think of its camera performance? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Rin-chan says:

    Which is better? Samsung A50, A70, S9+ or iPhone 7+? I’m more of a camera and casual user and I need large battery capacity. I’m just confused… I’ve seen sample shots of A50 and it’s not that great. Idk about A70. I’m open to suggestions and opinions. Thanks!

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