Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to launch earlier than expected

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to launch earlier than expected

A report from Wall Street Journal says that Samsung is making the move to make the unveiling of their Galaxy Note 5 earlier than the usual launch date.


The move is reportedly to avoid launching in the same week as the new iPhone phablet (a direct competition for the Note series) which happened last year. The iPhone 6 Plus was introduced only six days after the announcement of the Note 4 and was a bit overshadowed by the former in terms of sales.


Samsung usually introduces its new Note device in September, and so does Apple. This year, the South Korean company is moving it a few weeks early to mid-August. Going by the recent rumors, the Galaxy Note 5 is expected to have a huge 5.89-inch display, Snapdragon 808 CPU, USB-Type-C, Android 5.1.1, and a bigger 4,100mAh battery.



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2 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    Ang nakakapanlimo ayon sa mga recent posts walang removable batt marami tuloy nadisaapoint:-(

  2. Rainbow Rat says:

    I hope that it would not be as pricey as the last one. I had the note 1 and 3 and hopefully the 5th addition. Sayang lang kase they are getting rid of the removable battery option which makes no sense since most of the note devices are “power hungry”

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