Samsung Galaxy Note8 ties iPhone 8 Plus for top smartphone camera – DxOMark

That was a quick reign for Apple’s new iPhones: imaging benchmark company DxoMark has just announced that Samsung Galaxy Note8 has taken over the charts and is now deemed the Android smartphone with the best camera to beat.

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Recently published scores from DxoMark’s review gave the device an overall 94 points, which ties the Apple iPhone 8 Plus in the charts. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also tops other previously-reigned Android smartphones such as the HTC 11 and Google’s own Pixel smartphone. 

Breaking down the scores, the company gave Samsung’s most prized flagship a perfect 100 score in its photo capturing capabilities, citing excellent zoom performance and very low noise in low light scenarios. “Dual-cam setups offering a second telephoto zoom for portraits are a real step forward for high-end smartphone photography, and the implementation on the Note 8 is exceptional, making it the best smartphone for zoom shots we’ve tested,” it mentioned in its review.

Videos, on the other hand, had a few compromises which they scored 86, with a lack of autofocus tracking and visible residual motion as its downsides.

Source: DxoMark

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar for SirJack SirJack says:

    They could have proclaimed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best stills shooter and that the Apple iPhone 8 Plus is the best video shooter, for now. But no, they need to have the same scores overall.. Hmmm…

    Now let’s wait for the XL2 and Mate 10 reviews. :)

    • Avatar for rabbitkun rabbitkun says:

      Note 8 is really the superior one when it comes to photos and it’s the first ever phone to hit the 100 mark. Yep waiting for Mate 10 too, the dual lens Leica setup is quite intriguing.

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