Samsung Star S5233 vs. LG Cookie KP500

Samsung Star S5233 vs. LG Cookie KP500

A lot of people are asking which of these two entry-level touchscreen phones is better — the new Samsung S5233 Star or the older LG Cookie KP500 — and I’d say they are just brothers from a different mother.

star cookie


Check out the comparative chart below and you’d be surprised how much specs these two phones share with each other. They’re like clones — down to the thickness.

samsung lg

Of course, the LG Cookie got beaten in the charts by the Samsung Star with a minuscule difference in internal memory, VGA recording and battery rating. The LG Cookie is about 500 bucks cheaper though.

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166 Responses

  1. I prefer LG. Looks great to me. :)

    Nino Natividad

  2. william says:

    wow its really almost the same

  3. eithan® says:

    yeah u’r sir yuga they are brother in different mother.hahaha

  4. myepinoy says:

    so both of them are using resistive touchscreens. Do they support multi-touch?

    if not, these two are not worth your money. pede pang display or just to show na touch screen na phone na gamit. lol

  5. Pipo says:

    Images + texts makes the entry easier to understand. Keep it up yuga.

  6. chester says:

    OT: sir abe, cn u please post a review for the new 5730 xpressmusic? its released n dw here in the phils eh. thnx!

  7. techme says:

    i think i’ll go with lg cookie coz it’s cheaper :D

  8. whaâ„¢ says:

    just got my samsung star for almost 2 weeks and i find it more usefull than the cookie. star now cost 10K in MOA.

  9. note that this phones use: proprietary operating systems. so not much softwares are available except java…

    Both of my office mates own this two phones I prefer the samsung…^_^

  10. Carlo says:

    Looks like a toss-coin choice for me. Either one would do.

  11. cris says:

    nice analysis yuga. Short and compact yet very informative.

  12. minnie me says:

    LG Cookie is cheaper because it is older… And I believe the sudden decrease in price is due to Star’s release in the market.

  13. erdis says:

    and which one is cheaper?

  14. Yogesh says:

    hey ppl,

    both are of same range in price.. but the bat back up is less in lg.

    Stand-by Up to 350 h
    Talk time Up to 3 h 30 min

    Stand-by Up to 600.00hrs
    Talk time Up to 13 hrs 00 min

    check for reviews. i hv seen the same sep in all the wesites.

  15. mark says:

    I think I’ll go for the Samsung Star.

    There are some reviews from and on Speed magazine saying that it has poor battery life. But there is an updated review from GSM Arena that there are few improvements made by Samsung.

    There is no stylus anymore and battery life is improved.

    in the end Samsung Star is stil for me.

  16. kuya says:

    damn! the cookie still cost 2k more here in Cagayan de Oro! WTF! O_O

  17. ITHA says:

    I have the cookie, its not bad though, but, the internet connection and camera is suck, i think id buy Samsung star, coz a phone seller toldme star has a great 4nternet connection

  18. claro says:

    i prefer the samsung star.

  19. neogenesis says:

    i just bought a samsung star for my wife, samsung made a better deal with free 1 GB micro SD and pouch. LG Cookie has none.

  20. linalyn says:

    Nice idea. Nice review. I saw another head-to-head review on both phones. Just want to share:

  21. bigmindsky says:

    The downside to both is no 3G connectivity. It has EDGE only.

  22. baitian yao says:

    i just bought Samsung Star 3 weeks ago at Mall of Asia at 10,700. It’s just your ordinary phone only bigger and touch screen but i can say the music quality is great and 8GB Micro SD memory is aint bad. Now, i rarely use my ipod touch. Star is user friendly and battery life is longer compare to other phones.

  23. eLwOid says:

    …uhmmm….i am now using samsung star…and it’s great!!!>….worth it!….but the problem for both phgone is that they do not have wi-fi….huhuhuh….so discouraging…well….i’m now contented with my samsung star….

  24. neojan says:

    I think LG Cookie KP500 is better in terms of phone software features rather than the samsung star.

  25. Owen says:

    i’m planning to uy samsung star, where in moa did u get to buy it for 10k?

  26. Owen says:

    i’m planning to buy samsung star, where in moa did u get to buy it for 10k?

  27. Hamz says:

    from where you bought samsung star in moa, is there any pink unit?

  28. Martin says:

    got my star about two weeks ago and i wasnt disappointed.

  29. hernan says:

    para ustedes cual es el mejor el samsung star o el lg kp 500.¿cua tiene mejor reproductor de musica?

  30. ken says:

    i just want to know about the durability of this phone..tnx

  31. cibi says:

    lg looks good but still compared to star it sucks.its great to move on with star.

  32. akki says:

    hey..thnx buddy…m goin for d star..bcoz although both hv d same features but d battery back-up n looks of star beats d cookie in jss 1 go..!!
    so its Star all d way for me!!

  33. nelly boy says:

    in samsung star!
    any site that i can download games?what extension files

  34. 4zero says:

    Samsung Star’s memory card isn’t hot swappable unlike LG Cookie. The things i don’t like with the cookie is that you can’t customize your widgets, poor battery life (unless changed with LG aftermarket batteries) and no 3.5mm or 2.5mm dedicated audio port.

    my LG Cookie came with 2GB Micro SD card.

    the Cookie and Star are ALMOST the same but in the end its up to the user.

    so before buying the Cookie or Star test both handsets first.

  35. raul says:

    I just bought the samsung start and complete this very high quality and I recommend it, buy it in mexico liverpool this father is not only brings stylus pen

  36. evanonsense says:

    You mean to say, you got your Samsung Star in MOA for only 10,700 with 8GB MicroSD Memory Card included?

    I got mine at Greenhills with 8GB MIcroSD Memory Card for 10,900.

  37. Kin Oroshi says:

    First I bought LG, then my about 3 months later my wife gets Samsung Star. From there I know, Samsung’s photos results are far more better, and the widgets is far more funner, and others that I can’t describe. In the end, I sold my LG and bought myself Samsung yesterday, and its worth it

  38. josh says:

    balak bumile ng wife q,ng samsung s5233?ok b to unit? slim b sya?at may iba png color?thnnkxx plzz advse me,,godbless….

  39. princess tifanny says:

    meron ba white color?

  40. rajat says:

    cookies best n star best please help me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  41. rahil says:

    hey i heard that samsung is having some netwrk problems
    the fone does not catch the netwrks like other fones
    is it true?

  42. Spify says:

    on average how long does the cookie and star’s battery life last and how often do you use it? (im not talking the specs) i need a phone that will last all day while constant phoning, texting, java application use and listening to music. which lasts longer when put to practice?

  43. sushan says:

    …SUPER ROCK…………:):):):)

  44. Mkstrikez says:

    Lg kp 500 d best pra s kn! Gamit kyo opera ggnda ang featureS ng cookie nyo s star d pde ayw mginstall haha! Panis! Dload lng ako ng dload at pbrowse browse lng. Dpende kc un s gumagamit. Pg puro ybng lng ppkta lng nla in cla kc TS ang fon. Un lng. Hehe

  45. jobel says:

    sir yuga, STAR vs.F480? Which one is better? Pricewise, specs. etc. Thanks a lot. Will appreciate if others can answer too, please. Thanks again.

  46. mike12 says:

    i suggest, star is much better than cookie, cookie has a lot of firmware problems, slow when texting.

    i bought my star @ 9k bnew

  47. mike12 says:

    Lg kp 500 d best pra s kn! Gamit kyo opera ggnda ang featureS ng cookie nyo s star d pde ayw mginstall haha! Panis! Dload lng ako ng dload at pbrowse browse lng. Dpende kc un s gumagamit. Pg puro ybng lng ppkta lng nla in cla kc TS ang fon. Un lng. Hehe

    – ha? i can install any application i want, no problem. aminin mo na kasi, mas maganda gamintin ang star compare to cookie bagal… hahaha

  48. alamak says:

    hei guys i wanna ask something about samsung s5233… i really confuse about ringtone setting, the thing is that everytime there is incoming call the sound is low by the first time and then it is louder although i didn’t set it in increasing ringtone menu. Does everybody have the same experience like me or just me??

  49. francis says:

    help me nman!.. sn b mkkpag-download ng opera mini n pwde s LG KP500?.. sun ang sim ko, pwde b yun?.. txt me kung pno mga bro.. 0915-711-8820.. salamat.. =)

  50. Rajesh says:

    Please someone give me details of Handwriting Recognition features of both the mobiles…

    I think LG Cookie has more features compared to Star like whole word recognition, special character recognition… Does Star support full word recognition and special character recognition?

  51. leylander says:

    Just bought my samsung star 5 days ago. I’m very happy with my unit.

    I’ll list down the things that I like about my phone.

    1. Very easy to use.
    2. Has widget of popular networking sites.
    3. Very nice camera system
    – smile recognition
    – photo stitching
    – panorama
    – night shot
    – portrait
    – multi-shot
    – video
    4. Radio/Music Player
    5. Handwriting recognition (by letter)
    6. Smart lock – which was very nice
    7. Accelerometer – tilting to either side and photos slide to that direction
    8. Long battery life
    9. Customizable desktops
    10. Great call reception
    11. Special lock key
    12. Multiple use for volume keys
    13. Free games

    and many more.


  52. hassan says:

    Me using samsung star las months …..
    STAR is the BEST…..

  53. Wilma says:

    i got mine (samsung star) for only P9,990 in SM
    Megamall last Aug 14. seems ok naman.. I just liked]
    the sound of my old Motorola L7 better.. but its ok.. video quality is good… also cannot find seetings for GRPS yet (GLOBE).

  54. Iveng says:

    hi!! really? star is also around 9k lang? almost the same with cookie. 9,900 po b ang pinakamababa niya? Thanks po!!

  55. Iveng says:

    wait, meron po ba d2ng taga sta.rosa or binan? magkano po sa sm or sa festival ang star? parang mas prefer ko ang star from what i read with ur opinions. hope u will respond!! thanks again..

  56. Miah says:

    Samsung Star is really the best! you get to discover new things while exploring it! very easy to use.. long life battery.

  57. diane says:

    i got my cookie last february and i am satisfied with it.. but last saturday, my classmate got a samsung star.. its really cute coz she got the pink one.. im confused if im going to buy a samsung star.. kc mukhang mas maraming advance at bagong feaures un star.. pero prng mas mgnda ung loob ng cookie.. ung games b ng star motor sensor din? tpos, mas mrmeng special at foreign characters ung cookie..

    im pero mas manipis ung cookie.., so handy xa..:D

    ano, bibili bko ng star?..:)

  58. 111508 says:

    how can i download a free games?wat site should i go??
    nbili ko d2 sa vgan nong aug.20 2ng star q..

  59. chLy says:

    i’m really confused on what to buy.
    i went to sm ct (iloilo)

    samsung: 9,960php

    LG: 9,890php

    i asked the saleman which is better since my budget is jus 10k..he said LG..

    help me to decide please..

  60. dani says:

    samsung star is the best because their pictures are better and also look it’s best, indeed the two phones are great but in my opinion came prefer samsung star :)

  61. dui says:

    Preparing to pick the Star home….thanks for the explanations…IDR 1.875.000,-

  62. Wablief says:

    I’m going for the LG Cookie I guess. Cause the diffrence is like nothing. The diffrence in thickness is still not there i think it holds the same. But I’m buying the Cookie, because i like the looks of the Cookie more. And all my friends got the Star, so I want to blink out and buy the Cookie. ^,^

  63. Josh says:

    I have a question, are both phones scratch-resistant? if not, what should be done to protect the screen from scratches? Thank you.

  64. xanxan says:

    weeeeeeeeeee… bbli aq ng lg cookie.. kxe kyut pakinggan… cookie.. cookie.. cookie.. hehehe.. :)
    tapos.. babasagin maxado ang star.. careless aq.. hahaha… kea cookie nlng.. parang plastik.. :)
    mas dami pede ma install.. tos mahilig aq mag drawing.. mei drawing2x.. tapos.. dual-wallpaper.. tapos na tu-turn turn ung screen.. ang kyut.. tho.. red lang talaga.. ayos lang.. black and red.. devilish.. hahahha.. bagay sa kin.. :)

  65. echo says:

    after reading all the comments regarding the two phones i come to a conclusion that im going to buy samsung star next weekends..hehe =)

  66. pipaii says:

    star’s only Php 9200 at cyberzone and cookie’s Php 9100. i’l go for star, not much of a difference :)

  67. celphone fanatic girl says:

    i swear i was about to buy samsung star 2 weeks ago at shangri-la mall gadget and style store… it’s color pink i think close to 6k kaya when i went to abenson trinoma kanina i was shocked to know that it’s 11k plus. hay… sayang talaga kase when i went back nabili na. kainis!!!!

  68. leylander says:

    @xan-xan – pwede ding naman magturn ang screen ng samsung ah.

    at di lang dual-wallpaper. three desktops pa. san ka pa? hahaha

  69. leylander says:

    btw, for those who are asking, visit using your samsung star. you’ll get download tons of free applications and games

  70. Keith says:

    LG has better tech support. Samsung customers are still getting a lot of crap from Samsung’s “sliding” phone issues (screen blacks out)

  71. Ally says:

    Dun n q s nauna…gaya-gaya tong Samsung..

  72. elie says:

    i have my samsung star for a month and it is really great. you can have low battery in more than one day without charging! so impressed me! :D parang plastic nga yung LG. parang toy lg eh. star is better from pictures pa lg.

  73. ezeyem says:

    evryone–sir yuga, mga ate, mga kuya, comments nd questions lng po.. personally i’d go for samsung–reviews nd user feedbcks are more in favor for this model. Khit wlang wifi, i’ve read samsung star is better. And you hav a computer nmn or an itouch–tht will do. Ngaun ask q lng po these: ung sms capacity po b ng star malaki b? Prang nokia or prang motorola l7 na limited? And is the screen hard like an itouch or somewat soft like nokia5800?? email me the answers po [email protected] these two questions hinder me frm buying star unless answered! Pls help po, tnx!

  74. Abbas says:

    Hi i want some live gadgets

  75. Allei says:


    just wanna ask. Made in China ba talaga ang samsung star?

  76. echo says:

    bat yung samsung star ko 1 desktop lang..

  77. echo says:

    yes made in china po.. when i bought my star talagang naka sealed yung box.

  78. Cool says:

    My dad gave me a Samsung Star last Saturday, but it’s Smart-locked. I’ve been a Globe user for years and I want to use my Samsung Star, but my dad says the warranty would be void if I have it openlined. Do I really need that warranty? Can’t I just have it openlined? :( PLEASE HELP :( Openline or not? :(

  79. james says:

    i have my samsung star wifi and its look very great and the price is almost the same with samsung star w/o wifi..lg cookie is such a crap phone it always loggig and some times it turn off on its self

  80. KIE says:

    i went in sM mega cyberzone, samsung star, 9.3k,samsung star wifi, for only 10.3k, LG cookie 9,050php wd 2 gB mmc

    any1 here have tried d wifi of star? is it good?

  81. aaaaaa says:

    i have a question tungkol sa STAR:

    meh “ü” ba yun pag nag ttext???super non-sense question,but i really need to know :P

  82. ram says:


    Sumnung is SUMSUNG

    Choose the Better

  83. Bianca says:

    i just bought my brand new Samsuing Star yesterday at Wellcom sm fairview. i really like it coz its very user friendly and has long battery life..

  84. john says:

    can a samsung star be upgraded to the samsung star wifi? if so, how? ’cause i bought a star, there was still no star wifi then. a few weeks later, there goes the star wifi… DAMN…

  85. angelica amistoso says:

    well i guess better choose samsung star… i like its quality…

  86. maaro says:

    im planning to buy LG cookie, i just love pink,when i saw d LG cookie in pink color, i fell in love with it..but after seeing reviews on battery limitation, im having 2nd thoughts already…havent seen Samsung star wifi personally..i will see the unit tom, hope its available here in my province..if u have any other observations on both phones, pls let us know, before i buy any of them..its hard to earn money,so i want to buy quality product, thank u

  87. gen says:

    1 week ko pa lang ginagamit star ko, pero ang dami na nyang scratches caused by the stylus. nornal lang naman pag-gamit ko. di naman madiin pag tap ko sa creen pero balit puro “dots” na screen ng phone ko.
    ano ba pwede gawin? help please.. thanks

  88. kathleen says:

    @gen: buy a screen protector…
    u can buy sa cdr-king or other phone stores.. aroun 80 pesos lng un. cut it nlng to fit your phone..

  89. dhiraj says:

    samsung hamesha rahe sang sang….!

  90. yeng says:

    im using cookie for 3 months now and its great. samsung, pangalan lang yan.

  91. gretz says:

    tanong ko lng po ung samsung star na wlang wifi,d ka po ba pwedeng mka pa browse nun sa nternet?pwde po bang mka pag download dun ng UZZAP?pls…po help nio po aq..b4 aq mka bili..
    txt nio po aq 09214595497

  92. kris says:

    hi guys! need your opinion.. which is better? s5233 wifi version? or nokia 5800? thanks!

  93. chong says:

    nabili ko samsun star ko ng 8000 bnew.

  94. cheng says:

    hi chong san mo po nabili ung samsung na 8k lang, im planning to buy kc pero nag cacanvass pa me.thanks

  95. Fixzoza says:

    I m going for the Samsung Star!!! I have seen and touched it,i like the features and all the goodies about it,my friend bought LG but i think Samsung is better,it’s gonna be my first touch screen and i can’t wait to get it!!! Can’t wait for next weekend!!:-)

  96. lora claire says:

    well i have the new samsung s5233 star wifi… im using it 4 almost 2 wiks… and its really gud… it has microsoft word… its like pda of a laptop or computer… and it has wifi.. so u can download almost anything in it just using only the fone..(samsung s5233 wifi)… unlike lg cookie… it has no wifi and computer aspects…maganda promise!!! worth naman ung price nya na 11,000 and its almost pacing out… so have it… it will increase the price more!!!

  97. Miki says:

    ane pilih Samsung Star aja dah,,, so cute gitu lohh,,, hohoho

  98. j3d' says:

    hey lora claire, how mch for the samsung star wifi?

  99. Owen says:

    how do you add contacts to your top 5 favorite?

  100. Noel says:

    Samsung Star wifi is hot on the market. I roamed around megamall and galleria but all sold out. Available is the star non-wifi version. If you happen to find the wifi version, buy it asap, or someone else will do. Good luck.

  101. izzah says:

    i jst bought my new samsung star..guyz can u plz tel me how to download free themes and games..on wat site i shall find it?

  102. jctechcom says: my officemate just downloaded a java game yesterday. But not all games will work.

  103. maaro says:

    i just bought my pink samsung star wifi last october for P10,300, without memory card because i just transferred my existing card, im so happy with it, so classy ang color, user friendly pa, d ako nhirapan since its my firt time to use samsung unit, mbilis naman ako nkakaconnect sa facebook, i strongly recommend it

  104. maaro says:

    i cant find the microsoft word, in what menu is it included, tnx

  105. tricia says:

    i nid help.. which is better b tlga? i just got home from sm north i went to cyberzone samsung star is just 8990 sale.. pro i think bababa p un pg cash..
    ano b ms mgandang cam? nd s sounds?

  106. maaro says:

    hi trish, wifi na b ung nkita mo, ang mura naman, ganda ang samsung star

  107. guren says:

    Hi all,

    Just want to ask if ok na tong phone na to in terms of music. Im planning to buy it tom. eh

    thanks :)

  108. Owen says:

    ok ang star but you have to buy ung may wi-fi na halos pareho lng ng price :D

  109. madj. ;) says:

    hey guys. can you help me? 3 days nang walang signal ng phone ko. (samsung S5233W) pero ung ibang phone naman sa bahay may siganl.. :(( kakabili ko 3 days ago.

  110. emil says:

    may nakita po ako sa star w/o wi-fi, 8,200. she’s working at makati and she’s from q.c. up po kami on wednesday, i will purchased 1 unit from her.ok lng po ba yung price? parang diskumpiyado po kasi ako..

  111. emil says:

    may tinda rin po siyang w/ samsung star w/ wi-fi, 10,700..brand new.

  112. john says:

    go to greenhills.. they are good people who sell brand for 7.2K. just go around and ask all..
    some sells it for 9k and 8.5 but at greenhills 7.3K brand new.. but no warranty.. but still good..

  113. john says:

    at greenhills others will say 9k and 8k.. but there re some who sells for 7.5, 7.3…
    original.. i asked samsung personnel to check my phone and he says it’s original but the only thing is no warranty. complete. pouch, headset, charger, cd and manual

  114. batuhan says:

    can give me websites for free games for star

  115. batuhan says:

    in games which one is good

  116. batuhan says:

    i didnt bought it but i went in magazine the man said samsung star has wireless connection but it is more expensive but not much

  117. Samsung star uses much better technology than LG Cookie Star is also available with wifi option.

  118. WOOT PHONES! says:

    Samsung star much better i just bought it :)

  119. tin tin says:

    can you give me a site were could i download the free games

  120. tin tin says:

    im using samsung S5233s , meron na bang site para makapagdownload ako games for this??

  121. cathy says:

    please help me!!im going to but samsung star tomorow..needed kc ng aswa ko na quadband this a quadband phn???

  122. Jay says:

    Lg has its memory card port outside…while samsung star which I own can be found inside the back case…and you have to remove the battery to change it :-j

  123. raymart says:

    hi! can someone tell how much does samsung star cost now?? plsss. i need a response as soon as possible. :D

  124. yaswanth says:

    Just check whether star could support more java games and applications and also compare the headset will get to know which phone is better..LG cookie is a bit sluggish but it has transitions which are cool…star has none…its just an ordinary piece…

  125. joy says:

    got my new samsung star wifi… it’s good when it comes to internet connection… user friendly…

  126. jan says:

    hey guys! I got a samsung star too and somebody told me that it has a wifi capability. Is it true? If it is true how can i use that feature? Please tell me.

  127. Freedert says:

    Cute ung samsng star! kakabili lang skin ng parents q un ..

    bxtah, maganda talaga ung star!!! Star na lang kau!

  128. Xandrouz says:

    for the price update, here it is:

    Samsung S5233 wifi 1Yr Official Samsung Warranty
    PHP 10,000.00 as of Dec 22, 2009.


  129. kirstenmae says:

    i’m having problems sa network ng samsung star..i have to reset it lalo na pag matagal nkastand by (pnu kaya un)..but i’m okay with the features..nakakatuwa madami ka mddscover..color pink looks so classy..where pwde mag download ng free themes?pls help me..merry christmas!

  130. jeanp0t says:

    sell q samsung star q,,slightly used..yesterday q lang nabili..sell q ng 8,500 lang..cno interested?

  131. jeanp0t says:

    text me na lang po qng cnong intersted..09273503975

  132. Gurdeep Singh says:

    I would rather suggest samsung star 3G. Battery life is awesome. Touch screen is sensitive. It comes with a audio socket on the hand’s free for big speakers and also has a 3.2 MP camera with a good quality flash.

  133. Hanna says:

    i just bought my samsung star 3 weeks ago. and it’s really good. i don’t like some of the features of lg cookie and my classmate told me that lg touch screen phones are always hanging so i prefer to samsung star :)

  134. jonathan says:

    i had my cookie since the first day it came out. it was ok at first but i was very disappointed w/ its camera! it really sucks!!! now im xprncng the “common problem” of cookie phone owners world wide wherein the phone resets when i open the gallery. this coming new year the first thing on my list is to have a software reset and then sell the phone. i would never try another lg phone again. 3.2 megapix sound good but the pic looks like vga standard. guys my brother in law whose from uk is using the star and image/picture wise, it way more better!
    go for the star.
    To LG: next tym stand by what you say the specs of the phone/item is bec that will bring your company down!

  135. eryan says:

    yah…samsung nalang ako..tnx sa mga coment nakatulong talaga..

  136. Belen says:

    Hi, I have the LG Cookie and my best friend has the Samsung Star, both mobiles are good but it’s true that the battery life is a little bit poor in the LG Cookie because it lasts 2 days and in the Samsung Star like 5 days, but I guess that’s because I didn’t do the first charge good, but the fact of the battery it’s not a problem for me…and yes they’re so similar in the rest of the thing

    sorry if I have a bad english…I’m spanish


  137. mAdden says:

    tnx for your ideas. Planning to buy star this payroll. Im stuck with nokia, its time to change my brand. hahaha

  138. joel esp says:

    Ive been thinking for a couple of weeks on which were ill be going to choose from this two brand of cellphone..Tnx for all of the comments and it made my decision to have a new samsung star s5233..! Ive got my old phone(motorola A1200 ming)

  139. joel esp says:

    Id like also to ask on which website can i be able to get a nice and a cool themes for my samsung star?

  140. leylander says:

    sa lahat ng nagtatanong, maraming games for Samsung Star dun!

  141. yishaq says:

    samsung star is better than lg because samsung star has a wifi and lg coockie doesnt have.. and now i want to have a samsung star..

  142. youssouf says:

    wesh lg cookie est best sens esitation le lg a plusse d option ke le star prener le lg cookie

  143. ej says:

    I just bought my new cp samsung star and its very nice and cool. It has wifi and easily to browse up internet, battery lasts up longer, and more games to play with..

  144. Lian says:

    ask lang po if ung samsung star or LG cookie meron bang personalized msg alert like motorola? thanx

  145. kath says:

    With similar features, I prefer LG cookie.. It’s cheaper..

  146. samrat says:

    i got samsung star last week. its great phone. costs me only 7800 with 2gb card free. better thank lg cookie definately.

  147. samrat563n says:

    i got samsung star last week. its great phone. costs me only 7800 with 2gb card free. better thank lg cookie definately.

  148. angeloamponin says:

    Hey people, magkano na ngayon samsung star wifi?sa greenhills meron bang brand new? anu-ano available na colors? thanks guys! :-)

  149. Benjo says:

    Got one for 9900, online ko kasi binili.. Probably it’s cheaper sa greenhills.. sa mga shop sa mall kasi 10400 pa…

  150. Angelo Amponin says:

    Okay thanks par! Is it true na nauubusan na ng samsung star sa mga stores?

  151. blahbby says:

    samsung is way better than lg….
    specially the is also released slightly later than lg cookie….but which makes star better is that they enhanced it and launched samsung star wifi and tv..which clearly makes it a better phone than lg…PEACE TAU LG!!:))

  152. Yuuna says:

    I have Samsung s5233w for over 2 months, and I’m impressed. I have the wifi version of it, that’s why I love using the wifi if I’m away from home. I think it’s safe to say that Samsung s5233w (or without wifi) is better than LG Cookie.

  153. nero says:

    tngn ko mas mgnda cookie sa loob kxe may npnood akong ui hands on video na it recognizes word, nd ung by letter at may support ng foreign language lyk korean.. plan ko buy ung cookie wifi and i thnk better bttery na un..

  154. maie says:

    I think samsung star is better than lg cookie..
    if you want games and apps for samsung star meron dito..

    sa tingin ko may pang lg cookie din dito

  155. b-nel says:

    planning to buy a samsung star.. kakatingin ku lng, P7,790 n lng. not bad. =)

  156. carina says:

    triband ba ang samsung star?

  157. gretz4all says:

    gretz post thanks… :)

  158. laurence says:

    yung star may wifi. yung lg cookie wla di ba?? so mas maganda yung samsung star… kasi yung akin star… yung sa kasamahan ko eh cookie…. di ko gusto yung cookie kasi ang layo ng back button.. nasa itaas.. hirap ma reach….

  159. poks says:

    mga kua ung samsung star nyu ba medyo laggy??
    or nag lalagg kapag nsa main menu tpos i ppunta nyu sa right side or left side?

  160. harvs says:

    ako samsung star cp ko ngaun…. ang ganda naman…. hahahah madali pang txt kesa sa lg cookie… sa papa ko lg skin star…

  161. ian says:

    i just purchased a samsung star wifi for only 6,300 pesos in jeddah although made in china by samsung still all the features including wifi working ok now im luving it.especially u can connect it to ur laptop and download almost everything from mp3 movies pictures….

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