Samsung Star S5233T gets an Analog TV

Samsung Star S5233T gets an Analog TV

There were several iterations of the popular Samsung Star touchscreen phone that were introduced in the Philippines. The recent version, the Samsung S5233T, doesn’t have 3G nor WiFi included but features an Analog TV tuner.

It’s a pretty interesting offering since it is mostly the China phones that are the ones promoting TV tuners in phones. It’s possible Samsung was looking at how much traction it could get from that market.


There’s no WiFi here nor 3G connectivity but the Analog TV might catch the attention of a lot of people (especially those who are inclined to buy CHina phones for their TV functionality).

Nevertheless, the introduction of a TV function in a phone by a large brand like Samsung could pave the way for more handsets with similar offerings in the future. The Samsung S5233T should be priced within the range of the earlier Samsung Star phones. Smart MyTV already has this offering but that didn’t seem to get a lot of traction though (primarily because of very limited handset models supporting it).

Anybody out there interested to watch analog TV on their phones?

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28 Responses

  1. markmarcelo0210 says:

    Ooops… Samsung was too late… I already bought a Nokia 5230. I find Samsung’s user interface pretty disappointing. I’ve used my friend’s Samsung Jet and a friend of mine bought a Samsung Marvel. Parang may kulang. I don’t know what… I’ll go for Nokia parin. If Sony Ericsson could offer the same features with the same pricetag bibili din ako nun. If I have really extra cash I’ll go for the new Nokia X6.

  2. yuga says:

    @markmarcelo0210 – you also have analog TV on your phone? This is the one being offered by Samsung.

  3. pabs says:

    Not interested. I’d rather watch TV, the normal way. With such a small screen, its unhealthy and will only strain my eyes.

  4. markmarcelo0210 says:


    I used to own a Samsung Star S5233 the first edition, not the one with TV. I’m not interested with its features. Just like “pabs” said above my comment, I would rather watch on our normal TV sets.

    I find my Nokia 5230 the best touchscreen with an affordable pricetag.

    There is an argument on the comment section regarding your previous blog about Samsung Monte. I agree that Samsung Monte is incomparable with Nokia 5230 because of Monte has Wi-Fi.

    Personally, I would like to own a Wi-Fi enabled phone. But I usually go to Glorietta and Greenbelt which has very unreliable Wi-Fi service. Alam ko may bayad pa yung Wi-Fi sa Starbucks which is disappointing. I prefer to use my Sun postpaid for my 3G internet service on these areas. May sulit since hindi ako gumagamit ng mobile internet ng matagal… =)

  5. francis says:

    I think mobile analogue TV is a good feature in a cell phone specially in a branded phone like Samsung. I also think that most of the consumers (masa) prefer mobile TV over wifi or 3G. They can watch teleseryes or news anywhere there is TV signal. My 2 centavos :-)

  6. Hopefully it would received a nice tv reception. Unlike the Smart MyTV it has a nice and clear tv reception. The good news about the Smart MyTV, it’s still free on their postpaid plan.

  7. I’m not even interested to watch tv on our television set..walang paring cable.hehe. Going for phone na may xvid/vidx at flash support for web N900 :D kaso wala pa dito sa pinas…hope i can review this soon.

  8. ramele says:

    N900 is already available here in the philippines; but only in the gray market. i’ve heard sells it for 28k.

    For the phone; it somewhat makes me feel awkward watching something on a mobileTV with an antenna while on the go. :D

  9. petken says:

    @sir yuga natry niyo na po ba yung tv tuner? is it clear ba?

  10. Ferdinand A says:

    yes watching TV on a normal sized TV is the best but the issue here is portability

  11. kenken says:

    i have a myphone tv21 for the analog tv and the tuner is ok :)

    it’s also dual sim standby so its a nice second phone

  12. Pedro says:

    its nice to have a fon with TV functions since it is portable and accessible… but sometimes there are no good shows in our local shows…

  13. @Ramel
    28k for N900? haha. That’s a stupid price. Even you convert the price of N900 from Pounds you will have 35k Minimum…that’s a china variant for sure.

  14. cArLo_AnGeLo says:

    nope,, sells legit items,, ;]

  15. ramele says:

    @symbiandreamsdotco- no, that’s not stupid, they are really selling the Google Nexus and even the N900, only sells legitimate products; it’s cheap because they’re gray. Ãœ

  16. ramele says:

    @symbiandreamsdotco- no, that’s not stupid, they are really selling the Google Nexus and even the N900, only sells legitimate products; it’s cheap because they’re gray. And it is almost cheaper here than in the UK. Ãœ

  17. manong says:

    since 3G is not really mbps speed in our country and wi-fi free access in malls also sucks big-time, i think analog TV will be preferred 80% by NON-TECHIES (call & text only) since the signal is strong especially in the metro.

    too bad china made imitations are like diapers… cheap and disposable

  18. rodg says:

    bakit wala wifi …huhuhu

  19. Lesley§123 says:

    I think y’all shouldn’t spend so much time on this sub!
    It’s just a phone, right?
    Y’need a phone to call and text…
    But just FYI:i would pick wifi over analog TV ááányday. much more options, folks!

  20. VANESSA says:


  21. arra says:

    wat about the battery life???

  22. Kasmot says:

    There are 3 models for Samsung Star 5233.
    1. S5233 = Original w/ no Wifi, no TV
    2. S5233W = All features of S5233 plus Wifi.
    3. S5233T = All Features of S5233 plus TV w/o Wifi.

  23. sig says:

    Well, samsung’s s5233t is a typical touchscreen phone with a unique feature that is analog tv, I still keep it just in case my other samsung digital tv phone lose digital signal, I don’t ask for more from it besides it is still upgradable with various firmwares to choose from.
    And for other more advanced features, I let my samsung jet and lg arena do the rest.

  24. pdpla says:

    I want the Brazilian version of this phone because it has 1seg and it perfectly works in the Philippines.

  25. sig says:

    Well, time passes by, and gadgets become old, it’s time to let the old go and let the new ones in. In the case of this mobile phone which I have been using for ages, Samsung releases a new much better descendant…I replaced the Samsung Star5233T for the Samsung Galaxy S, here in Brazil the Galaxy S is equipped with TV function(with 4-inchscreen), so I wont miss much of the Star5233T TV-wise, plus the Galaxy’s power Android OS.
    So, I think the Star5233T is just history, thanks for the memories.

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