Starmobile Octa launched, priced at Php16,990

Starmobile Octa launched, priced at Php16,990

Starmobile launched their new flagship smartphone today, the Starmobile Octa. It will be due for release in stores next week with a suggested retail price of Php16,990.

The Starmobile Octa has similar specs as the Diamond X1 but with a smaller full HD display. This is also the first time that they had NFC into their handsets plus wireless charging.


Starmobile Octa specs:
5.0-inch OGS display @ 1920×1080 pixels, 440ppi
Asahi Glass scratch resistant display
Mediatek MT6592 1.7GHz octa-core processor
Mali 450MP4 650Mhz quad-core
32GB internal storage
HSPA+ up to 21Mbps
dual-SIM 3G micro-SIM
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
FM Radio tuner
GPS with aGPS support
18MP AF with BSI sensor, dual LED flash
8MP FF with BSI and LED flash
Li-Ion 2,300mAh
Android 4.2.2 Jellybean

The Starmobile Octa also comes with a wireless charger that also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and NFC tags. Available colors in red and black.

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60 Responses

  1. crow bot says:

    I saw some starmobile phone on the mall, it was octacore, with yamaha speakers, 18mp main cam, 8mp front cam. . .I though it was that phone. Or is this a new model. . .the price was like 13,990. . .

  2. Jeron Teng says:

    Full HD, 32GB internal, wireless charging? What can I say… Awesome!

    • Jeric Teng says:

      2,300 mah battery, jellybean imbes na kitkat, after sales service? What can I say… Dafuq!

  3. dangerousss says:

    17k amp. Di worth it. Wirless charging? Pustahan nasa 200-300 mAh lang yan, hahahahahaha

  4. John says:

    Galaxy S3 (exynos quad + 2gb ram) LTE @ 14,420 PhP sa Kimstore.

  5. abuzalzal says:

    Wow, sino kaya bibili neto? hahaha

    Pag nahimasmasan na at nakakapit na sa lupa, pwede na i -40 percent off yan

    • Heckler says:

      Hi Sir, pwede pasukat nung bezels para at least madetermine kung bang for the buck yung phone. diba sinusukat mo yun gamit ang iyong mahiwagang ruler?

      Saka kung meron akong 17k cash, ano magandang bilhin na phone?

      baka kasi puro kayo criticism eh wala namang phone na kasing lakas ng specs niya at 17k. Correct me if i’m wrong…

  6. abuzalzal says:

    So they put a cheap-ass wireless charger as a freebie …but it comes with a cost

    Marketing 101, never put something that most consumers will never want or need, unless it’s totally free

  7. Wesleyan says:

    Bakit po hindi niyo pinapansin yung mga products ng THL?

  8. crimson says:

    Definitely not worth the money! It’s octacore but made by MediaTek. It won’t even come close to a quadcore snapdragon 400 found in Moto G.

    Besides, i find the build really cheap. Aka “tubong lugaw” ang starmobile dyan.

    Mind you, a brandnew Samsung Galaxy S4 in Malaysia can be purchased for 1,399RM ~ 18,900pesos.

    Not that I’m suggesting to buy a Galaxy phone BUT they are trying to lure you in buying just because it’s octacore. pathetic

    • evollove says:


      Sorry, buy you’re wrong if you think the octa is slower than the 400. The octa’s performance is on par with the Snapdragon 600 you can find on the S4 and the 2013 HTC One. Octa-core isn’t a marketing gimmick, it delivers power, albeit in a less elegant, brute-forcey kind of way (read AMD vs Intel and all that desktop stuff).

      BUT that aside, this Starmobile shit-brick is definitely NOT the phone you’d want to spend that hard-earned 17k on.

      No 4.4 KitKat update on the horizon
      Questionable build quality
      Not-so-stellar aftersales support

      100/100 Lay off the horse tranquilizer Starmobile. You’re high as fuck.

    • hanz says:

      @crimson tama ka,sino ba namang matinong tao ang bibili ng ganyang kamahal na phone,consider the fact na local brand lang naman yan! kung LTE capable lang sana yan baka may bibili pa…haha dun tayo sa branded na smartphone,mas matibay,LOL

    • Kyle says:

      The Snapdragon 400 on the Moto G has four Cortex A7 cores. The MTK6592 has eight of them. Also, the Mali-450MP will obliterate the Adreno 305 in any 3D benchmark. The Snapdragon 400 on the Moto G is no match for the MTK6592 in any criteria, perhaps except power efficiency.

      Better comparison would be the Snapdragon 600, although anyone who actually knows a thing or two about tech will know the Snapdragon 600 will wipe the floor against the MTK6592 in single-threaded performance.

      I have to agree though that this is NOT worth the money at all. Outrageous price for this Starmobile phone. A gray market LG G2 with a Snapdragon 800 can be had for 20K Php.

    • Analog says:

      performance wise? quadrant? antutu? how many of the apps available in the market need the # of threads offered by 8 core SOCs? As of now, i think octacore SOC is still a marketing gimmick, but might change in the future.

      it’s just sad that qualcomm finally decided to jump on the octacore bandwagon.

  9. dangerousss says:

    marketing gimik lang yang wireless charger na yan. napaka useless naman nyan hahahaha. tanga lang bibili neto.

    di hamak na mas ok pa ang THL dito

  10. wew says:

    NICE ONE STARMOBILE!KEEP UP THIS KIND OF PRICING!THIS WILL DEFINITELY BE A HOTSELLER PHONE! —said no one.ever. talk about build quality,aftersales service,brand,product longevity(durability and future updates),resale value.luging lugi k na jan mas ok pa ang branded phones -__-

  11. Happy Tayo says:

    Congrats to Starmobile for bringing us another Octacore phone. More power to you.

    • abuzalzal says:

      Mr SM Netmarketer aka Shill

      tulog na uy!

      tapos na office hours

      Tsaka bakit mo sila kino-congratulate?

    • jigs says:

      ibig sabihin, sm marketer ka na rin?

      abuzalzal says:
      February 11, 2014 at 1:27 pm
      Agree…I was thinking of buying a good smartphone na pang commute pag color coding, this one fits the bill. I don’t mind the less-than-sufficient RAM, eh viber, SMS, skype tsaka lite browsing lang naman panggagamitan ko, basta tatagal yung battery ok na sakin yun :-)



      Ganyan ang mag-presyo, maganda naman at natauhan na kayo lol

      Now we have a competition!

      From the looks of it, mukhang mas OKa ito kesa sa CM Life at Amber, barring the diminutive RAM

      f-ing hypocrite.

  12. hanz says:

    16,990.,GREAT!!! full HD,NFC,32GB of internal memory and 2GB of RAM,not bad,sayang lang at hindi sya LTE,hahaha

  13. backstabbd88 says:


    it would be nice if you would write about

    “The TOP 5 overpriced smartphones of 2014”.

    It would be very useful to your readers.

    • Jamaes says:

      Gusto mo ba mawalan ng padulas si Yuga?

    • Barry says:

      Jamaes – kasalanan mo yan. Balik ka pa kase ng balik dito. Nag comment ka pa. Pandagdag ng traffic and influence ka pa. Sino ngayon lugi? Tinatawanan ka lang ni Yuga. Sya malaki ang kita, ikaw wala. Nag contribute ka pa sa income nya. haha

    • abuzalzal says:

      Yugatech won’t even DARE delve into that topic

      regular customer nila ang O+ at Starmobile


    • rape says:

      @ Barry – Eh ikaw din naman sipag magcomment dito. Funny.

  14. Mae says:

    Nice phone..unting ipon pa!

  15. third says:

    sana gumana ung smart tags ko. may speakers ba ung wireless charger nya? sana meron.

  16. dianne says:

    i really love the color of the phone ^_^ fashion statement!

  17. Bryan says:

    2300 mah on octacore and full hd?! Damn that was a nice work Starmobile.. Really! Buti nlng Iceberg kinuha ko.. Lasts a day and a half on single charge w/ heavy 3g use and brightness…

  18. Jenica says:

    Infairness, kala ko papalo ng 18k to since ung OEM na IQX Octo is around 12.5k Bhat (Php 17,441). Pwede na rin…

  19. Mae says:

    ang mahal naman kelan baba ba yan ! haha

  20. cRash says:

    ..para saan po ang octacore kung wala naman LTE, 21mbp langs

    • jigs says:

      para san naman ang lte kung mas mabilis pa 3g?
      puro kasi sunod sa uso, di naman ginagamit

    • wew says:

      kailan pa naging mas mabilis ang 3g sa LTE?unless cinompare mo 3g speed sa makato at LTE speed sa province haha

    • Heckler says:

      @wew sinagot mo rin sarili mong tanong. edi pag nasa province. Bakit? Lahat ba ng tao tiga Makati?


    • wew says:


      e bat mo naman icocompare ng ganyan ang sppeed ng 3g at LTE?kahit san ka pumunta,basta may LTE at 3G,laging mas mabilis ang LTE.common sense na un. kaya kabobohan ung statement sa taas na mas mabilis pa ang 3g sa lte. uulitin ko,


  21. Heckler says:

    obviously wala kang LTE subscription. Di porke ganon nakikita sa paper eh ganon mo na itatake.

    Ako naka LTE plan ako at sinasabi ko sayo na dito sa Mandaluyong Area, mas mabilis pa minsan 3g ko sa LTE.

    TANGA LANG. Subscribe ka muna ng LTE subscription. Obvious na obvious na hearsay at papel lang ang basehan. Palitan mo na kasi 3310 mo!

    • wew says:

      MAS TANGA KA. pakita mo screencapture o d talaga totoo yan.kung totoo man yang sinsabe mo,tanga ka pa ren.pinaglalaban mo na mas mabilis 3G sa LTE,eh binase mo lng naman pla sa area mo.d porket ganun sa mandaluyong e ganun na sa pilipinas.

    • Heckler says:

      ang kulit nito. ang point ko, not all the time, mas mabilis ang LTE sa 3G ok? No absolutes and no consistency. Tinanong mo kasi sa una mong post kung kelan naging mas mabilis ang 3G sa LTE. Oh ayan, may situation, di mo parin matanggap. Ina naman. kung di ka maniwala, problema mo na yan.

      You are completeley missing the point of your argument. Bagay sayo name mo bro. nakaka sigh ka eh. hahaha.

      WEW… TANGA

    • wew says:

      wala akong pakialam sa point mo. hindi yan ang nireplayan ko.ung nireplayan ko, ang sabi nya mas mabilis ang 3g sa lte.un ang kinontra ko.tas bigla kang sumulpot.kung anuano sinabe mo iba naman pla punto mo.ang kinokontra ko eh ung statement n mas mabilis ang 3g sa lte; hindi ung statement n may inconsistency sa speed ng 3g at lte.


    • Heckler says:

      wala kang pake pero iiyak ka na?

      hahahaha. So di mo nga nagets point ko diba?

    • wew says:

      O Talaga?sabe mo e. gets ko sinabe mo.d naman instik yang sinabe mo kaya naintindihan ko.

  22. jean says:

    ‘Wag muna mag react , wla pa s Market .. we’ll see the performance. sna worth it ang price..

  23. macmac says:

    18mp rear and 8mp front .. the best for selfies! May NFC and MHL pa.. w/ freebies of wireless charger and blue tooth speaker.. 17 k ? not bad.. nice Starmobile. Can’t wait to see and try it.

  24. Name: terter says:

    Baby I’m love sick I just gotta get my next fix, pour a little sugar on this.. heart breaker you’ll be the dough and I’ll be the baker <3 -heart-

  25. Marf says:

    anybody bought this phone? any actual reviews? thanks! whats the best cheap smartphone as of date? thanks!

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