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Unboxing the LG Cookie KP500

LG Mobile sent over their newest and most affordable touchscreen phone last week — the LG KP500. Brought it with me to Germany along with the E63 but unfortunately I forgot the charger. For now, let me share some more additional photos I took along the way.

Actually, the rest of the unboxing photos were left on my PC back home.

lg kp500 lg kp500 lg kp500


lg kp500 lg kp500 lg kp500

Click on the thumbnails to get a bigger view.

lg kp500
So far, from the limited use I’ve had, the phone is light and sized just enough to handle with one hand. It comes with a stylus too at the bottom end but it’s a bit short. The review will have to wait until I get back home and re-charge the phone.

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39 Responses

  1. Looks eensyweensy. I heard it’s about 11K? Not bad for a touchscreen.

  2. wha says:

    do this phone have an mp3 player? pang MASA ang PRICE ok po sa’min mga ordinary compensated employee.

  3. WEBMASTER says:

    LG for the price of 11K I think it is better to have an HTC phone,


  4. jhay says:

    Looks like a good buy this coming Christmas. :)

  5. My wife and I had the LG KU250. Now, I’m thinking of buying this one for both of us too. Hmmm…

  6. TechPinas says:

    That looks hot!

    And looks light too. :)

    Nice phone.


  7. sky says:

    looks a bit small.

    and when i hear “touchscreen” nowadays, i think fingers, not stylus…

  8. Ska says:

    Any update on the release date?

  9. calvin says:

    cant wait to get my hands on those abe. hehehe.

    it’s 11.9k not 11k. malaki rin yung 900 pesos. they’re already available. hanap kayo sa cyberzone in megamall. or in ADI telecoms.

    check the comments section at the post in ptb for more distributors.


  10. ralph says:

    kawawa naman LG k750 ko,. mapapalitan na ni LG cookie

  11. well,wow i enjoyed reading your blog and im interested with this kind of phone.wow im impress i rather buy this phone instead of buying a 25k Iphone not from globe..but im not sure with the warranty,but atleast with this kind of phone its cheap and simple..wifi is not important to me.whats the use of LAPTOPs ryt?hehe

    pls visit my blog guys http://www.mugazine.blogspot.com
    and http://www.friendster.com/masskarafestival

    addme up okey

  12. taksan says:

    of course HTC is better, but that is different market HTC caters to. LG KP500 is more like for the mass.

  13. manilenio says:

    how’s the browser speed? is it as fast as the iphone’s? if it is then i’m sold! :)

  14. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    ?does it come even with wifi or 3g, or hspda?

  15. garyboi says:

    I saw this phone yesterday at LG’s booth in Megamall Bldg. A. It was small, lightweight and cute hehe! The ‘motion sensor’ capability is cool; I was able to “toss a dice” on one of the games by just shaking the phone haha! For a P11,900 touch-screen phone, this one’s good already. Though it doesn’t have 3G and Wi-Fi, who cares? So long as I can call, text and take some photos are all fine with me.

    I always wanted to have a touch-screen phone since iPhone was released. Since this is so cheap, no need for an iPhone since it way too expensive (unless someone gives me one this Xmas haha!)

  16. Bogs Angelo Arisola says:


    new phone?
    this feb 2008, motorola released the Moto Q9h…i bought it and its nice…

    but before that i knew about “touchscreen” phones(iPhones and chinaPhones as well)…but because of expensiveness and network compatibility i wanst able to buy iPhone, chinaphone (pirated) they copied iPhone’s style and design and worse, they even have iPhone(chinaphone brand)hahahah…

    but when me and my girlfriend watched television and LG Cookie’s advertisement we were looking each other and go surf reviews and specs about this LG Cookie…and we were amazed about its price, 11,900php…so PangMASA…i regret i bought moto Q9h for 21,000 instead of waiting for this LG Cookie for 10months for only 11,900php…hahahaha…

    but i was worried though…it doesnt have Wi-Fi nor 3G…T_T…(sad)…

    but its ok…ill just surprise my GF and give her this phone anyways for Christmas…shhhhhh…(its our secret)…hahahah

  17. luijie says:

    Is it true that this phone doesn’t have a headphone jack?

  18. mheann says:

    cant wait for your review!! please!!!!! post it!! haha sorry kung makulit. but i’m already planning to buy it. i wanna know if it’s worth it kahit hindi 3g or walang wifi :)

  19. marvin says:

    what mmc comes in the box?

  20. marvin says:

    what mmc comes in the box?

  21. Dshah says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I am actually looking forward for the review!

    Can anyone tell me if we can “mod” this thing? Does it have video out (accessorie) attachment? Ganda siguro nito for yuppies… swak sa budget…

    I can only hope! haaayyyyy! :-]


    confusion, starts here:

  22. Abby says:

    im planning to buy this phone…

  23. cookie lover says:

    i got my cookie from my husband it’s so cool my parents are amaze bec where juz using are finger tip to browse the fone cool…

  24. ej says:

    it said.. on other sites… u have to buy ur micro sd card… it doesnt include in the package…

  25. kdin says:

    my dad just bought me 1 kp500. affordable na cute pa. pang bagets tlaga. love it. thanks dad

  26. shaine says:

    very much disappointed w LG Cookie. Battery life lasts for a day. Phone is hanging. LG claimed its bcos of the software issue. They changed my unit w the upgraded software version. But with the latest software, screen resolution compromise

  27. Arvin says:

    Please elaborate “screen resolution compromise”. Do you mean the screen resolution was lower with the upgraded firmware? Please tell us why and how. Thanx

  28. ian says:

    no it doesnt have a headfon jack,the headset doesnt evn have a breakout 3.5mm so ur really stuck with the supllied headset from lg..no wifi and 3g…yeh no mmc supplied either so u have 2 buy 1 separately..sound in the loudspeaker is really good and,uh, loud…new firmware fixes the problen of the fone(it restarts often, though luckily i dont have that problm with my unit)..camera is good for day time shooting,evn for low light sometimes,night mode ka tpos incandecent ung white balance and exposure of about +15 ok na xa..playing vids is a prob though,nahuhuli ung sound eh..anu pa ba…ask nlng kau f may questions pa..

    -3 month cookie owner

  29. saya tertarik dengan LG Cookie KP 500 yang saya tanyakan Apa dijamin kualitasnya, karena saya sudah banyak menggunakan merek lain.

  30. curios says:

    in general, is this phone worth it?

  31. julyn says:

    eh kasi, im planning to buy LG KP500 since its full touchscreen and so cheap. for me, it doesn’t matter if it has no 3g or wifi.

    ask ku lang kung anu-anu p bang negative(s) about this phone because of the other comments here, parang ndi ganun kganda. can someone tell ALL the positives and negatives about this phone.
    and last one, where can i buy this phone here in quezon city?

    curious din aku, is the phone really worth it?

    thanks a lot!!!

  32. Jeepers says:

    Hi y’all :)

    Dis fone sounds too good to be true..

    I asked a saleslady abt lg cookie and she said that the available keypad is not QWERTY, but when i searched for its specs in the website, QWERTY daw, prang ang gulo.
    den i asked for a flier and magulo din ung mga specs na nakalagay, so ngdadalawang-isip ako if i would buy this fone, over nokia 5800?

    I really need help and advice from a pro (abt pros and cons of buying lg cookie). is dis fone really worth its price?

    Thanx very much, more power :)

  33. julyn says:

    hi JEEPERS.

    uhm. if you’re looking for a phone with QWERTY KEYPAD,
    try LG KS360. :D

  34. Michael says:

    Lg cookie kp500 has great key features. I bought it at http://www.nextgenmobileshop.co.uk/phones-LG-KP500Cookie

  35. rony says:

    the ph has a pathetic battery, and the voice quality also not good. the software also very slow.

  36. Mivo el edo seco per kizo.Ona la pesa ?

  37. Kent Venkus says:

    Mivo el edo seco per kizo.Ona la pesa ?

  38. kentot says:

    -i’m selling my LG cookie… for 3k

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