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Android 15 is now official with new features

Android 15 is now official, and has new features inclusive of improved privacy and connectivity.

As the latest iteration of the Android ecosystem, the software upgrade hosts features aiming to improve overall user experience. Check them out below.

Private Space

Google describes this as a digital safe, made for apps that users don’t want others to access easily. This is essentially a separate space within your device that has an extra authentication layer.

A great example for this is hiding your digital wallet apps, keeping personal information for the device owner’s eyes only. Private Space offers enhanced protection for sensitive apps like these, isolating data and notifications from the rest of the device.

You can even set up a separate lock for Private Space to hide your use of it or its existence.

Theft Detection Lock

Set to release later this year, this feature helps users keep their personal and financial data safe if the phone is ever stolen. With Google AI, your device can sense if an individual attempts to swipe a device from the owner.

It activates when a thief tries to flee away with your device. If theft motion is detected, your phone will lock down to protect your personal information.

Real-time protection versus fraudulent apps

Google Play Protect is slated to use on-device AI to detect apps linked to fraud or phishing later this year. This feature will recognize threats in real-time analyzing how apps use sensitive permissions and interact with other apps.

If an app is suspicious, Google will warn users and flag it for review. It will also be disabled once Google deems it to be harmful.

RCS messaging in Japan

Google noted that they’re collaborating with KDDI among other partners. The company is aiming to enhance the messaging experience in Japan with RCS through Google Messages.

Importing passes to Google Wallet from photos

Meanwhile in the United States, users can create a digital version for passes containing purely text. It’s as easy as taking photos of event tickets, vaccine cards, and even membership cards and seamlessly importing them for use. Eventually, people will be able to put these in their Google Wallet for quick access.

Google Maps with AR (and XR?)

Android 15 users will be able to access augmented reality (AR) content in Google Maps from their phones in the future. This development lays the foundation for Google’s extended reality (XR) platform its building with Samsung and Qualcomm for Android.

Google-integrated automobiles

Google is expanding their availability to car models like the Acura ZDX and Ford Explorer. Google Cast is also set to come to cars with Android Automotive OS, starting with Rivian this year.

Gemini media consumption features

Google is using the Gemini model to help users pick what to watch with AI-generated prompts on the home screen. Gemini can also personalize this for users based on their actor and genre preferences.

Generative AI will also fill in missing or untranslated descriptions for movies and shows displayed on Google TV.

Wear OS 5 updates

Battery life optimizations are coming to wearables equipped with Wear OS 5. Running a marathon will consume roughly 20% less power compared to watches with Wear OS 4.

Fitness apps will also help improve performance, providing an option to support more data types. As per Google, this is inclusive of ground contact time, stride length, and vertical oscillation.

Fast Pair

This feature makes connecting Android devices with accessories easier.

Users can now also track the accessory’s battery life, along with locating missing devices with an updated Find My Device.

Later this month, you can even find items like your wallet, keys, or luggage with the app through Bluetooth tracker tags from Chipolo and Pebblebee. Additional Bluetooth tags from Eufy, Jio, Motorola, and more are also in the works.

What do you guys think of Android 15 and the new features? Let us know in the comments below!

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