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Hangouts: Google’s reply to BBM, iMessage & More

Say goodbye to Google Talk & G+ Messenger. Google Hangouts is getting updated big time, and it will absorb all of the company’s shortcomings on messaging.

Viber is taking on the desktop, Microsoft has Skype, Apple has iMessage, BlackBerry has BBM – then there’s still a lot more in the picture such as WhatsApp, Yahoo & the rest. What does Google have? Voice, Talk, G+… and all of them are integrated with one service after another. It’s honestly messy.


Google simplifies and enters the messaging game with Hangouts. It’s basically an app that you can download too – and it will be available on Android, iOS & the web.

The company tries to simplify everything by placing your recent conversations in front of you. The focus here is simply hanging out since your convos with people are labeled and put forward rather than displaying a bunch of chats with contacts. It still features a lot of personal touches by Google, and of course, video chat is available up to 10 people.

We guess it won’t be called Babel or Babble after all.

With so many Android users across the globe, you can only imagine how many people use Google’s services. The question is, however, will the consumers adapt to Hangout? Or will they use other messaging services that are more matured in the market?

The app will be available soon, so feel free to try it out and leave a comment down below.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar for Edmilan Edmilan says:

    +1 for privacy and security.

  2. Avatar for reader reader says:

    currently using on 5th ipod touch and its great. one thing that i would like to have is the option to change the background color. white looks better than the color they are using now.

  3. Avatar for tarush tarush says:

    The privacy issues with Google will keep me away from installing this app

    The iMessage proved to be a very secure messaging app that even the US Drug Enforcement has to request Apple to unlock iMessage conversations of some drug dealing suspects

    And Viber is very fast, a very good alternative

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