Angkas plans to set up food delivery service

Angkas plans to set up food delivery service

Angkas is aiming to set up a food delivery service for the duration of the enhanced community quarantine. Due to COVID-19 concerns, motorcycle taxi services have been suspended because of the implemented quarantine and to observe social distancing.


In a message, George Royeca of Angkas has laid out a plan to temporarily transform the motorcycle taxi service into a food delivery service. His message stated the following steps in order to make the plan work:

  • Participating restaurants may sign-up via a Google Sheet that Angkas will post on its official social media pages.
  • Customers can call participating restaurants, order, and say that an Angkas biker will pick it up.
  • Angkas biker will pick up the order, pay, and deliver to the customer.
  • Credit card payments are preferred. Cash will also be accepted but Angkas bikers will only have a minimum of PHP 1,000 cash with them.
  • Angkas commissions will be waived for the duration of the lockdown.

To those interested, stay tuned for the official announcement and Google Sheet on Angkas’ official Facebook page.

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