BIR request to block Facebook, Twitter over tax issues

BIR request to block Facebook, Twitter over tax issues

In another surprise move by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, a request was sent to the NTC and ISPs to block several international websites for failure to remit proper taxes from operating within the Philippine internet domain.

A copy of the letter was sent to the National Telecommunications Commission to demand ISPs to block access to certain social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for failure to submit tax declarations from their operations in the Philippines.

Facebook and Twitter are among the top destinations of Filipinos with the country being dubbed as the social media capital of the world.


BIR Commissioner Kim Henares estimates about Php350 million have been transacted thru Facebook and Twitter since 2009 when they became popular in the Philippines and started offering advertising.

The Bureau has been monitoring Facebook and Twitter for the last three fiscal years. It is within our authority to look into their operation and request the proper agencies like NTC to block them if they do not cooperate…“, Comm. Henares added.

The BIR has a target collection of Php1.46 Trillion for the year 2014 and it has already missed its targets in January. Seeking out new avenues to increase their collections has been a strategy of the bureau for the past couple of years.

The NTC has yet to act on the request of BIR. PLDT and Globe refused to comment on the matter.

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163 Responses

  1. Lee17 says:


  2. Nonoy says:

    Is this true? Or an April Fools Day post? :)

  3. zzz says:

    Reminder…check the date today :)))

  4. emignatius says:

    I don’t want to live in this country anymore –> paste Professore Farnsworth image here.

    Oh well. Mght as well block the whole internet and bring back the Philippines to the dark ages.

  5. Tristan says:


    Happy April’s Fool everyone! But yeah, whether this is true or not, it’s futile and crazy. HAHAHA!

  6. robbydf says:

    basahin nyo kasi lahat

    TAGGED AS: april fools joke, bir facebook, bir twitter

  7. This is a challenge for BIR I just.

    – I love this Joke! made my day

  8. R3D says:

    hayz ang hinde nakakaintindi ng April fools prank lol

  9. abuzalzal says:

    Si Henares naman nag-a-ala Kim Jong Un na….anong kinalaman ng taombayan sa problema niyo sa koleksiyon? mandamay ba

  10. migx says:

    Woah you got me there… April Fools…lol…

    But in Vietnam (am planning to work there) they actually do block Facebook and other social networks due to tax issues, as I’ve found doing research.

  11. BiRHater says:

    What is Kim Henares smoking?

  12. emignatius says:

    Ahhh! I fell for it! LOL

  13. eric jay says:

    i laud the efforts and programs of bir to increase tax remittances, going after those tax evaders among others, but blocking social media sites, facebook seriously? are you out of your darn mind commissioner? just because of entities transacting their business on sites like facebook you’ll block it? maybe you need to rethink about blocking facebook, and devise ways, pass laws in getting taxes through online selling to get those missed taxes. remember no one owns the internet, vpn exists, paid and for free, their will be someone who will find ways to bypass that. that block request is just plain ludicrous. its 21st century and to quote michael crichton “Whether you see the world as emergent or, deteriorating. We have long known that some people favor innovation and look positively toward the future while others are frightened of change and want to halt innovation.”

    • denizvoi says:

      people not only transact thru facebook… facebook accept payments from some of pinoy who wants to advertise in facebook… you may see some of the posts with “sponsored” mark. It means, someone pays facebook to promote it…

    • eric jay says:

      oh, missed that point. thanks for adding. though its an april fools joke, who knows the bir might come up with this idea.

    • kamote says:

      nagdadahilan kapa eh uto uto ka naman kunyari alam nya

  14. Haha. I know what you did there…

  15. mar says:

    pansustento eto sa mga gobyernong nahuling nangungurakot,tulad ni napoles, ginagastusan pa sa bilangguan, tsk tsk. malaking kalokohan to,todo kuha sla ng tax. hindi naman sa maayos napupunta.

  16. Rafael says:

    Tignan nyo po yung Tags sa ilalim ng article na ito…

    “TAGGED AS: april fools joke, bir facebook, bir twitter”

    All you can do now is to share this article on FB or twitter para makabawi kayo. =D

  17. Jarren says:

    bakit hindi yung mga telecommunication yung singilin niyo niyan. at yung nag post ng ads sa facebook at twitter ang singilin. Dapat before mag post yung mga gustong company sa Facebook, twitter at etc.dapat may records din sila nun…Magawa lang ng BIR talaga..bakit yung mga telecommunication Tax Free or Tax Discounted pa nga kung minsan.

  18. Digest says:

    Kahit April Fools Joke yan, baka patulan talaga yan ng BIR. lol

  19. evollove says:

    Hahaha, April Fool’s, wadapak Henares!

  20. demet says:

    demet, nicely played.

  21. roger cuenca says:

    Many Filipino users of Facebook and Twitter does not know that these social media companies is earning a lot (billions of dollars worldwide)from advertisements. Kim Henares is correct. Our country must benefit for using those sites. Remember Philippines is the “selfie” capital of the world and the owners of Facebook and twitter are happy about it.

  22. Boyong says:

    Joke man o hindi Kim H. = GAGO

  23. Bir says:

    This is not a joke. Persons, including foreign corporations are liable for tax if operating performing business operations within the Philippines.

  24. Pope spoon says:

    Don’t give those cockroaches in the BIR any more ideas. Joke or not

  25. Sheena says:

    always collecting but not even utilizing our taxes well. Palaging pumupunta sa bulsa nang ibang tao. It happens all the time for years now. tsk

  26. jimboy says:

    On a serious note, I realize that a small lowly employee like me pays 1/10,000,000 of the target collection every year woah. My net take home pay is c.33k every month. I pay a 6 figure tax every year dahil dami bonuses and our company is very compliant with regard to taxes.

    That just goes to show that what this stupid govt agency needs is efficiency and to go after them bigger fishes. Putsa makikita mo ung ibang dambuhalang corporation may mga tax holiday at credit pa. And fyi mas malaki pa ata annual tax ko kay Bong Revilla. Lol

    Lagi na lang nilang tinatarget tayong mga mamamayan. Tsk3

    • Cooljackz says:

      I don’t know kung ang gusto mo express eh ung pagkadismaya mo sa gobyerno or gusto mo lang pagyabang ang sahod mo…

      mas ma-angas ung 33k mo na net pay per month at ang six figure tax na binabayaran mo annually…

    • MasMayabang says:

      call center ka ba? ako kasi programmer 50k lang naman yung take home ko….BOOM!

    • kamote says:

      lol call center ka tapos 33k lang.. saka yung programmer na yan kunyari lang yan pulubi lang din yan

  27. Druce says:

    lol. it was the P350Mil that gave it away. too small. haha. good job. napatingin ako e

  28. ME says says:

    Well I hope they pursue it, because its the right thing to do. Those owners really makes a lot of billions from advertisements. You have to understand that they want to tax the owners operators and not the users, even if they tax them facebook will still be a free site, so i don’t understand why people are so upset about it. Since they are the ones who will benefit from these tax collections.

    • Lezaj says:

      Pag nagbayad ng tax ang Facebook, hindi na rin free ang facebook, lalagyan na nila yan ng payment inbox, hindi na maka create ng account free, meron man free pero limited like other site na pag di ka nagbabayad ay hindi mo mababasa ang comment kung hindi bayad. Ganyan ang mngyayari.

  29. Sunny says:

    AHHH.. APRIL FOOLS DAY… so stupid!

  30. “The BIR has a target collection of Php1.46 Trillion for the year 2014…” Nga nga naman ang mga buayang lupa nito…

  31. lol says:

    April Foools day. hahhaha

  32. Trueno says:

    April fools day?

  33. Bong says:

    check the article tag guys before you believe it.

  34. Muy says:

    If Philippine companies advertise, shouldn’t they be witholding tax already before they pay vendor? I think this should be the case. The problem with BIR at times is they say that they had been tracking for X number of years but why are they just going after this people now?

    Also isn’t this some kind of ploy to block facebook since netizens use this as an avenue to show their issues? There are billions of websites that make money off Filipinos but why are they just targeting two. And if ever they do block every website there is, what the use of having the internet.


    • Lezaj says:

      Correct, kaya ng may internet provider kasi sa internet provider sila nagbabayad, so ang lahat ng provider ang dapat magbayad ng tax which is always paying their taxes naman. Kahit naman ako ang may ari ng Facebook, bait ako mgbabayad ng tax sa BIR kung bayad ako sa provider??? NGA NGA

  35. april says:

    April fools :P

  36. jrmagtago says:

    well kung totoo man ito ay dapat gamitin na natin ang internet censorship circumvention tools!

  37. jhaysky_10 says:

    Kim Henares,, sa IMPIYERNO BAGSAK MO!!!

  38. rantrave13 says:

    is this april fools? wahahaha :D

  39. pablo says:

    hahaha. daming just plain stupid pala dito… basa basa muna ng buo pag may time… XD

  40. bert says:

    haha…., pag ako naka blog at may income sa ads, i block din kaya ako ng ibang bansa?

  41. Karen M says:

    haha !! april fools .. im one of the victim !! xd!!lolz!!

  42. DIE says:

    Why is this government focusing on tax collection rather than focusing to change this country to be a better place? officials are all the same they don’t love our country instead they love money.

    • Neo says:

      I AGREE. Our government only loves money that’s why they are into politics. Good speech to promise people.. After that, wala na. You just use your position and power for money and you don’t give a damn what is happening to our country. You only focus on money and revenge.

  43. Kitten Poesje says:

    Some people should read the fine print.

    Well played YugaTech, well played. :)

  44. Lezaj says:

    Mga buwaya talaga….NGA NGA na lang mga people!

  45. John says:

    Mga punyatera -_- Puro sila huthot ng pera lahat nalang ng bagay lalagyan ng tax tas sa bulsa lang nila mappunta ! Mga palusot nilang pang hikayat luma na . dati wala akong pakelam sa mga tax2 na yan pero masyado ng obvious kalokohan nila
    Itumba -__-

  46. AprilBoyRegino says:

    HAHAHAHAHA… APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!! ayos din ang BIR…

  47. Abel says:

    April Fools!

  48. OPLOK says:


  49. OPLOK says:


  50. Windoors says:

    so you want to control the whole world

  51. AB says:

    Be Cool Guys! April Fools lang to kahapon…

  52. BOLSYET says:

    the internet doesnt have any boundaries or territories

    ang tanga naman nito grabe lahat na lang!

  53. its a part of game of the phillipine government

  54. I hate you says:

    Tsk.. Tsk.. So obsessed with money.. The government is really stinky than all of the garbage/poop in the sewers…(even this is an April fools day thing.. But still)


  55. padrig says:

    wahahahahaaha 2011 pala FB nya dami nya utang sa FB pag siningil sya Mark!

  56. Fred says:

    Nice article for April Fools! Funny!!

  57. trish de leon says:

    Iclose na lang fb…dahilan pa yan ng kaliwaan e!

  58. Mark says:

    lol block kita sa FB ko, haha

  59. Jacki says:

    I visit day-to-day a few sites and websites to read content, however this blog presents
    feature based content.

  60. Riel says:

    lol.. is this even fuckin real?

    u bought this shit?

  61. george says:

    gaga lang tanga pa.esep esep din pag may time. nakakahiya kana. di kana nakaktawa. san ba to napulot bat sobrang ganid pero wala naman sa lugar…

  62. Drew Narag says:

    Uhm… is this an April Fools’ Day joke by BIR? And it’s not even April. Either way, either Kim is delusional or they’re using this as an excuse for preventing free speech. Hah.

    • Calvin says:

      Dude… this was an April Fools article by YUGATECH not the BIR. And check the DATE of posting of the article.

      You’re the one who read it late.

    • Chicken says:

      This Drew Narag… hmmm… I can’t tell if idiot or moron…

  63. StriderVM says:

    Mga kaibigan, pakibasa lamang po kung anong date ipinost ang “report”. Thank you. XD

  64. April says:


  65. bigtime says:

    Wala na magawa ang BIR pati Online programs pinakikialamanan na ….

    Ang gobyerno takot na maging mayaman ang lahat nang pilipino kasi mawawalan na sila nang kickback…

  66. UchihaMadara says:

    Putang ina mo Henares, Fuck you ka! ../..

  67. willy de perio says:

    She’s doing her job, I believe, if her TOR is to collect tax from incomes in the Philippines and Filipinos… well, we were not the one who invented tax, kahit sa old testament may “ikapu”, the romans took it from their colonies or people, and their people hated it, because collected taxes were for the emperors… hanggang sa modern times hate ng mga people ang taxes…

  68. John says:

    ok lang sana magbayad ng BIR, ang big question saan ba talaga napupunta ang perang binabayad sa BIR?

  69. bk201 says:

    wala nang pag asa government ng ph. puro katarantaduhan/katangahan at mga walang ka kwenta kwentang bagay ang inaatupag
    tang ina nyo basta sa kurakot ang bibilis nyo mag isip ng bago pero sa pag papaunlad wala
    hindi na aq mag tataka kung maubos mga tao d2 at mag lipatan na sa ibang bansa
    putang ina mo henares bulok na siguro puke mo tangina ka

  70. Gobierno says:

    RIP Philippines

  71. Ang Laki ng pira ang tanong Kong Saan nga ba na pupunta

  72. John says:

    Super Gago talaga tong si Henares

  73. Pakyu Henares says:

    Putang ina mo po.

  74. Ryan says:

    what happen to net neutrality

  75. Karlo says:

    Kim Henares you are a turd. I hope one of these days someone sweeps you out of the country together with all the rest of the sh!t in my country.

  76. kimi hinarass says:


  77. betifix says:

    ok lang sana marami ang maipong buwis kung ito ay napunta sa tamang puntahan lalo na para sa mahihirap… e paano, sino sa atin ang tutulong sa pamahalaan kung ang naipong pundo napunta lang sa bulsa ng iilan.

  78. qwerty says:

    wow yan nan nga lang yung komunikasyon ng mga ofw na nag ttrabaho sa ibang bansa para maka piling nila ang mga mahal nila sa buhay d2 sa pinas tapos nag aasal aso ka .. imba ..

    Gumagawa ka ng pangalan para ka sumikat ? bakit kulang ka ba sa pansin ..


  79. Boss tulyo says:

    wla parin yan patutunguhan yung mga taxes na kinukuha nyo ,,/,

  80. GobyernongOgag says:

    PinakaGagong administration dumaDaMoves nnmn… Patabaan ng bulsa sa pulitika un lng ang sagot ko sa mga pulpol na patakaran tulad ne2…

  81. pgp says:

    Look at you people losing your sh!t over an article that’s been months old.

    Take a look at the article’s date and be embarrassed at yourselves.

  82. LOL says:

    Hahahahaha, another amazing display of stupidity by a government official

  83. Tang ina mo po Kim Henares. Sampalin kita ng Ethics eh. Kahit ipablock mo sa mga ISP yan madali lang gamitan ng Proxy yan PULPOL NA BIR

  84. pinoy ako says:

    lol Proxy lang sagot jan :D gamit ka ng tor or vpn lusot na yan lol haha

    baka wala na makuhang pera wala makurakot :P

  85. Fil-am says:

    The Phlippine government is a joke.

  86. fool says:

    TAGGED AS: april fools joke, bir facebook, bir twitter

    this is just a joke, sana ibalik na lang sa dati ung tax, lahat ng nasweldo ay kakaltasan.. para fair, ngayon kc above minimum ung tinataxan (mga taxpayer, VAT and EVats are not premise to call someone a taxpayer), eh mas marami sa di nagtatax ang nakikinabang sa mejo walang kwentang serbisyo ng gobyerno..

  87. Assnonymous says:

    Why don’t you just please fucking die moron?! You are serving people in the most stupid way possible. Just please die now, please.

  88. Icemonster says:

    This is fucking unbelievable….they just want more money for themselves…so fucking depressing..

  89. Kim Gago says:

    The most stupid commissioner of the BIR evr had…..

  90. olol ka po says:

    Pak u po

  91. emong says:

    i think this is just right, i lot of transaction & bizness deals shopping etc are done online and no taxes ang are being imposed to them. its really not fair, tama lng na patawan ng buwis ang mga ito . ang lalaki ng kinikita taz walang resibong iniissue puro bank transfer lng.

  92. GUNGGONGNOY says:


  93. CRejR says:

    April 1, 2014

    (- -)

  94. smallbusinessowner says:


  95. jomari says:

    walang papayag na pilipino sa gagawin ni Henares, malabong mangyari yan.

  96. ??? says:

    Are you a fuckin’ idiot ?! I know ,all of our comments here will be ignored by you gov’t/kurakot people … ! Don’t you guys have anything to do more than that fuckin’ taxes !? Holy crap! What’s wrong with you people ?! Are you even people ?! Filipino people won’t agree to your fuckin’ decision ! Gov’t is corrupt ! PHL IS SO CORRUPT AND UNSAFE ! :( ????????????

  97. ??? says:

    Are you a fuckin’ idiot ?! I know ,all of our comments here will be ignored by you gov’t/kurakot people … ! Don’t you guys have anything to do more than that fuckin’ taxes !? Holy crap! What’s wrong with you people ?! Are you even people ?! Filipino people won’t agree to your fuckin’ decision ! Gov’t is corrupt ! PHL IS SO CORRUPT AND UNSAFE ! :( ????????????

  98. john henrix says:

    putang ina , bakit ipa block mo para malaya kayo makakurakot tang ina nyo

  99. Yugo Siman says:

    Mga bobo kasi kayo!!! Ipadama nyo kasi saamin ung tax na binabayaran namin mga buwaya!!!

  100. tangina mo says:

    tanginang to.. sa mga politikong demonyo lang naman mapupunta ang tax na to.

  101. Yes, i-block narin yan FB and Twitter parang sa China, para makagawa naman tayo ng sarili nating social network bahahaha!

  102. jhen says:

    letse naman oh! lahat na lang naman sayo may UTANG! mahahimik ka na sa paniningil mo !

  103. Mitch says:

    Ayan na naman, dyan kayo magaling!!, bakit hindi nyo singilin yung mga tao sa gobyerno na may matataas na posisyon para magbayad ng tax?!… FB na nga lg ang paraan ng tao ngayon para makapagpalinat ng mensahe sa mga pamilya nila na nasa ibang bansa, ipagbabawal nyo pa!!… Wala kayong puso!!…

  104. evan says:

    pag nag iinternet tayo angbabayad na ng tax pag nagcomputer gumagamit ng kuryente may tax din, habang nagcocomputer ka kumakain ka may tax din yun, HENARES kulang pa ba??punyeta kayo..ang kakapal ng mga mukha…

  105. mon says:

    sasusunod mga blogs and websites na tulad nito ang isusunod na i block kesyo sa tax evasion kuno. wala namang nakikitang pag babago. lahat nalang i tax sasusunod siguro pati hangin i tatax na din.

  106. dale says:

    haha alam mo Henares dapat sau pagtawanan nlng sa sobrang pagka gahaman mo sa pag meet ng objective mo para sa amo mo sa gobyerno. imbis na makakuha ka ng sympathy sa taong bayan mumurahin at kakainisan ka lalo. patanggal mo ba namn ang fb sa pinas? nag master ka pa nyan sa ibang bansa ha? kung tutuusin dapat manawagan pti ang taong bayan wag na magbayad ng tax kasi wala ka nmn pinakita kung san napupunta mga nakocollect mo. khit ung mga nasa gobyernong binibigyan mo walang mapakitang direktang resulta sa taong bayan. kaya nakakahiya na masyado ang pinas sa ibang bansa dahil sa gahaman na tulad mo.

  107. FapMan says:

    putangina mo henares hahahahahahahahahaha fapfap

  108. Bitches says:

    Look at the date!

  109. Bitches says:

    Kakatawa kayo. tagal na nito eh.. Check nyo kasi article’s date. patapos na august eh. istock parin kayo sa April 1. Demn

  110. tambaloslos says:

    Puro kayo Putang-ina.. ang Tanga-tanga nyo hindi nyo lang binasa April pa yan. Tanga! kayo.. Magabasa bago magreact.

    TAGGED AS: april fools joke, bir facebook, bir twitter

  111. vatch says:

    ay akala ko satire. Yugatech pla.. Grabe naman to. BIR??? walang hiya.

  112. pinoyyane says:


  113. BIRisBS says:

    BULLSHIT KAYO. Mang hahakot lang naman kyo eh. Kaya nga commissioner ang Tawag sa putanginang Kim hinares Yan. Hinayupak ang gago… Di ba Nya alam na… The Internet is a free place to anyone who accesses it. Garapal lng mga mukha Nyan sa BIR.

  114. erap estrada says:

    Tax every urination, defecation and fart. You will definitely overshoot your tax target.

  115. kiko machine says:

    abay agosto na! lol! happy august fools day!

  116. mamayang Inis na says:

    Ang susunod nyan kada flush mo ng kubeta may metro na tapos may selyo pa ng BIR para hindi ma tamper.

    Buwis sa pagtae

  117. federico Tabian says:

    Henares, dmo mo ba alam na kong gusto ninyong abutin ang target nyo ay talagang maa-abot nyo??? hwag mong sabihing hinde mo alam. Mayron akong kaibigang examiner e cya ang magpapafile ng tax sa mga negosyante. at mangyari,ang mapunta sa goberno ay 1/4 lang sa dapat mababayaran ng negosyante. Ang 3/4 ay hinahatihati ninyo. milyonaryo na ang kaibigan kong examiner. e, d pati kayo milionarya narin? kong dlang kayong mga BIR coruupt, our tax collection will be more than enough for our country. wala na yang evat, evat na yan kasi double taxing ang ginawa ninyo. Bakit? e yong sahod ko, taxed na yan, tapos kong bibili ako ng grocery items, ako pa ang babayad ng evat. Lalong yumaman yong mga negosyante.Dba, doble na ang tax na binayaran ko???

  118. mark says:

    sasagutin kayo ni facebook at twitter..ide iblock niyo..pilipinas lang ba ang gumagamit ng facebook at twitter? ;)

  119. TANGAKO says:

    April’s FOOL TANGA

  120. Màila says:

    True.they need to pay tax hehehe.but blocking them?harsh move.wag nmn.

  121. Yati says:

    para maitago mga kagagohan ng mga corrupt na opisyal sa governo.. goodluck sa atin lahat…

  122. errol capila says:

    Ang totoong iba block jan ay ang mga Duterte supporters….pakana ni mar roxas yan! alam nila talo sila pagdating sa social media e…malaking problema to pag nagkataon.

  123. It’s our lost if FB and twitter blocked zzz.. sad home base agent.

  124. Fck The System says:

    Mamatay kayo mga potang inang kurakot sa BIR at ibat ibang Government agencies… Potek…

  125. KOSG19 says:

    Daming tanga eh. APRIL FOOLS JOKE

  126. Martin Banana says:

    April 1 — It’s an april fools joke

  127. Juvy says:


  128. Mark says:

    Hasn’t it crossed your mind that they’re already paying taxes wherever they are based? If this happens, Aren’t you “double taxing” them?

    • iamtheroot says:

      There is such a thing as double taxation if you want to Google that. The problem here is Facebook, Apple, and other big tech companies have their main tax base in Ireland, which has accommodating corporate tax laws. They ought to be taxed in the Philippines where they earn from ads they post that convince you and other Filipinos to buy stuff. And yet somehow, they manage to pay less tax or even declare a loss for FB Philippine operations because of services rendered to Facebook Ireland.

      So before people start complaining about losing access to Facebook and Twitter, people need to see the big picture about how these big corporations actually earn their money…. by avoiding paying tax where it is due, sadly through legal means.

  129. Ivan Toledo says:

    Election is coming. BIR needs more collection to fund national election especially PNOY Presidential Bet and his line ups.

  130. totoo says:

    That’s BULLSHIT! hahaha yung internet services nga di nyo magalaw galaw para bumilis naman ang connection
    tapos facebook at twitter papakialam nyo eh free na nga nilang pinapagamit sa mga tao yun nakakatulong pa sila sa iba kapag may calamity samantalang kayo lahat lang donation kinukurakot nyo lang.

  131. totoo says:

    Palibhasa kasi puro pera lang iniisip nyo wala kayong pake sa mga pilipino
    puro kayo mema
    mema sabi
    mema gawa

    tinalo nyo pa yung developer libre binigay sa mga tao
    tapos kayo mag papabayad

    tindi mo bro :/
    tanga ka na nga
    tanga ka pa :/

  132. EJ says:

    I don’t wanna live in this country anymore.

  133. ana santos says:

    So ano n to san n ang freedom of comminication ska democracy pg gnwa nila yan hndi blocking ang solution dyn mg isip ng way ng hndi mg reklamo ang pilipino s freedom ano n communist…??oa ng bir di lhat pde nilang gwing tanga malamng cla lang…

  134. hello there says:

    Daming tanga. April fools na nga to, 2014 post pa. Pero nagpapaniwala parin.

  135. jekive says:

    Pag napatupad ho ung FILE nato… sinu po pwedeng bigyan ng ambag pambayad sa Riding in tandem na papatay sa kanila?? please PM me… Interesado ho akong magbayad… ung isang sweldo ko ipambabayad ko… staka mag ambag ambag tau.. baka hindi lang baril ung ma susupply natin kundi nuclear sa mga bahay nila… mga potang inang yan!

  136. Brian says:

    Dami talagang tanga dito makapag comment lang…lahat dapat nagbabayad n ang facebook twitter ay pineperahan lang kayo hnd nyio lang alam

  137. Gee says:

    Potek pnoy mga tao mo pagsabihan mo wag pahirapan mga mamayan zero vote yata hanap nyo potek talaga

  138. Balatong says:

    Demonyo talaga tong babaeng ito pera lang nasa utak

  139. Anti GOv. says:

    Hoi nga BIR kung wla kau magawa.. unahin nyo ang mag nanakaw sa luob mismo sa government nyo..
    ito lng nag bigay buhay sa amin tapos e block mo pa?.. mga putang ina kau. pinag pera2x nyo kami..
    ang lakas luob nyo ginawa.. wla kau hiya.. pati internet d2 pinaka laosi system pa sa lahat nang ASIA..

  140. Emman says:

    Lahat naman ng nakokolekta ng bir nakikita naman ahh.. Kita nyo ba ang pondo ng bayan nyo? sweldo ng public servants.. Trabaho ng BIR yan para sa pondo ng bayan.. Ang laki ng budget ang liit naman ng koleksyo.. Mas grabe ang kurapsyon sa Lokal.. ang BIR taga kolekta lang naman ng buwis para sa Pondo ng bayan.. d mabubuhay ang isang gobyerno kung walang BIR..

  141. ahaha mga hindi nagbabasa ng ayos..APRIL 1, 2014 YUN OH! haha

  142. alvin raymundo says:

    why do you want to hide the sentiments of the people…face the social media…

  143. John says:

    Grabe 4000 shares na yung sa Facebook. Tapos 2000+ ang comments… Sino ba kasi ang naghukay nitong link na ito 2014 ko pa ito nabasa tapos marami na rin naloko dati (April 2014) then ngayon marami pa rin. :(

  1. April 1, 2014

    […] Facebook and Twitter are among the top destinations of Filipinos with the country being dubbed as the social media capital of the world. Read the full story. […]

  2. April 1, 2014

    […] via […]

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