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Bureau of Customs donates seized laptops to DepEd

Almost 4,000 laptops seized by the the Bureau of Customs will be donated to the Department of Education (DepEd) to aid students and teachers in public elementary and high schools nationwide.

In December 2011, the Bureau of Customs seized a total of 3,915 entry-level ASUS laptops from consignee ORZA Marketing for undervaluation and misdeclaration. Although the plan to donate the said laptops to DepEd was already approved in 2012, it took time to waive the storage, demurrage, and other port charges.


Section 2503 of the Tariffs and Customs Code of the Philippines mandates the outright seizure and forfeiture in favor of the government of goods that show a discrepancy between what an importer declared and what was found by customs examiners of over 30 percent in terms of value, volume or weight.

The ASUS laptops will be given to DepEd to support its Computer Training and Educators and Resource for Students (CompuTERS) Program which aims to bring access to computer technology to more than 20 million learners and more than 600,000 teachers across 46,603 elementary and secondary schools in the country.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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19 Responses

  1. Basa 2x pag May time says:

    Good job for BoC!!!

    A better way of disposing seized laptop with greater value to educational needs.

  2. anokaya says:

    kung binenta nalang nila yun tapos yung earnings ipagawa ng classroom instead. mas maraming estudyante makikinabang dun.

  3. Mga Buwesit says:

    Ang maganda doon kunin nalang ng mga mataas na opisyal ng DepEd at personalin nalang para wala ng angal lahat total ganun naman ang trend sa inyo sa Pilipinas. Alam naman yan ng ibang lahi na ganun ang Pilipino kahit na ano pang kumento dito eh may magawa ba kayo?

  4. SCSI Commando says:

    Wala yan warranty. So, how many of the units will still be working properly by the time DepEd receives them.

  5. meh says:

    So new in 2011 and its almost 2015, they are out dated now.

    • moh says:

      my old dualcore from ’07 still perfectly works fine. outdated, yes, but anything from 2011 will still do the basic office work. bat ka ba bibili ng core-i series ng pentium kung fb at ms office lang ginagawa mo?

    • Joylove says:

      Only way they can be considered outdated if you will be using them for modern gaming. They can be quite useful for simple office suites, web based apps, or torn-down as test subjects for computer hardware education.

    • Easy E says:

      laptop ko almost 8yrs na at low end spec’d pa ito na lenovo during that time. Ayus na ayus pa naman at tingin ko makakatatlo hanggang limang taon pa ito. Hindi gaming ang inaatupag sa classroom kaya ayus na ayus yan.

      Kudos sa customs at sana ma-audit ng maayus yan at baka sa mga opisyal lang ng deped mapunta yan. Sana naman yung ibang mga gamit sa customs ma-auction ng maayos para naman mapakinabangan at hindi lang mapunta sa mga kurap sa customs.

  6. Axzar says:

    Haha, It’ll take a year just to do the updates!

  7. Lindly Lance says:

    Here at Marinduque Academy Inc. Please? we’re lack of computers.. I hope it’s available for High School Students. Thanks

    • Easy E says:

      sorry private schools, ask the owner of your schools to provide you computers.

    • wew says:

      dun ka magrequest sa president ng school nyo,private yan eh.hahaha kaso baka sabihan kayo na magdadagdag ng tuition ;)

  8. Jes says:

    Good job BoC. :D

  9. pines says:

    sana sa mga schools/estudyante talaga mapupunta.. at dapat may inventory na mangyayari.. baka ang gawin ng mga opisyal ng school eh palitan ng luma at sirang laptop yung mga laptops galing sa BOC.

  10. someguy says:

    Eto na naman tayo! May ginagawa na ngang mabuti pero inuunahan na naman ng masamang pagiisip. Talaga bang crab mentality tayo?

    Ano ngayon kung 2011 pa na model? Hindi naman sa games niyan gagamitin. Puro word/excel lang gamit dyan.

  11. pochi says:

    May mga tao sa DepEd na biglang na-excite at nasabi sa sarili, “May bagong laptop na mga anak ko, saka may pambili na ako bagong iPad. Yehes!”

  12. leo says:

    good morning,how to avail the said project,im from dep-ed

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