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Citibank Online and the Citi Mobile App to shutdown on March

With Unionbank’s decision to relinquish the Citi brand this year, the company is moving forward with shutting down Citibank Online and the Citi Mobile App.

Citi Mobile App

Users of Citibank Mobile App and Citibank Online will no longer be able to log in their systems starting 7PM of March 22. This is to push forward with the bank’s integration to UnionBank systems.

Citibank users may create UnionBank Online accounts through the UB Online App. This will allow current Citibank users to have continued access to their accounts.

Usera may refer to the email or SMS sent by Citibank for more guided information in regards to this matter. The UnionBank website also has information 315 to guide users in this process.

Additionally, UnionBank have stated in their social media platforms that their systems will be offline from 4PM of March 23, 2024 to 9AM of March 25, 2024.

Unionbank Offline March 23 To 25 2024

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