Converge 10-for-99 promo back for a limited time

Converge 10-for-99 promo back for a limited time

Converge ICT is offering its 10Mbps for PHP 99 again for users subscribed to their Fiber plan 1,500.


Converge plan 1,500 users looking for extra speed may opt to add PHP 99 on their monthly bills for a total of PHP 1,599, to get up to 35 Mbps (from the 25Mbps base). Applying for the promo does not lock in users for an extended amount of time and has no upfront or hidden fees. The PHP 99 fee will be applied to your next bill. The speed upgrade will take effect in 24 to 48 hours. Only users with no arrears are eligible to apply for the promo.

This promo is available until December 31, 2019. Visit Converge’s official FAQ page to learn more or their Application page to apply to Converge’s 10-for-99 promo.

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10 Responses

  1. PasaLoad says:

    Just be aware that you will lose your internet connection during the upgrade process (which is probably 1 to 2 days). I applied at around 10am yesterday and immediately received a confirmation text. We lost our connection at around 7pm that same day and we still have no connection (3pm) today. ?

  2. Rafael says:

    DIfferent case with us. I just had lost connection for 3 minutes and its back when we upgraded

  3. Cherry V.del rosario says:

    Available na po ba d2 sa area ng Villa hermosa Buhay na tubig?kukuha po ako ng plan

  4. Mel says:

    Interesado po ako sa add 10mbps add 99

  5. Arthur says:

    How to get converge?

  6. how to upgrade my converge plan from 35mbps to 75mbps or 100mbps?

  7. buti pa kau. kakapply kolang kanina taena hanggang ngayon nde parin nabalik connection.

  8. juan dela cruz says:

    hindi lang kayo ang nagkaganyan na after ng upgrade nawalan ng internet connection isang linggo na to mahigit walang action hindi naibalik tapos nagpapadala ng bill di makatuwirang gawain ito isa itong pang gagago.. na naniningil ka serbisyo walang connection pere yun upgrade naka lagay sa recbong pnadala mo di pa naman kasama yun 99 pero sinisingil kahit maraming araw isang linggong walang koneksyon naniningil ng buo… ingat po kayo kahit tumawag di macontact tapos nag email pa di parin may ticket #. pa kuna na binibigay irereply di naman inaasikaso nakakalungkot na simula aalis na kami dyan…

  9. C J Allen says:

    The same offer has been made this year [2020] but every time I try to sign up to it I get an error report saying that there is a pending transaction for this account. I have sent several emails to Converge, but they do not reply. Customer service is not their strong point.
    On 25 November I received a text from Converge [no number to reply to, being hidden under the name] offering me the upgrade but only until 30 November. But I still get the same error report, and again no reply to emails.

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