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Converge ICT launches Converge Xperience App

Converge ICT Solutions has launched its new Converge Xperience App to further its customer service.

The Converge Xperience app provides aftersales self-service options to Converge’s customers. It has several features, including:

  • I want to pay
    • View my Bill – Allows users to see how much they need to pay, their statement of accounts, and other details regarding payment.
    • Pay Now – Users may pay their bills right from the app. An SMS/email will be sent to the user to confirm that payment has been successful.

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  •  I have a problem
    • Technical Support – Users may now submit a form with an auto-creation ticket feature for all technical concerns.
    • Non-Technical Support – Users may now submit a form with an auto-creation ticket feature for all non-technical concerns.
    • Knowledge Base – Presents users with a FAQ page that will help users solve their concerns.
    • Self Help Videos – Showcases Converge’s Official Youtube Channel that features several helpful tips
  • I want to change something
    • Aftersales related changes – Users may change their plans, transfer ownership of value-added services, and make other changes to their purchases.
    • Account information changes – Users may request to change the information on their account.

The reviews though, as of writing, are negative. On the Android version, most users were not able to register through the app, and they are stuck on the loading screen. We hope that Converge fixes the issues in the app soon as this is a handy tool for subscribers to manage their bills.

Download the official Converge app here: Android | iOS

UPDATE (July 1, 2020): Converge has issued a statement regarding the issues in the app:

The Converge Xperience app was created to empower our customers with solutions to their basic concerns at the tip of their fingers. This is our first release of the app and we continue to make enhancements. We encourage initial app users to share with us their experience by sending them to [email protected]. Our ultimate goal is to give our customers a more convenient means to avail of self-help services in order to maximize their premium pure fiber experience.


3 Responses

  1. Klystmr says:

    Its not letting me add a password. It always says update password incorrect. Wtf?!

  2. Flordeliza Lavina Niemann says:

    i have two fiber X accounts in Converge ICT I have my first account in this app but i also need to see the other account. How will I do that?

  3. mark says:

    I try to create an account in the app and I put all the infos needed but it always says “account name didn’t match” although I already check the infos and they are all correct and when I try to update those infos the OTP takes too long to be send on my email. how can you help me?

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