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Converge intros FlexiBIZ for SMEs

Converge ICT has recently announced its newest product offer for small-and-medium enterprises, the Converge FlexiBIZ.

The company introduced the Converge FlexiBIZ, a new pure fiber innovation that allows owners to take full control of their internet requirements. With this, businesses will be able to experience higher internet speeds during a pre-set time of the day, depending on the SME’s chosen plan: either FlexiBIZ Daytime or FlexiBIZ Peak.


The Converge FlexiBIZ Daytime allows the SME to experience double their bandwidth from 7:00 AM – 6:59 PM, which is often considered to be peak working hours in a regular business day. On the other hand, Converge FlexiBIZ Peak is a premium service that offers high-speed connections of up to 300Mbps. This is highly compatible for businesses that require a fast and consistent internet connection. 

“As we continue to face the uncertainty of the pandemic, Converge will keep on coming up with more solutions and innovations that are designed with the customer’s needs in mind. We will always try to help in support and uplifting small and medium Filipino businesses. We are all about better experiences, be it at home or in business,” said Converge ICT Chief Operating Officer, Jesus Romero.

Visit the official Converge ICT website for more details.

This report is written by Louigi Balao

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