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DJI Mic 2 now official

Building on its popular wireless microphone, DJI has unveiled the DJI Mic 2 with enhanced audio quality, new features, and a refreshed design.

While retaining the overall form factor of its predecessor, the Mic 2 boasts a sleeker, more refined look. The most notable change is the relocation of the LED indicator light to the side (previously from the front).

Dji Mic 2 Hero

There’s a new translucent design and white color option adding a touch of modernity.

The DJI Mic 2 captures audio at a higher 48kHz 24-bit quality and even offers 32-bit float for professional-grade recordings.

Additionally, it tackles challenging environments with AI-based noise cancellation and withstands louder sounds with a higher acoustic overload point of 120dB.

It also offers Bluetooth connection directly to smartphones, eliminating the need for a receiver for simpler setups. However, the traditional receiver connection option remains for users who require wider compatibility.

Creators can capture audio worry-free with the Mic 2’s 18-hour charging case and six-hour battery life per transmitter and receiver.

The complete kit includes two transmitters, a receiver, a charging case, cables, adapters, windscreens, and a carrying bag—offering everything needed for professional-grade audio recording on the go.

DJI Mic 2 price and availability

The DJI Mic 2 is available via Amazon and select global channels, priced at:

• Full package: USD 349
• Transmitter and receiver only: USD 219
• Individual transmitter: USD 99

Dji Mic 2 In The Box

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