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GCash partners with PayPal to streamline freelancer payments

GCash and PayPal 99 form a partnership to streamline freelancer payments in the Philippines.

Freelancers can now cash in their earnings via the GCash app after going through multinational online payment giant PayPal.

With this partnership between the financial technology companies, streamlining fund transfers have been set to ease remote work compensation.

According to the Department of Information and Communications Technology, there are approximately four million freelancers in the Philippines.

Among the many digital nomads, 59% have identified their occupation as virtual assistants. These remote workers possess a wide array of skills ranging from data entry, social media management, and video editing.

We have yet to see what’s in store to further streamline the transactions between the two companies. However, we’ll be sure to let our readers know of any further developments in the future.

But how do you guys feel about this partnership between GCash and PayPal? Will it be better for our remote workers? Let us know in the comments below!

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13 Responses

  1. Avatar for CS CS says:

    Im using Paypal ti Gcash and theres 1% transaction fee.

  2. Avatar for Basty Basty says:

    This is not not new. Gcash have a paypal cashin option for how many years now. The only difference is Gcash now charge 1% for 🥵

  3. Avatar for Imran Khan Imran Khan says:


  4. Avatar for 03265871985 03265871985 says:


  5. Avatar for Maq Maq says:

    Depends on the “convinience fee” when you transfer funds / salary.

  6. Avatar for Reynante Aquino Reynante Aquino says:

    Great owsome

  7. Avatar for Huss Huss says:

    I believe this has been around before this article’s published.

  8. Avatar for Suleman Anwar Suleman Anwar says:

    It’s great news for Philippines freelancers. I am.sure this will solve lot of there payments related issues.
    Dear Author, could you please share what will be flow for the users

  9. Avatar for Justin Justin says:

    So users will now be subject to ridiculous currency conversion rates and fees from BOTH companies. Nice!

  10. Avatar for Mark Mark says:

    Gcash is garbage. I prefer using my credit cards

  11. Avatar for Jim Jim says:

    I was a freelancer back in 2020-2021, I’ve already been transferring my Paypal funds to GCash. What’s new here?

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