Globe advises subscribers to shift to faster LTE network

Globe advises subscribers to shift to faster LTE network

Through a press release, Globe Telecom encourages its subscribers to upgrade to LTE-enabled devices and LTE SIM cards for a better internet experience.

Since the local telcos, Globe and PLDT/Smart, took control of the prized 700MHz band from San Miguel, both are investing higher to utilize the said frequency. Also, more and more Filipinos are consuming content on mobile hence the much-needed upgrade of telecommunication infrastructures.

Globe LTE speeds using Cherry Mobile Flare 5 with 700MHz band support

Joel Agustin, Globe Senior Vice President for Program Governance, Network Technical Group, pointed out that there’s still a significant number of users that are serviced by Globe’s 3G network. He then added an advisory for these customers to shift to the faster LTE network. Of course, LTE-capable handsets and LTE SIM cards are crucial for this, which may not be easily accessible to some consumers due to budget concerns.


If we are to based on the recent report by OpenSignal, Globe leads the 4G/LTE coverage in the Philippines at 55.25%. Furthermore, speed tests show that the average 4G/LTE speed of the telco sits at 7.42 Mbps while 3G speed averages at just 2.24Mbps.

To date, there are almost 800 LTE sites the uses the 700MHz band wherein majority are found in Metro Manila and other highly-populated areas. We have an extensive list of 700MHz capable devices that you may check out to know if your phone supports the latest LTE band in the country.

If you plan to buy a new device, if possible, get an LTE-capable handset. There are already a number of affordable phones with LTE radios even from local OEMs. It’ll be a worthy investment.

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This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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25 Responses

  1. Humble says:

    What a joke. Ayusin niyo muna ang signal niyo dito sa mga provincial areas. Ndi lng puro taga Makati at Davao mga customer niyo. Kaming mga nasa probinsya din. #globobo #CuPal

    • ancientbruger says:

      kasi dun lang may maraming tao na kaya mag bayad ng service nila? kung mag tatayo ba sila na isang cell tower worth million pesos pero ang number of users ay konti sa tingin mo gano katagal ang ROI nila? call me stupid or what pero that’s how business works whether you like it or not.

    • ex flarex user says:

      #poorita problems. baba baba din ng bundok pag may tatatata time!

    • Lolz says:

      What a joke. Tell your homeowners association to allow Globe and Smart to put up cell towers. #humblekuno

    • LTEdge for zSeasideShip says:


      so kami ba mag aadujst bes? ops! baka maobos ako sa skwammy lugar niyo

    • Dicube says:

      let us be a good reader sometime – pag sinabing metro manila at highly populated area you know what that mean right. Siguro its about time that the government will do its share not just keepey keep on asking on the speed but they cant even provide less and faster approval of permit for building (on which the less they can do for now), other country its the Gov’t that provide the backbone for faster and easier transmission of connectivity.

  2. Maiba Lang says:

    I disagree, this is not worth an investment. kasi kailangan mo ng device na compatible bukod sa hindi reliable yung signal at coverage ng Globe.

  3. fhdbdbdvhsu says:

    patawa naman to, yung subscriber pa yung maguupgrade.kasalanan ba ng subscribers d kaya ng network nyo. wag kayo mag advertise na mabilis internet nyo. instead, mag ad kayo na mabagal kayo para wlang maireklamo yung tao.hahahahah

  4. Kebbot says:

    Globe strongly advice their customers to transfer their house for better coverage.

  5. K L says:

    Sus! sim card ko nga hindi nyo ma upgrade sa LTE since 2014 pa LTE phone gamit ko, wala kayo kwenta Globe!!

    • Jeremy says:

      You can go to a Globe Center and inquire. I just upgraded my sim to LTE for free. I bought my sim last 2013. Ano daw reason bakit d ma upgrade?

  6. Eric says:

    Kakatawa ‘tong globe. sana mabasa nila. I live not in manila nor cebu nor davao, I live in Iloilo, and you know what, I have globe lte sim. I use mobile data when commuting to work for an hour and to tell to frankly, I Love Smart. Napaka unreliable nang globe. Of my whole commute probably I only get lte coverage at around 25%. mag ayos kayo, hindi lang yan yung mga lugar na nangangailangan ng lte. your service here is pure L.TAE. Now I only use globe for globe rewards to smac points.

  7. el gato says:

    if globe and smart are encouraging consumers to use lte-powered devices, the end of gprs/edge/3g devices is now marked in stone.
    nokia 3310 2017 edition, ~50$ = pass muna
    possible nokia 3310 2018 edition (with sd 205, lte capable?), 55$ = pwede!

  8. NOCAPPING says:

    No capping. Pano ma eenjoy yung speed kung limited yung data? Lol.

  9. galitLangperowalakamingmagawa says:

    how can we shift to lte when there is no lte in our place, for the simple reason that we have a landline here. maasin city is suppose to be the seat of the provincial government in Southern Leyte but globe does not provide LTE services at the heart of the city.

    sent from samsung galaxy s7.
    almost a year on th fone with no lte. so globe, c’mmon!

  10. Sonofa says:

    Di ka naman matawagan pag naka LTE only yung signal mo… And crappy pa yung 3g… So pag may tumawag putol na nga net, di pa magka intindihan sa call

  11. Redball says:

    Pag sa Makati ako, grabe ang bagal ng internet. Pero pag sa Iloilo ako, ambilis ng internet ko. Walang kwenta ang globe.

  12. nikita says:

    Khapon isisnasugest ng staff ng globe un LTE i recall ur articles here thats why i messages here coz m not very known about which is better… coz 5 mbps our applied to globe? If we switch to.ltE is still same the price of dsl 5mbps? Starting todY w/in 7days installan na kami ng globe..kung mas ok un ltE mgswitch n kmi habang maaga .coz wired net ..compulasary p sa.apply q online..not allowed wireless.pls. guide me. Tnx so much (:.

    • bern says:

      Hi Nikita,

      It is very unlikely that they can guide you properly, I’m afraid to say that your comment are completely messed up and leaves a lot to be desired, you would give them headache for sure. :)

      It is very hand to make it of, nevertheless, I could figure out a little what are you trying to get at, somehow.

      LTE is way better. :)

    • Bruhilda says:

      Jusko, siguro dapat mag type ka muna ng buong sentences para maintindihan ang sinabi mo, parang iba-ibang tao ang nag-send ng comment.

  13. JerBacks says:

    3 and going 4 months na po akong 100% bill adjustment kasi walang signal sa bahay ko. Lakas pa ng loob na mag-recommend to switch? Eh kahit nga Edge network nila sablay.

  14. Neil says:

    globe and smart pareho walang kwenta. Bagal ng internet hina pa ng signal. Ang lakas ng loob ng globe na iconvince ang mga subscriber to switch to LTE.

    Eh 2.5G at 3G nila hindi nila magawang pabilisin eh LTE pa kaya.

    Natatawa ako. I’m so disgusted. Smart and globe duopoly is not good.

    I think Philippines deserves a third telecom player.

  15. Anton says:

    Hspa plus oftenly mimic the speed of 4glte. If you are using lye sim. it is proven many times even outside the country.. so whats the point of having lte..?

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