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Huawei membership in SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance, Bluetooth Alliance reinstated

Huawei has been reinstated as a member of a couple of companies that dropped them a week ago.

The SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance, and Bluetooth Alliance all removed Huawei from its respective lists in the last week. JEDEC also confirmed that Huawei voluntarily withdrew its membership. As of press time, however, it seems that Huawei has been reinstated as a member of the previously mentioned companies. Upon checking the SD Association (SDA) members’ page, one can find Huawei listed. The same goes for JEDEC, the Wi-Fi Alliance, and Bluetooth Alliance.

According to a statement sent by a Huawei representative to Android Authority, Huawei’s membership to the SDA was not canceled but only temporarily modified to comply with the US government’s order.

With this new development, it seems like Huawei will still be able to use the mentioned technologies in their future and upcoming devices.

Story developing.

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