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Instagram rolls out feature to prevent unwanted comments and DMs

Instagram previously introduced features to prevent abuse on their platform. This time, they have announced a new set of features to bolster it.

According to Instagram, they will be rolling out “Limits,” a feature where users can automatically hide comments and DM requests from people who do not follow you or who recently followed you. Instagram notes that a lot of negativity towards public figures comes from people who do not actually follow them or who have recently followed them—simply piling on the moment. Limits will be available to everyone on Instagram globally. This feature can be accessed from your privacy settings and can be turned on or off.

The next feature is built on the warning feature that is currently present in the platform. So instead of waiting for a second or third comment before displaying the community guidelines, Instagram will display it on the first potentially offensive comment.

The final feature is Instagram’s Hidden Words, which allows users to automatically filter offensive words, phrases, and emojis into a Hidden folder. It also filters DM requests that are likely to be spammy or low-quality. Instagram launched this feature to a handful of countries earlier, but now it will be available for everyone globally at the end of the month.

The list of potentially offensive words, hashtags, and emojis will be continuously updated according. Furthermore, Instagram added a new opt-in option to “Hide More Comments” that may be potentially harmful, even if they may not break the rules.

Instagram shares that they will do everything they can to fight the hate present in their platform and continue investing in organizations focused on racial justice and equity.

Source: Instagram

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