Instagram intros new tools to filter abusive messages

Instagram intros new tools to filter abusive messages

Instagram announces a new way to protect people from abusive DMs, as well as the ability to prevent a previously blocked person from contacting you even in a new account. The platform introduces a new tool which will automatically filter DM request containing offensive words, phrases, and emojis.

People with a large following might have faced abuse in their DM request box from people they don’t follow or know. With that said, the new tool focuses on DM requests because, according to Instagram, this is where people usually receive abusive messages — unlike the regular DM inbox. It similarly works like comment filters that are already offered. Users can turn both comment and DM request filters on and off in a new dedicated section of your Privacy Settings called Hidden Words.

As per Instagram, they have been working with leading anti-discrimination and anti-bullying organizations to develop a predefined list of offensive terms that will be filtered from DM requests. All DM requests that contain these offensive words, phrases, or emojis will be automatically filtered into a separate hidden request folder.


The folder can be accessed, and all messages text will be covered unless the user chooses to view it, which can then be either accepted, deleted, or reported. Using this feature doesn’t share the content of your DM requests with Instagram unless reported.

This feature is expected to roll out in several countries in the upcoming weeks and will expand to more countries over the next few months.

Moreover, a new feature will be globally available in the upcoming weeks that allow the user to block someone on Instagram and all possible accounts that the blocked user can create. This is in addition to Instagram’s harassment policies, including repeated contact despite being blocked and recidivism.

To check out Instagram’s tools that help control abuse and hate, click here.

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