iPhone 9, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus outed by case vendors

iPhone 9, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus outed by case vendors

Seems like Spigen is not the only case-maker that has confirmed Apple’s yet-to-be-revealed new iPhones. Baseus and Incipio also join the club in revealing the supposed new iPhones. Although both manufacturers have revealed another model — the iPhone 9. This leaves us with three variants, the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus/Max, and now the iPhone 9.

Spigen only listed the iPhone XS and XS Max on their website, with the Max may be what the XS Plus should’ve been. Although, Baseus and Incipio do have on their listings cases for an iPhone XS Plus. Whether the iPhone Max and Plus are the same is yet to be confirmed. Both manufacturers have also listed accessories for an iPhone 9.


This means that just like last year, Apple may reveal more than just a pair of iPhones during their next announcement. We’ll know more in a couple of hours once Apple hosts their event. In the meantime here are the links to the Incipio (XS, XS Plus, 9) and Baseus items.

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