Jollibee is coming to Tekken 7?

Our very own iconic fast food chain mascot Jollibee might show up in the upcoming installment of the Tekken series. Is this for real?

According to some tweets of Tekken’s game director and chief producer Katsuhiro Harada, he will consider Jollibee to a part of Tekken 7. Some says that Harada’s interest in including Jollibee is because he became a fan of the fast food chain. Might be the Chicken Joy, perhaps?

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Check out his replies to the tweets below.

This is not the first instance that Tekken incorporated our local culture. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, a stage named Coastline Sunset is set somewhere in Manila with its famous sunset view. In addition to that, there are jeepneys and billboards showing Timezone and Quantum logos.

I don’t know about you but we feel excited for this. If ever, what would be Jollibee’s signature move or even his intro?

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29 Responses

  1. Avatar for Zobel Zobel says:

    Used to be a fan of Jollibee, too. Came January 2011 and the entire group deteriorated taste-wise. Chickenjoy, peach mango pie and desserts na lang kinakain ko dyan (which is like twice a year or something.)

  2. Avatar for TheALVINtaker TheALVINtaker says:

    You misquoted Harada-san. What he meant is that he will consider adding a Filipino character in Tekken 7, not Jollibee.

    But if ever Harada-san does decide to include a Jollibee cameo in the game, Jollibee better pay me and KunehoKun for that inadvertent advertising.

  3. Avatar for francis francis says:

    y’all just need to shut up and wait for the game and let the bee take over the tournament. and then maybe they’ll add in new characters like a drunken clown, an old man, a little girl (mcdonalds,kfc,wendys)

  4. Avatar for mnemonics mnemonics says:

    ..I’ll have to say no..to Jollibee being on the game..
    ..that’s too corny.. ????????????

  5. Avatar for mnemonics mnemonics says:

    ..I’ll have to say no..to Jollibee being on the game..
    ..that’s too corny.. ????????????

  6. Avatar for Summer Summer says:

    Jollibee Sting !!
    Patty on Face !!
    Spaghetti Barrage !!
    Chickenjoy Demolition Combo !!

  7. Avatar for jdGONEMAD jdGONEMAD says:

    probably a skin on panda. this is gonna be exciting. i’m wondering what his winning stance and story line would be.

    and.. how much would jollibee be asking for this. malamang malaki. which could be a total deal breaker.

    and.. would jollibee’s marketing team be ok with this? i dont think so. their brand is pro-family. not pro-fighting.

  8. Avatar for JC JC says:

    The story of Jollibee in his debut in tekken would probably be fighting off with Marshall Law.
    Marshall Law is known to have a restaurant of his own, Jollibee then competes against Law, which became the reason of Law’s anger on Jollibee then their NAMCO will have to do the rest.

  9. Avatar for bahaus bahaus says:

    I think that Jollibee will just serve as a “guest character” if ever he’s included in Tekken 7. Actually Tekken 3 had a guest character named “Gon” from the manga of the same name.

    • Avatar for archie archie says:

      May posts sa tekkenzaibatsu.com na magdadagdag ng eskrima/arnis fighter sa tekken 7. Di naman siguro pinoy pero siguradong asian ang gagamit ng martial arts na yun. Magdadagdag din ng pure brawler/street fighter kaya may potential na maging model sina robin padilla at ronnie rickets.

  10. Avatar for paulrenzo paulrenzo says:

    I don’t think he meant he’ll make Jollibee playable. He first said a word associated with the Philippines, then proceeds to say that he’ll consider (adding a Filipino character, not Jollibee).

  11. Avatar for Volt Volt says:

    I wouldnt be surprised if the next character would look like a Jollibee employee, instead of the mascot… You all know Copyright claims, you know.

  12. Avatar for lolwut lolwut says:


  13. Avatar for lolwut lolwut says:

    “I don’t know to you but we feel excited for this.”

    WTF is this? proofread you work pls.

  14. Avatar for TacticalNinja TacticalNinja says:


  15. Avatar for Champ Champ says:


  16. Avatar for ryl ryl says:

    sana nga.

  17. Avatar for ernart ernart says:

    handa na


  18. Avatar for Core Core says:

    nakangiti pa rin ba si jollibee habang umaatake ? :D

  19. Avatar for Derp Derp says:

    probably they add skin of jollibee to kuma/panda?

    It’ll be a joke if they add jollibee on tekken as a different character.. just no.

    • Avatar for paulrenzo paulrenzo says:

      If I were really good with Tekken, and Jollibee was confirmed to be a playable character, I would use Jollibee all the time, not because of the whole “proud to be pinoy” thing, but because I’d love to see people’s reactions when they get beaten up by a friggin bee.

    • Avatar for Core Core says:


  20. Avatar for archie archie says:

    Electric burger fist tsaka laser fries. Galing sa Caktiong Zaibatsu Corp.

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