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Low-latency JPEG XS format announced

The Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)has announced the JPEG XS, a new low-energy visual format that aims to optimize viewing over live streaming and virtual reality.

The new format is the company’s answer to the growing pains of delays in videos with the use of a low-latency lightweight image coding system that is able to support increasing resolution (such as 8K) and frame rate in a cost-effective manner. “We are compressing less in order to better preserve quality, and we are making the process faster while using less energy,” says JPEG leader Touradj Ebrahimi in a statement.


Below are the key features of the new format:

    • low power consumption (through lightweight image processing and reasonable bandwidth interfaces),
    • low-latency in coding and decoding,
    • easy to implement (through low complexity algorithm),
    • small size on the chip and fast software running on general purpose CPU with the use of SIMD and GPU.
    • longer cable runs,
    • SRAM size and frequency reduction with a frame buffer compression,
    • more adequate for current infrastructures.

JPEG XS is open source and has a universal HDR coding format, which also lends itself well to professional video transcoding. The format is still yet to be approved but if it does, the first ones to benefit are movie editors, space imagery, and professional cameras.

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