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MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chipset launched

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MediaTek has just launched its latest flagship 5G processor, the Dimensity 9200 which promises extreme performance and intelligent power efficiency.

Dimensity 9200

The Dimensity 9200 is said to be the first smartphone chipset to integrate an Arm Cortex X3 with operating speeds over 3GHz. As well as the first Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU with a hardware-based ray-tracing engine.

It also now packs MediaTek’s HyperEngine 6.0 Gaming Technology for a faster and more fluid gaming experience.

MediaTek MiraVision 890 display technology is also integrated to bring support for extreme-performance gaming displays and extended foldable designs.

Dimensity 9200 3

MediaTek says it boasts better power efficiency with its eXtreme Power Saving Technology for AI-noise reduction and AI-super resolution tasks that sees up to 30-45% in power savings.

Its 6th-gen AI Processing Unit (APU 690) is said to boast 35% faster performance compared to the 5th-generation APU in the ETHZ5.0 benchmark.

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“MediaTek’s Dimensity 9200 combines ultimate performance with significant power savings, extending battery life and keeping smartphones cool. With notably brighter image capturing and improved gaming speeds, along with the latest display enhancements, the Dimensity 9200 will bring new possibilities for next-gen smartphones that come in a variety of stylish and foldable form factors.” —  JC Hsu, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of MediaTek’s wireless communications business unit at MediaTek

Moreover, the Dimensity 9200 is the first Wi-Fi 7-ready smartphone platform that supports up to 6.5 Gbps data rates.

It also has support for support for both mmWave 5G and sub-6GHz connectivity with a built-in 5G modem with AI for faster network searching.

1 Dimensity 9200

The Imagiq 890 image signal proecssor supports captivating capture for better shots in low-light and bright-lit scenarios. Devices can also take advantage of its AI motion unblur technology due to its AI-NR photo capture technology.

Dimensity 9200 Infographic Classicrev Ma102722

Other features of the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 include:

  • 2nd Generation TSMC 4nm process: 1x Arm Cortex-X3 at 3.05GHz, 3x Arm Cortex-A715 at 2.85GHz, and 4x Arm Cortex-A510 at 1.8GHz, optimized to improve power efficiency in combination with MediaTek’s innovative thermal package design that keeps smartphones cool.
  • Cutting-edge display technology: Supports Full HD+ up to 240Hz, WHQD up to 144Hz and 5K (2.5Kx2) up to 60Hz, with adaptive refresh rate technology for a smooth user experience.
  • AI visual semantic display: Optimizes picture quality with multi-person segmentation and multi-layer color management per scene.
  • MediaTek AI-SR/MEMC: Provides best-in-class video streaming.
  • MediaTek Smart Blulight Defender: Ensures a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • Bluetooth LE Audio-ready technology: Brings best-in-class audio latency with Dual-Link True Wireless Stereo Audio for incredible sound quality.
  • LPDDR5X with support for up to 8533Mbps memory: Delivers the fastest smartphone memory.
  • UFS 4.0 with Multi-Circular Queue (MCQ): Provides each Cortex-A510 CPU core with direct access to storage, significantly boosting data transmission in multi-thread applications.

MediaTek has also said that smartphones with the new Dimensity 9200 will be available by the end of 2022.

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  1. Scott Lewis says:

    This Mediatek Dimensity series processor is optimized to improve power efficiency in combination with innovative thermal package design that keeps smartphones cool.

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