New Android Auto version launched

Google has launched its newest version of the Android Auto that comes with a number of new and improved features.

The Android Auto comes with new changes including the user interface and layout of the following features:

  • New App Launcher – The bottom left button will open the launcher where you can find familiar app icons that are arranged into the most commonly used apps.

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  • Google Assistant Badge – Some applications have the Google Assistant badge where you can tap and the voice assistant will automatically tell you the information you need upon in that app.

  • Resume music – Android Auto automatically resumes the music/podcasts where you left them off.
  • Navigation App – When you connect to Android Auto, the app will automatically display the in-app navigation system where it will automatically populate the directions when you choose a destination.

  • New Navigation bar – Located at the bottom of the display, it allows you to manage multiple apps easily. Running Spotify in the background is an example where you can easily select pause, next, or previous buttons.

  • Message and Call notification – The bottom right corner houses the recent calls, messages, and alert. You can also ask for help via Google Assistant to read your messages.
  • Flexibility – Android Auto can support widescreen displays and improves visibility with easy readability on its fonts, as well as a dark theme.

If your car supports Android Auto, you will be able to see it rolling out in the coming weeks. However, the changes in the app on the smartphone screen is yet to be released.

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