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PLDT and Smart block 78k SIMs linked to smishing scams

In its continued effort to fight against cyberattacks and protect consumers, PLDT and Smart Communications have stated they have blocked almost 78,000 SIMs related to smishing attacks.

Smishing is the fraudulent tactic of sending text messages posing as reputable companies with links to “job offers”, which in turn tricks the individual into giving up personal information such as passwords or credit card details.

The alarming number of 78,000 blocked SIMs is said to have doubled from the same period last 2021. They also stated that the group continues to block on average 15,000 SIMs every month tied to smishing.

“We, at PLDT and Smart, have proactively blocked mobile numbers that have been involved in smishing activities. Once detected by our team, even in the absence of a complaint from our customers, we shut that mobile number out of our network. We continue to engage our customers, sharing with them useful tips on identifying malicious messages and protecting their personal data. We also work with relevant government offices, as well as law enforcement agencies, to effectively combat fraud and cybercrime,” – Angel Redoble, PLDT and Smart FVP and Chief Information Security Officer

Both PLDT and Smart have invested nearly Php 3 billion in enhancing their cybersecurity infrastructure in 2021 to safeguard their users from cyber-attacks and online fraud.

The continued effort of both has seen them block over 500 domains linked to smishing, furthermore blocking over 10,000 domains tied to phishing since July 2021. They were said to have also acquired over 200 million cyber threat intelligence information and prevented nearly 300 million types of cyber attacks.

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    God is good

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    Smart should follow Globe’s way of letting their users report spam texts through an online form. Sa smart kasi kailangan pang itawag, sobrang hassle. Sa Globe users just have to fill up a form online.

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