Samsung announces Samsung Connect Tag

Samsung recently announced a cellular IoT (Internet of Things) mobile multi-purpose tracker that can help you track important stuff or people. Meet The Samsung Connect Tag, a convenient little attachable tracking device.

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The Samsung Connect Tag uses narrowband network technology (NB-IoT, Cat.M1). The tag will work with GPS, WiFi-based positioning (WPS) and Cell ID to accurately receive location information. The device could also easily be attached to objects such as your child’s backpack or your pet’s collar. It can also work the other way around, anyone with the device can send a signal back to the connected smartphone to notify that phone’s owner of their location. Apart from that, the tag also has periodic location notifications.

The Samsung Connect Tag is also tied to the company’s SmartThings ecosystem meaning it can work hand-in-hand with the user’s smart home appliances through the Works with SmartThings service. Meaning, besides tracking, the tag can also be set to turn smart devices on or off such as televisions and lights. The device also has IP68 certification and can last up to a week on a single charge.

Samsung Connect Tag specs:
3-color status LED
NB-IoT Cat.M1 Cellular connection
BLE, WiFi (WPS and FOTA)
IP68 dust and waterproof
300mAh battery
Support for Android Marshmallow and above, iOS 10 and above

Pricing is yet to be revealed but the Samsung Connect Tag will first be sold in South Korea before making its way to other markets. Local pricing and availability are yet to be announced.

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