Samsung Galaxy S7 Postpaid Plans from Globe

Samsung Galaxy S7 Postpaid Plans from Globe

Globe has released their postpaid plans to go along with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge.

They are offering the Galaxy S7 at Php1,999* a month and the Galaxy S7 Edge at Php2,599** a month. This comes with 10GB mobile internet and unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM.

* Plan 1499 + P12,000 cash-out (P500 per month for 24 months) via credit card or charge to bill for recontracting
** Plan 1999 + P14,400 cash-out (P600 per month for 24 months) via credit card or charge to bill for recontracting

Other postpaid plans are as follows:


Existing Globe postpaid subscribers who renew their contract will also get these freebies and a special Samsung In-Ear earphones.

The Galaxy S7 is also free if you renew your existing Plan 2499 or higher plan. Re-contracting subscribers should be able to get their units as early as March 14 while the handets will be available in all Globe stores nationwide by March 19.

Only the Gold Platinum and the Black Onyx are avaiable with 32GB storage.

You can pre-order the Galaxy S7 on a Globe postpaid plan here (Galaxy S7 Edge here).

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18 Responses

  1. Uhhh says:

    Hmmm…there is a unboxing video of s7 edge that earphone is already included in the box so basically not a freebie from globe?

  2. Edmund says:

    how much, in total, will you pay monthly for the 1499 plan?

  3. Zoidsthegreat says:

    I had a talk with globe customer service a while ago about recontracting, the Samsung in-ear phone is not included in the package. That’s sad. Last year if you recontract with Globe for Galaxy S6, you’ll get the wireless charger/device for free.

  4. Rome says:

    there’s no free gear vr?

  5. archie says:

    Meh, just save money every month then buy the phone in one installment. Or go to authorized samsung shops with installment plans and lower interest rates. I have a friend already eyeing for galaxy s8 kaya ngayon pa lang nag-iipon na siya para di mabaon sa utang. Carrier-installment phones are getting obsolete in the U.S. Common sense and studies show that it’s cheaper to buy phone upfront no matter how much gimmicks carriers and telcos offer to the public.

    • Common Sense you say? says:

      Common sense huh? And what makes you think that you’re just paying for the phone? What a dumb comment. What will you do with a nice phone but no capability to be online anytime you want or call and text anytime? Prepaid? Or get a line only sans the phone? In which case you end up paying twice. Getting from carriers means you’re actually after the service and paying for the service. The phone is just an extra, icing on the cake which you have to pay for if you like. It’s never just about the phone itself. It’s for the service it’s bundled with, plus it.

      Of course it’s cheaper to buy phones upfront. You don’t need common sense and STUDIES to tell you that, DUh?!

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      It is common sense that buying a phone directly from their store will cost cheaper, however if you need to get a postpaid line then getting one from a carrier is much more practical. Aside from that, unlimited calls and texts are less likely to be throttled on postpaid lines rather than prepaid SIMs.

    • Bluetooth says:

      @Archie. I don’t know why you think it’s cheaper to buy a phone upfront than getting one from a carrier. The P1499+ 500 monthly installment means you’re only paying 12k for the unit. The P1499 is for the service, without which you’re phone no matter how fancy is useless. If you buy the S7 outside, you pay for the full retail price which is more than 12k. And then you have your data. Unless you use prepaid data or prefer to piggyback on free wifi/other people’s wifi, you will have to scoop out a decent amount for a decent data subscription (is 999 still at 5gb? Sorry I’m a Smart subscriber). Like my subscription is 2.5k a month, 15gb data, with free phone. I don’t see my phone as costing P60k (2.5k x 24 mos). Rather, it’s free since I would’ve forked 2.5k every month for the data service anyway And I didn’t have to spend extra for a unit since it came with the data plan. I’m tempted to call your logic the “prepaid logic” but that would be presumptuous of me.

    • archie says:

      “What will you do with a nice phone but no capability to be online anytime you want or call and text anytime? ”

      Problems of 2010 ang tanong mo. If you’re at home get connected to your local wifi. If you’re a previous post paid member, isalpak mo yung lumang simcard sa bagong unlocked handset. Kung wala ka ng mga yun, get a globe tattoo, no contracts no monthly obligations. If it’s a dumb idea paano pa kaya yung sayo? Use your brain cells, wag yung puro ka lang oo sa sinasabi ng marketing press napaghahalataan kang sunud-sunuran sa gusto ng carriers. Ikaw yung tipo na masarap bentahan dahil hindi tumatanggi.

    • Suigeneris says:

      @Archie: I am inclined to agree with @Bluetooth. I think it will always be cheaper to get the phone from a telco rather than from an Authorized Distributor (with local warranty).

      I look at it this way:

      SCENARIO 1: Authorized Distributor price for an S7 Edge is Php 39,990 (which, if you divide by 24 months results to: (Php 1,666.25 for the handset cost only). I’m the type who is always online (need it for work and personal stuff), I will have to subscribe to a data plan, let’s say Php 999 (for about 5GB data allocation). That will make my monthly cost go up to Php 2,6665.65/month WITHOUT CALL and TEXT allocation yet. If you add in calls and text, monthly spending could be as high up as 3k to 3.5k/ month.

      SCENARIO 2: If I get from the telco (whether globe or smart), monthly would be Php 2.5k/month which includes, the same data (5GB) and with call and text allocations (may unli calls and text pa sa globe).

      That’s almost 1k difference a month for 24 mos (total of Php 24k).

      Even if I have an old sim, I will still need a data plan and call/text subscriptions so Scenario 1 above applies.

      The only time I would not get from a carrier is if I want to have an open line unit or risk from gray sellers.

      Just trying to help give a different perspective.

  6. trickpats says:

    Wow, 2.5K for 15GB allowance..Sad.. A friend from taiwan mentioned unlimited 3G for less than 1K php.
    The way I look at it, I’m paying around 22Kphp for the value of the phone a year later from release. Why 22K? It’s the current price of the S6 from a grey market here in Ph. Eventually, the S7 price will go down to that price a year or two. And so for plan 1999, I’m actually paying 48K minus 22K equals 26K for the data/call/text service.
    26K/24months is roughly 1K. So basically a 1K discount for their service plan1999?

    Is it worth it? I get to be one of the early adopters…But for the 1K price for data and 15GB allowance? I’m not sure..

  7. ROR says:

    I Think best na ung 999 per month + 22K cash out

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  9. isko says:

    Kung hindi lang sana bulok ang kanilang serbisyo…

  10. trickpats says:

    Don’t you feel somehow cheated? Think of it.
    Initial release price is 36K. A year later, price goes down to 22K yet they still have a huge profit margin.

    I don’t think the phone is totally free. Part of what you’re paying goes to the cost of the phone. I think we can all agree on this.

    9GB of data for 2K plan? seems expensive.
    Subscribe to prepaid 999 and get 800MB data per day (roughly 24GB per month). Of couse you win’t have a brand new phone. But if you do buy one, then you’re looking at a total cost of 36k(phone) + 24K(data).

    This just shows you that the 2K plan covers both the cost of the phone and the service. Because if you think that the phone is “free”, the you should be getting more data allowance – 48GB total -twice than prepaid.

    So pros and cons

    Go with prepaid phone and avoid a binding contract.
    Even more, wait for a year and save 14K.

    Go with the prepaid route and enjoy your brand new phone because after several months, other manufacturers will be releasing brand new models. Just make sure you maximize your data services (9GB max).

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