Samsung outs new 16MP ISOCELL Slim 3P9 Image Sensor and a Plug & Play Solution

Samsung just created a new convenient way of integrating image sensors with their new Plug and Play solution, along with their latest 16MP ISOCELL Slim 3P9 sensor.

The new ISOCELL is a 1.0?m 16MP image sensor with Tetracell technology, which Samsung claims will provide bright and vivid pictures. Apart from that, the 3P9 can also function as a 2.0?m image sensor if used in front-facing cameras. The sensor also uses a more advanced phase detection auto-focus (PDAF) which has double the auto-focus agent density of standard PDAF sensors.

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To cap it all off, the new ISOCELL also has gyro-synchronizer that syncs frame exposure time with the movement data of the device’s gyroscope, for improved stability.

As for that Plug and Play solution, it’s tailor-made for easier installation of the 3P9 when mounting on a rear camera module. The solution offers a turnkey ISOCELL sensor module designed to fit Valued Camera eXperience (VCX)-grade image quality, including lenses, actuators, and other key components from preferred partners.

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  1. Machine specialist says:

    It’s dimension I think is 1.0mm. I worked at MinebeaMitsumi as technician and we produce micro actuators for smartphone camera modules but without lens (the customer will take care of it)

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