Samsung turns ISOCELL into its own sensor brand

First introduced in 2013, Samsung’s ISOCELL technology for smartphone cameras has now evolved to a mobile image sensor brand.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

ISOCELL technology enables modern smartphones to sport high-quality sensors even with a slim waistline. The technology separates each pixel with a physical barrier that reduces color crosstalk among pixels. This allows high color fidelity, enabling excellent image quality even with smaller pixels.

As a brand, Samsung ISOCELL will have four sub-brands namely:

  • ISOCELL Bright for bright and sharp images with high color fidelity and reduced noise in low-light environments
  • ISOCELL Fast provides fast autofocus onto still or moving objects even in dim scenarios.
  • ISOCELL Slim sensors adopt the smallest pixel sizes available in the market for the slimmest devices.
  • ISOCELL Dual answers the demand for latest dual camera trend.

No specific releases of the new ISOCELL sensors to commercial smartphones, yet.

Source: Samsung

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