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Samsung’s new ad targets RIM’s enterprise prowess

There are a lot of ways to continue one’s domination. One method is to kill the seed even before it grows and another is to attack your competitor’s strengths. Samsung did both in their recent ad, but they’re not aiming at their heated rival this time around.

Samsung vs RIM

Blackberry handsets have always been the smartphone of choice in the corporate scene. But as the world transitions to the BYOD era, employees prefer to do more things with a single device rather than having two handsets (one for work and another for personal use). That’s why Samsung is looking to woo companies to give up the QWERTY devices and switch to their SAFE-smartphones (Samsung Approved For Enterprise) with their recent ad.

The timing of the ad release couldn’t be better as we’re just days away from the highly-anticipated announcement of the new Blackberry 10 OS and the two handsets that will feature it. So what do you think about Sammy’s commercial? And would their handsets have what it takes to take over the Blackberries in the corporate world?

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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16 Responses

  1. dodong says:

    Wow this is brilliant — brilliantly stupid.

    While BlackBerry has a decade plus pedigree in enterprise and a reputation for security, Android has the exact opposite. Do Samsung not realize their phones use Android when making this commercial, the most unsecure platform on the market? Then comparing it to a phone released 3 years ago (that’s not even the 9900)? I really want what they’re smoking right now. I could use some of that stuff today.

    • craig says:

      With the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement being a reality for businesses, it makes sense for Samsung to want to try and get a foot in the door with professional users. iOS has been doing well with BYOD, but most of the I.T. Admins I know still shudder when you mention the words Android and Enterprise in the same sentence. Of course, with BlackBerry’s BES10 solution, enterprises can also support iOS and Android devices in addition to BlackBerry devices.

    • roborat says:

      Does Samsungs’s safe technology have FIPS Certification? Pathetic people at Samsung, They can’t even make their own mobile OS, but yet try to claim mobile security now? WTF???

    • shivaker says:

      Yeah they forget that putting a huge lock on the front door (AES encryption) isn’t worth anything if the back and side doors are open and unlocked! Sammy, good luck selling Android in the corporate world. Android is hackable and crackable and designed to be like that.

    • garz says:

      We all know that advertisements are highly exaggerated. But this system may work one way or another. Who knows?

      And I would like to add that Android has been cleared by the US Government(?) to be safe, and has been recommended for the Military over iPhone.

    • Justin says:

      Dude, the only reason why BB is said to be ‘secure’ is because lesser and lesser people are using it. It’s a dying OS. Hackers wouldn’t waste their time on it. It carries the same parallelism of the PC vs the Mac. Yes, lots of people discover security holes on PCs, mainly because the majority of computer users still use the PC (source: http://mashable.com/2012/07/03/mac-vs-pc-sales/), hence hackers will concentrate their efforts on hacking PCs instead of Macs.

      If market share and user base were reversed between Android and BB, let’s see just how ‘secure’ the BB really is.

  2. bart says:

    If you look at it another way, the ad is flattering. See why.

    The iPad is the standard that every other manufacturer compares theirs to. (It’s just the way it is)

    BlackBerry is the security standard that every other manufacturer will compare their device’s security to. Samsung is trying to portray that their device is as secure as a BlackBerry. They are BlackBerry wanna-bes. LOL

    • dodong says:

      Ah I see what you did there, “Wanna-BES” :p yeah that BES joke was terrible, although not as bad as the video above. If that is Samsungs best (teenagers running IT), then someone needs to get fired down there.

    • goku_vegeta says:

      Ah I see what you did there, “Wanna-BES” :p yeah that BES joke was terrible, although not as bad as the video above. If this is Sammys best (teenagers running IT), then someone needs to get fired down there. Very lame.

  3. jp says:

    Dream on Samsung! Your devices sucks as well as most of your chipsets! They have bugs and exploitable. Your step is a clear sign of insecurity. It just shows that you are threathened by the re-introduction of Blackberry in the mobile arena. Let’s wait and see in the coming months…

  4. sarabee says:

    Samsung & Android for corporate use? Ahahahaha…Ahahahaha…Ahahahaha

    • Let’s accept the fact that “Technological Advancement” already shifted to Asia. Over 90% of consumer electronics exports are coming from Asian Trio (China, Japan & South Korea). Samsung is leading the way in innovations especially in smartphones and smart appliances.

  5. decail says:

    samsung’s only leading becoz its affordable

  6. ed17 says:

    That’s a low blow, coming from Samsung (supposedly a giant in terms of electronics), especially when I remembered they (Samsung) have introduced the Samsung Galaxy S4 with the “Fingerprint” feature for security and weeks later, it was already hacked. :p Sub-par Quality cover-up with degrading ads and cheap price, that is. BlackBerry OS, although a dying OS as labelled by those who posted in here, is still more secure than Samsung’s modified Android OS.

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