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Smart LTE Prime: 3GB mobile data for Php100

Smart Telecommunications may be set to introduce a new mobile data promotion aimed at heavy data users called LTE Prime in the coming days.


Unlike the double-data promo it implemented before, Smart’s Prime LTE will focus on giving users open access to any website, app, or online service using the given mobile data allocation, as we’ve confirmed with our talks to Smart representatives. Pricing for the LTE Prime packages are as follows:

  • 1.5GB – Php50
  • 3GB – Php100

These packages are only available for Smart Prepaid subscribers and are valid only for one day from date of registration.  To avail of the service, one must key in LTE plus the denomination (LTE50 or LTE100) to 9999. Despite the yet-to-be-announced status, the promo is already open and ongoing as we’ve also confirmed.

Source: Smart Representatives

Get in touch with Carl at @lamielcarl on Twitter or visit his website for more updates!

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38 Responses

  1. wushu says:

    For how many days ?

  2. Anthony Reyes says:

    is this promo has no Data Capping?

  3. jeboy says:

    ayos haha napamura ako dun ah, grabe promo 100 para sa isang araw yaman ng subscriber ng smart

  4. kenneth gilbuena says:

    one day only? dapat atleast 3days naman.

  5. yajson says:

    pwede ba i.stack up yung data using gigasurf?

  6. jeboy2 says:

    for some weird reason I got this dude’s email >>>>>>>[email protected]
    and it says your commecnt is awaiting moderation kahit hindi naman ako yan..

  7. Omega says:

    Hindi ko alam kng nagbabasa yung dalawang nagcomment… How many days, nakalagay 1 day. May data capping ba? Nakalagay na nga 1.5Gb at 3Gb

  8. Lebron says:

    When u thought things are gonn get good, well they aren’t. 100 pesos for a day ?.

  9. Mr A says:

    Does it stack up on top of your existing promo (i.e: Giga)?

  10. Pedro penduko says:

    Lintek na smart yan. Nag promo pa eh 1 day lang din.wala talaga kayo taga smart

  11. Rafael Mance says:

    dapat dyan wlng limit ng arw ang data package nla hayaan nlng ang subscriber nl kung pno nl ibu2dget ang data nl ng ilang araw na gusto nl ubusin. mhal ang 100 pr sa isang araw na data lng kung hindi k heavy user

  12. CHiNG says:

    Basura tong promo ng smart.

  13. ronelm2000 says:

    Really cheap but is there a cheat to make that GB last like with Globe?

  14. mark says:

    no data cap po ba ito? for a day 1.5GB speed? 50?

  15. Brutus says:

    Smart should advertise this heavily to foreign tourist. But for us, we have other and better options. 2GB of data, unli sms to all networks – P90.00 for 7days

  16. Jude says:

    if this promo can be stacked up with other promos, this will come cheap. but with my experience with smart, they found ways of seperating different data promos ky sa tingin ko, this is not stackable with other data promos.

  17. potpot says:

    binalik na lang sana nila yung gigasurf99 x2 nila last month….

  18. Ejia says:

    Can’t be combined with giga promo. When applying while under giga99, will return “service unavailable”.

  19. Dust1914 says:

    This promo isn’t stackable with Gigasurf, Bigbytes and All out. Here’s the Data tagging for reference

    Gigasurf = Open Access (Shareable) MB
    All Out & Bigbytes = All Access Data MB
    LTE50/100 = DATA MB

    So imo, the only things that can be mixed and stacked are Gigasurf for gigasurf promo, Allout for Allout and Bigbytes for Bigbytes then these new ones (LTE50 & 100) has their own tagging. This isn’t Smart’s way to separate promo so stacking won’t show any major loopholes

  20. Dust1914 says:

    Addt’l info

    Bigbyte’s All Access Data MB can be stacked with All Out Surf’s own All Access Data MB
    Bigbytes Sampler (free 300mb app based) can be stacked with Giga Surf’s Sampler

  21. Ry says:

    3GB a day is simply not enough for me, on my DSL, i am using at least 5-6GB daily. My worry is that when I move in to a new house I recently purchase, medyo malayo sa kabihasnan, my only way to get an internet is to resort to mobile data.! tsk tsk tsk

  22. Ry says:

    3GB a day is not going to cut out for me. With my DSL, i am using at least 5-6GB daily. My ultimate worry is when I move in to a new house I recently purchased, a bit remote from the doldrums and advantages of the city, the only way to connect to the web is to resort to mobile data.! tsk tsk tsk (Third world problems, dang it!)

  23. walang silbe yan promo isang araw lang 100? 3gb? Ano kaya nasa isip ng mga tangang gumagawa ng promo nila? Gawin nila 3-5 days yan mas okay pa.. Malamang unli internet nila sa mga bahay nila tapos tayo eto kawawa..

  24. neil says:

    sana ibalik yung flexitime…. wlang kwenta ang promo nyu useless pag na ka pocket wifi… as in useless

  25. Ai says:

    Promo is unavailable as of this time.
    And I ageee, I hope Smart brings back the Flexitime packages!

  26. dex says:

    op masxado mas ok pa yon flexitime sana ibalik na nila yon

  27. Mico says:

    Nauubos ba ung data neto o unlimited tulad ng surfmax ?..

  28. Alvin says:

    Pwede ba tong patungan ng Home Boost 15?

  29. William says:

    Ano po keyword neto kung baga pano moto itytype

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