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Tonik now offers FREE funds transfer via Instapay

Tonik – one of the first neobanks in the Philippines – can now send money through Instapay integration for free!

Tonik Instapay

Image | Tonik

With this recent update, users can now send and receive money from participating banks and other e-banks in real-time for up to PHP 50,000 with no additional transfer fees from Tonik.

Steps to top up to your Tonik Account:

Realme Philippines

  1. Click the Top Up option in the Tonik dashboard
  2. Click Instapay
  3. Tap the Square button to copy the 14-digit Tonik account number
  4. Once copied, launch the mobile bank app or bank website where you’ll get the fund for top-up.
  5. Paste the 14-digit Tonik account number
  6. Enter your desired amount and other required information
  7. Perform the steps required by your bank’s app like the required authorization to finalize the whole transaction.
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Steps for Fund Transfer to another Bank:

  1. Hit the Send Money Options button on the Tonik app’s dashboard
  2. Click To another bank
  3. Change the option from PESOnet to InstaPay
  4. Input the desired amount, purpose of transfer, and receiver’s account details
  5. Do the required authorization

Tonik reiterates that the Tonik Instapay transfer is free of charge to all financial institution that has an Instapay Integration in their payment system. But make sure to double other banks for some have different transaction fees when it comes to InstaPay top-ups.

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Tonik was founded last 2018 and it launch its operations in the Philippines last 2020 through its own bank license with its support and other R&D functions which are based in Singapore and Chennai, India.

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