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VillMan starts selling iPhone 5 at Php44,999

A lot of stores in Greenhills as well as Multiply stores (and in Sulit) have started selling the new iPhone 5 since last week-end. Local computer retail store, VillMan, has joined the bandwagon and is now selling them as well.


The asking price — Php44,999 for the 16GB and Php54,999 for the 64GB. It’s still grey market price and in limited stocks (Law of Supply and Demand in the works here).

Considering some of the grey units are selling as high as Php50k, VillMan’s asking price is actually one of the lowest, if not the lowest we’ve seen so far.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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39 Responses

  1. emp says:

    very expensive gadgets

  2. watrboy says:

    konting dagdag na lang.. makakabili ka na ng dalawang S3 :)

  3. MiGz15 says:

    this is like buying an APPLE logo. Tsk.

    Go android!!

  4. Mitch says:

    Very expensive for a smarthphone… i’ll go with lumia 920

  5. Anonymous says:

    tsk tsk tsk.

    Pang-Tuition na rin yan ah.

    Screw iSheeps!!! ,,/,,

  6. R2 says:

    just buy S3/OneX and the new itouch, para solve. :)

  7. Manong Ben says:

    a smartphone that smart people will sell and the not-so-smart will buy

  8. Ramon says:

    their primary target is people who are hung up on being the first or having something that would make them look cool

    it’s not really a practical buy considering most high end smart phones are in the 20k-36k range and the fact that it would be officially sold here in the Philippines by next month XD

  9. Kendra says:

    nah! i can wait before december before disposing my good old 4s…same price lang ng4s yan pag nirelease satin…

  10. Boy Pick Up says:

    Too expensive mga ka-pick up, $720-16GB(Php29,500) at $839-32Gb (Php34,000)lang yan sa U.S. kasama na tax at packaging dun kapag unlocked/openline at $199 lang nman ung unit kapag nagavail ka ng postpaid w/a minimum plan of $39.99/month. Nga pla wait for the up coming Apple Ipad Mini 7′ tablet ($250-8GB/350-16GB) coming this October/November 2012 & the Ipad 4 coming this march 2013.

  11. John says:

    Um who would buy this ? As much as I love Apple, I reckon this is really… Dumb. Just wait until it’s officially released. Duh.

  12. ishi says:

    its not practical anymore at price almost worth 50K add more bucks you already have mac air or mac pro. s3 + 32 or 40 inch led tv. or ipad 3 + S3. Whew!

  13. Marcelino says:

    Too much for a smartphone. Hindi practical bumili ngayon. LOL

  14. gears says:

    60k for 64gb

  15. JD says:

    Admit it, fandroids: if most of you had the money, you’d get urselves an iphone5.

    • a c says:

      i beg to differ. i have that money but im not buying it, i can actually buy 3 of that since i have moolah lying around but still im not doing it. unless the iphone 5 can clean my room, wash the dishes and cook my food… but a phone for that amount?. NO.

    • tarush says:

      If there are two things that attract other consumers to buy Apple products at a high price tag, that would be-elegance and style.

      Those two things separate the Apple products from the rest of the competition. As stated by an article, iPhone is a Rolex in a sea of Timexes-that includes the Samsung SIII.

      Mahirap man tanggapin yun sa mata ng mga Android fans, pero that is the real world truth.

      Magiging mas mabenta ang ibang smartphone kesa sa iPhone the day na makakapag produce ang kagaya ni Samsung ng mas refined ang OS at mas fashionable na smartphone kesa sa iPhone. Unless that happens, magrrely lang ang Samsung sa latest hardware and kick ass specs para ma attract buyers…

    • Ramon says:

      I never did like the words “fandroid” and “isheep”, it’s basically referring to people’s obsession on becoming mindless soldiers for a company that probably doesn’t care about them…unless they have money =p

      Tarush had it right with iphone being elegant, it’s a beautiful phone, but I never liked the IOS and itunes. I’m not saying that android is better, but I prefer being able to customize how my phone works the way I want it. heck I can buy covers for my phone if I want to change the physical covers (iphone users are also guilty of this too XD)

      So for you to assume that everyone would love to have the iphone 5 just like you is just shallow and sad :(

  16. I actually checked this out yesterday so that we could test out a unit for our shop.

    However, upon arriving at Villman, the unit’s packaging was already opened and no longer originally sealed.

    Decided not to purchase because of this but price is reasonable compared to other sellers of this hot item.

    I’m sure prices will drop in the next few weeks.

  17. Ian espiritu says:

    Simple lang yan, those who have money to spare, will buy it. Those who cant afford will wait for the price to drop or will bash people who will buy early like most pisters on this topic did. Hindi ko sia afford ngaun so hindi ko bibilhin pa. Pero hindi ko sasabihing tanga or social climber yung bibili ngaun. May pera sila eh.ako wala.

  18. Danica says:

    I have the money but I’m not stupid enough to buy this phone.

    • Iphone user says:

      We all can claim that we have the money to buy the iphone 5!! Heck i can buy four bentleys now! LOL

      SERIOUSLY, it is not right to call early adopters as stupid. What is stupid is calling them stupid.

      Money will always buy you expensive stuff but it will never give you good manners and breeding.

      Saying I HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY THE IP5 BUT I WONT doesnt speak well of the person who says it. Just my 2 cents. Enjoy ur money danica.

    • wellsaid says:

      Very well said. I guess @Danica should use her MONEY for her education :)

  19. Raha Sulayman says:

    Iphone? Rolex? More like swatch.

    The rolex of phones is Vertu.

    Please, quality ba ang scuffgate? Research research muna iSheeps!

    I just feel pitiful for saying buyers of this phone at this amount as early adopters. This phone is ancient. The UI is static and boring. The specs are not topnotch. Ano ba talaga ang minahal ng product na ito? Hype? 5 rows of apps? My goodness!

    Elegance and style: Vertu
    Value for money: Lumia 920
    Pangporma ng mga inosente at tanga sa technology: iPhone

    Opinion ko lang. Wag affected kasi it hits a chord!

  20. lecyaj says:

    Di naman po kayo pinipilit bumili ng iphone 5 ee hahaha.

  21. Wacko says:

    Daming justification hehe, Hindi naman sapilitan ang pagbili, pano kung bigyan ka ng phone s3 or iphone 5 ano pipiliin nyo? …well deep inside alam nyo na ang sagot,

    • Ramon says:

      Definitely the s3.

      I’m not saying one phone is better than the other… I mean, the iphone’s a beautiful phone, but the IOS and itunes is just not for me.

      So please don’t assume that everyone is the same as you =/ everyone has preferences and you should respect that.

  22. Appleboy says:

    Ang dami naman galit na galit sa iphone at sa iphone users? Ang malaking tanong, BAKIT? Affected na affceted. Taon taon na lang tuwing my bagong iphone daming affected negatively. Bakit po kaya?

    Iphone user ako.i love it. Pero hindi ako galit sa android at mga android users. In fact, gusto ko ma try kasi sabi nila ok naman daw android.

    Eh kayo, why so much hate? Kung ayaw nio sa iphone, bakit kayo andito sa thread na to? Nakakataba ba ng puso ang mga ginagawa nio? Nalilipoto po ako eh. Im 17 yo pero naguguluhan ako sa mga nagpopost dito. ANG SASAMA NG UGALI. Hindi po ba kayo mga naturuan ng magulang nio or hindi ba kayo nakapagaral? Sabi kasi ng values teacher ko nung hs, respect beggets respect.

    • bastardo says:

      yep appleboy tama … dito mga tumatambay mga di tinuruann ng magulang kahit sino pwede magsulat kaya ganyan puro weirdo at mga eng eng at lango sa ipinagbabawal na gamot.

      Every year nga to wag ka na magulat. Sa tondo every year daming nasasabugan pagnew year tuloy tuloy pa rin. Kung gusto mong normal doon sa pmug ok doon.

      Parang real world lang yan.. yugatech = divisoria, Tondo and recto.
      pmug = makati.

  23. Christopher Pineda says:

    hindi po ako naniniwala sa price ng iphone 5 nito. P50,000? wtf rght? since hindi pa po official release ang iphone 5 sa atin that means na hindi po original price iyan. At ang alam ko po na mag kasing presyo lang po sila ng iPhone 4s pa lumabas po ito sa pilipinas. i am really laughing at this blog right now when i see this…

  24. Julius says:

    Meron nga doon sa MOA benta nila 61K! dagdagan mo nalang ng 17k makakabili ka na ng macbook pro i7 15′ 8gig. Pero sa malaysia nga lang

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