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Windows 11 now enables Android phone as a webcam

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature for Windows 11 Insiders that allows users to set their Android phone or tablet as a webcam for video calls. This functionality is currently available across all Insider channels.

Android Phone As Webcam Windows 11 Kv 1 (yuga Fi)

To use this feature, both the Android device (running Android 9.0 or later) and Windows PC require the Link to Windows app 429 (version 1.24012 or higher) installed. Additionally, users need to be enrolled in the Windows Insider program.

Connecting the devices is a simple process. On the Windows PC, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Mobile devices, select “Manage devices,” and grant the PC access to the Android device.

Android Phone As Webcam Windows 11 Kv (yuga Fi)

Once connected, users can enjoy several benefits. They can switch between the front and rear cameras of their Android device during video calls. Users may also have access to features like applying effects and accessing recent photos from the phone’s camera roll directly on the PC.

While currently limited to Insiders 149, we expect to make this feature available to all Windows 11 users in the future.

It’s worth noting that the Link to Windows app is also available for iOS 21 devices, raising the possibility of using iPhones as webcams for Windows PC. However, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed any plans for iPhone webcam support at this time.

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